What Does Pheasant Taste Like?

If you love haunting, there are chances that you are familiar with the different kinds of game birds we have. Pheasants are a special breed of game birds and they are unique in all dimensions, the meat is extremely delicious when cooked. 

Maybe you are not a hunter and care to know what pheasant tastes like, its health benefits, and other essential factors that add up to the composition of this meat. This article is put together for you, to answer these questions and more. 

What is a pheasant?

There is no better place to start this article than to hit the nail on the head. What is a pheasant? If one is to eat anything, being sure of what you are eating is a basic start point to go with. 

Pheasant is a popular game bird, with a long history that traces back to Asia and Britain, where it is claimed that the birds came from. The birds are said to have lived in the United States for over two hundred years. 

It is conclusive on this note to say that the birds also originate from the United States, they feature in menus all over the world. The male and female versions of the birds have basic things that separate them. 

For instance, the male pheasants have a long tail with colorful and bright feathers, while their female counterparts have a full brown color, their tails are not long either. This is one way to differentiate them. 

There are many pheasants across the world, each having its peculiar breeding that owes largely to where the birds are grown. They basically eat plants, and animals, besides the regular seeds, fruit, and insects they are known for. 

Pheasants are the favorite of most hunters, they usually move at a snail pace, which makes them perfect to hunt for a novice hunter. Advance hunters are sure to get a pheasant killed on the first shot. 

What does pheasant taste like

This is the question that beats the mind, the reason you have clicked the link to read this article, and interestingly the taste of pheasant will make you feel lucky with your bite. 

Game birds usually have one thing in common, they always taste like chicken and pheasants are not different on this path, they taste like chicken. The chicken-like taste of the meat is not definite, and we will find out why. 

They are pheasant birds that taste like turkey and others, the breeding will always affect the taste. How and where the birds are bred is a defining consideration in how they taste. 

Let’s trace the breeding and have a piece of complete information on what to expect when it comes to the taste of pheasants. 

  • Farm-raised pheasants: these types of pheasants taste like chicken, they have the same upbringing as chicken and are often exposed to the same food, so they taste as good as a chicken will do. 
  • Wild pheasants: these pheasants live in the wild, they eat nearly anything and everything they can lay their hands on. The foods they eat and all will affect their flavor. These pheasants, on the other hand, taste better than chickens. 

If there is a point to note here, it is the fact that the meat is lean, and overcooking it will not help at all. Rather than helping with how the meat turns out, overcooking your meat will only make them dry. 

This will greatly affect your cravings and keep you wondering at the choice you have ended up with, instead go with medium rare for your cooking. 

Things that will determine the taste of your pheasant

We have talked about how pheasants taste like, the gist for this section is phased on things that will determine the taste of your pheasant. You want to have them come good, right? Read on 

Aside from the types of pheasant available and the flavors we are open to, much goes into how you cook your pheasant meat and sauces. Many things affect the taste of your chicken. 

Your hanging time is the most important factor here, when you kill a pheasant, ensure you hang it before cooking, this does a great deal of good to how the meat turns out.

If you purchase your pheasant from a butcher or the market and discover it has a rotten odor, ensure you throw it away, it will be a waste of time to go ahead cooking it, the meat won’t turn out well. 

Another precaution to take note of, when you are preparing pheasant is the need to take out the internal organs, this is important if the meat was hanged. So cook your pheasant right, and you will have a slice of fine meat to go with. 

Why pheasant?

Since they are game birds and taste like chicken, is it not enough to have chicken and be good at it? Why pheasant meats? The meats are not just popular because of the beautiful smell they produce, they are cherished for many reasons. 

First on the list is the rich health configurations the meat offers, pheasants are rich in potassium, iron, and protein. A perfect blend of these compounds will give you a fine health balance. 

Second, the meat is rich in B-vitamins, a great addition to the other values they provide for your body and your health. The delicious and lean meat has low fat, which is great if you are not looking at adding some fats. 

Pheasants are preferred ahead of beef, this owes to the fact that the meat has low fats much more than what you get from beef. If you seek to have the best results from your pheasant meats, remove the skin to reduce the fat content. 

Fundamental tips to keep in mind when cooking pheasant meats 

We are wrapping this off quickly, with an eye on how best to cook your pheasant meat and have it turn out excellently for your needs. So let’s look at some tips you need to know when you are cooking pheasant. 

There are many ways you can eat your pheasant meat, these options make it great, when trying things out is your thing. You can roast, grill, fry, and bake pheasant, the ball is in your court. A quick fix here will be to roast the meat. 

Spice things up, this is the first point to note when it comes to having the best results with your meat. Spice things up by putting vegetables like carrots, onions, apples, bell peppers, and other things that appeal to your cravings. 

Pay attention to the moisture, sea salt, bay leaves and others that will improve the taste of your meat are options to try and this will make the meat come good. After all, it is your choice that matters, in the end, be limitless here. 

If you have cooked chicken all by yourself, then you will certainly have no issues with cooking pheasant. Ensure you don’t over-spice the meat and you don’t overcook it too, to have the best output. 

If you give serious thought to the options mentioned here, you will have a fine deal of meat to go with at all times. 

Where to buy pheasants 

If you are not a good hunter or haven’t hunted all your life and wouldn’t want to give this aspect some thought, buying will be the next thing on the list. There are numerous options you can go into within this regard, let’s look at them. 

The first is the option of a butcher. Just like every other meat and your beef too, you can easily pick pheasants from a butcher. This option will save you the need of processing your meat yourself, they are often sold ready to cook. 

If this option doesn’t work for you, you can opt to buy your pheasants from a local farm where they are bred. The advantage here is that you will get a life pheasant, which you can choose to process yourself. 

Buy online, this is another option that works just fine. Buying your pheasant online is a fine choice, as it saves you the need to drive or buy the transport to get your favorite pheasants. 

You place your order at the comfort of your home and have the meat delivered to you, where you want it. This is the advantage that comes with the digital economy and the internet. 

Read reviews of the seller, if you are buying online, so you buy from stores with the best ratings and proven expertise in the field, be sure to make a great choice online. 


Pheasants are a great option to try if you are just getting started with trying chicken alternatives. The meat poses a rich nutritional content that will keep you going, it adds to your health, which is fantastic. 

Whether you are buying your pheasant online or from the local farms, the truth remains that you will always enjoy the delicious and mouthwatering taste of this meat. It is a perfect option to go with at all times, and this is great.