What Does Squab Taste Like (a tasting guide)?

Prepared by roasting, pan-fry, and other means. Squab often called the king of birds, is one meal that needs the experience to define. Squab which is known in culinary terms to mean young pigeon is one meat that is rated highly. 

These pigeons are usually 4weeks old, a fact that consolidates the adage “if a pigeon is too old to fly, it is too late to eat it. Squab is nutritious and a great source of protein, this article will define the taste of squab and other details. 

What is Squab?

Let’s take it off from here, what is Squab, is there anything so special about this bird, and what does it all entail? First, Squab is a young pigeon that is around four weeks old. Squabs are nutritious and delightful!

The rich history of Squab can be traced across continents, Morocco in Africa, France in Europe, and China. Squabs have always been cherished and enjoyed by people of all tribes and cultures. 

They are usually sold ready to roast or cook, depending on the option that suits you best. You can cook Squab whole or cut it into pieces, it is all about your choice and what rocks the boat for you. 

There is a difference between squabs and pigeons, while Squabs are also pigeons, they are young pigeons. Squabs are not as tough as pigeons with an active flying life. Squabs taste better than pigeons, a necessary fact you should know. 

What does Squab taste like 

This is the point you have long to read, the taste of squab and here it is, fresh from the oven for your consumption. The universal appeal that Squab commands from all quarters owe largely to its taste. This is why it is the king of birds!

You enjoy a delicate and succulent flesh that cannot be compared with other birds, this rich blend, makes Squab a rich delight for the soul. There is a high level of myoglobin in the squab which makes it beautiful. 

When properly cooked it has a lush, and rich essence. A rich protein source, Squab adds more than just the delicious taste it comes with. Termed the tastiest bird in the world, Squab taste is better experienced than told.

How to cook Squab 

Squabs are prepared and cooked the same way other poultry like Chicken,so you necessarily don’t have to take an online class on Squab preparation. If you have prepared chicken all by yourself, treat Squab like chicken.  

The thing to note here is that, Squabs are smaller than regular chicken, this means they take less time to cook, keeping an eye on the pot is essential so you don’t overcook them. 

You wouldn’t spend the entire day on your Squab, as they are sold ready to cook. You also enjoy variety here. You can fry, grill and braise them, the choice is yours with the balls in your court to shoot. 

You can also roast Squab, it is all about your variety and what rocks your boat. Ensure Squab is cooked medium rare or well, however, if you don’t want to have the meat drying out, ensure you don’t overcook it. 

3 ways to get the most out of Squabs

You already have a fine deal of what Squabs taste like, I already spill it for you here. There are certain things you can do to add an extra layer of support to how your squab turns out, so here are 3 ways to get the best of squab. 

1.Break it down: 

This is where some people will disagree, eating it whole is a fine deal after all, and breaking it down into pieces might appear to be a wasteful sojourn. Enjoying your squab will require a thorough process. 

Break your squab into pieces and parts, then grill it. Take the breast apart, the legs, and grill them. Put some seasoning in them and get them going, this will allow you to enjoy the beautiful offerings it has. 

Breaking your Squab into parts will give you an opportunity to enjoy the sweet mouth-watering sensation that comes with every bite. This is one way to get the best out of your Squab. 

2.Spice your Squab:

Do you know how it works here? Grill your squab and do a bunch. Use ginger, curry powder, cinnamon, and others, the goal is to throw some heat on your squab and see it come good. 

Experiment on this and you will enjoy your squab, even more, try out a combination of spices and options. Squab is best when grilled and spiced, and since you want to have a fine moment here, spice your Squab. 

3.Don’t overcook your squab:

Overcooking squabs won’t help it, it will only turn out against your intentions. So keep things at a minimum here, if you wish to enjoy the fine delicious meat. Pigeons are usually small in size, this makes cooking quite easy. 

Another disadvantage with overcooking your meat is the fact that it changes the taste of your meat, leaving you with a turkey-like taste other than the universal appeal that squabs come with. 

Medium-well is a fine cooking measure for your squab, leaving the interior with a slightly pink-colored finishing. This way your meat will not dry out, and you will be able to enjoy the rich offering of Squab. 

Keep your eye on the temperature, ensure it is not overcooked. 

Where to buy Squab 

This is another question that comes to mind, how do you get squab, so you can enjoy the rich offering of this king of birds and at the right amount. There are various options to get over this, and we shall take them one after the other.

From the butcher 

The first point of call is your butcher, since squab is a special breed you may have difficulties finding it in every butcher. Specialized butchers are the go-to for squabs and you will always have a fine deal here.

If you don’t find it in your nearest butcher, a visit to a farmers market will have the answers that you seek. The price of squabs is quite on the high side, it cost more than chicken and this is because it is a special breed. 

Buying squab online 

Another place you can get Squab is online, there are a list of meat sites to choose from and a random Google search here will give you just more than enough to choose from. 

If you are buying online, ensure you place a premium on the company’s reputation and reviews. You wouldn’t want to end up with a poor quality squab, so reading through reviews will justify the company’s stand on certain things. 

You will also get to know the delivery timelines and all that comes with it. Reputable companies like Marx foods and D’Artagnan are great options to try and this is just brilliant. 

From the local farm

You can also buy Squab from a local farm if you are in the United States, farms are easy to find. The good thing with this option is the price advantage, it is cheaper than when you buy online or in the market. 

If you are lucky enough to have a neighbor that owns a poultry farm and breeds Squabs, then you are in luck. As you can get things off on a cheap amount.

Storing Squab 

Just in case you have the need to put off making or preparing your Squab at the go, or you wish to store your cooked Squab. Here are fine options you can try, in a bid to have both the taste and quality preserved. 

For uncooked squab, ensure you tightly wrap it before storing it in the refrigerator. You can store it for up to 4 days, however, it is best to cook your squab as soon as possible. 

If you wish to keep your squab preserved for a longer period, freezing it is the best. Just like storing chicken, ensure it is properly wrapped up before it enters the fridge and it can be stored for up to a month. 

For cooked Squab, you can have it stored for up to 3days retaining the taste. There are a few take-homes here, reheating your Squab can cause it to overcook, the result is that your meat can become hard. 


Served in the finest restaurants in the world and loved by many, Squab is a rich meat that comes with all shades of beauty on all sides. As stated above, the experience is better felt than told and this is a conclusion that speaks for itself. 

There are many ways to get the best out of Squabs and this has been explained here, if you are still in between the offerings that squab gives, especially how it adds to your diets, buying one of the markets will justify your craving. 

The taste of Squabs offers a delicious and mouthwatering experience that leaves you satisfied, for a long time. While the price is almost double the market offering for chicken, squabs are a choice alternative to chicken.