What Does Taro Milk Tea Taste Like?

Taro milk tea became very popular in the late ’80s, its origin is traceable to South East Asia, India, and France.

This perfect beverage will keep you refreshed all summer. It is loaded with a fine dose of nutritional value, that you will surely love. 

Wondering what the milk tea tastes like? You are in safe havens, with nothing to worry about. This article will cover this point, and expose you to other information you will love about Taro milk. Let’s dive in right away, to get the details that matter to us. 

What is Taro 

Let’s get started from this important point, knowing what Taro is and is not, is as important as the taste of the tea. The tea milk originally belongs to the tropical regions of south India and Asia. The tea milk is today cultivated in different parts of the world, like Venezuela, Brazil, and Hawaii. 

Taro is the root vegetable of the plant, Aracea, the leaves of the plant come in a heart shape and it is edible. The roots of the plant often take different colors, they are white, pink, or purple the color appeal is dependent on where the plant is cultivated from. 

You will often see the Taro plant in its usual white flesh with brown skin and tiny purple spots here and there. Interestingly, people eat Taro as they eat potatoes, you can fry them, boil, mash, or bake the roots. Some people will prefer to roast taro instead, it is all about what rocks your boat. 

There are a lot of things you can do with the roots, other than eating them or cooking and the other options I have listed here. You can make desserts and drinks from the roots, people often make cocktails and taro smoothies from the roots. 

What does Taro taste like?

The taste of the taro milk tea is a great delight, an amazing feeling that leaves you loving every sip of it. One of the many reasons why Taro is popular is the unique taste options it offers. It is sweet and nutty when you take it.

When Taro is cooked, the taste is similar to what you get with your sweet potatoes. The dominant Vanilla test of the tea and ice cream make this tea people’s favorite. It is made with three main ingredients, namely: milk, organic taro blend, and organic tea. 

The three combinations add up to give you the fine finishing you enjoy on your tea, that fine Vanilla taste that soothes the soul. 

Why is Taro tea purple?

This is a question that bothers quite a lot of people. The roots of the Taro plant are white, sometimes pink, and other times they turn up purple. The final color finishing is defined by where the plant is grown, the question that still beats the mind remains: why is Taro tea purple?

The color of the tea owes largely to food coloring, the powder doing processing time is processed with purple colors. The popular color of the drink has also added some elegance and uniqueness to the brand, most people want to taste the purple-colored drink, just for the sake of the color. 

Is Taro healthy? 

Is the purple-colored drink healthy or does its only pride is the dominant color that serves as a point of attraction for most people, that is the point of call here? This is the question we will be finding answers to in this article. 

The plant doesn’t pride itself on the color chart alone, it is a beauty in every dimension. A fine drink that ticks the box for everything good, the plant is rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals like vitamin B6. 

The fiber and resistant starch of the root will help you curb issues like blood sugar, giving you that balance that you require with your health and general wellbeing. You will get a fine relief from being exposed to heart diseases. 

If you have those fine goals of losing weight, Taro is a fine choice to go with. It keeps you fuller for an extended period and keeps the carbs away for a long time. It is a fantastic substitute for potatoes and other carbohydrates that come with high calories.

Advantages abide with the intake of Taro, it improves digestion issues, ensures you keep your eyes on the sugar level at all times. 

How to prepare Taro milk tea 

You already have a clue on the taste, color, and composition, knowing how to prepare your taro milk all by yourself is a fine detail you cannot do without. Let’s take a fine look at the various ingredients you will need for this all-important task. 

Ingredients include 2 tablespoons of Taro powder, black tea, or green tea leaves, it is all about what you prefer here. ½ cup of dairy or creamer, a handful of ice cubes, then ½ cup of water. You will also require ½ tablespoons of honey. 

With these details in check now, let’s get started with some very serious business at hand. 


Preparation stage, gather all the ingredients you will require at this stage and start by brewing your tea. Allow the pot of water to boil and then add the leaves or tea of your choice in the pot of water. Leave the water to boil for at least 3-5minutes until you have the right taste and depth that you seek.

The next thing to do here will be to strain the tea and pour it into your cup. If you have this figured out correctly, let’s take it to the next stage. 


While the tea is still hot, it is believed you have already strained it at this point. Add the rest ingredients to your cup, when done, add two tablespoons of Taro powder into them and stir everything together, until it is completely dissolved. 


Add the sweetener of your choice to your tea, this can be 1-2 tablespoons of honey or ½ tablespoons of almond milk. Whatever choice you choose as your sweetener here, you are guaranteed to get the best results at all times. 


Add a handful of ice cubes to the drink and be sure to have the finest balance, a balance that will help you navigate your paths successfully until you arrive at where you are supposed to. Complete healing for the soul, that matches everything you will require. 

If you followed the steps outlined here, we are sure that you are where you wanted to be before reading the steps. Making your own Taro milk tea has never been this easy, these steps must be followed accordingly to get the results that you seek. 

Is Taro similar to Ube?

We have all mistaken two things that look alike, it is easy. If identical twins can often be mistaken for each other, keeping up with things that look alike like Ube and Taro is one hurricane task to carry. We have broken this down, so you can appreciate what separates these two plants. 

The most striking point to note is the color, they are both made of purple. This is why it is easy to mistake one for the other, both are plants, another striking point. They are equally similar in shape, while they share all of these similarities, they are differences that abode. 

While Ube has the texture of yam, Taro looks more like potatoes. Taro is not purple originally, the purple color that is dominant here is only a product of coloring, this is not to say some of the roots cannot have a purple configuration. Where it is grown will determine the composition of Taro. 

Ube tops the list when it comes to sweet taste, it is sweeter than Taro. The texture is one distinguishing fact you shouldn’t forget. 

Can Lactose intolerant enjoy the tea?

The tea is excellent with milk alone, and this works perfectly well for lactose intolerants, who may choose this option over other sweeteners. The milk in this regard must not necessarily be cow milk, any milk here will work fine, and provide you with the balance you seek. 

Non-dairy kinds of milk like almond, soy, and oatmeal works great here, it adds so much value to what the Taro milk offers and helps to enhance the beverage flavors giving you a fine deal of options to go with. It is a superb choice for lactose intolerants and will get you going at ease. 


Having the best value for your money is an important attribute of well-calculated expenditure, spending cash on Taro milk tea is one great investment decision that will pay dividends in return. These returns, unlike shares, are paid by your body. 

What we drink and eat are essentials that count if we must take things above the moon, Taro milk tea offers you a fantastic deal here. It is uniquely formulated to help with your health needs and give you the balance that you require, to continue going with your dreams and life.