Vision Grill vs Kamado Joe: which is better?

If you are in between making a decision on the best grill to get between Vision grill Vs Kamando Joe, reading this article before making your purchase decision will be well worth it.

In this article, we will match the Vision Grill side by side with Kamado Joe, giving you a fine balance of their features, what they entail, and their entire configuration.

We will not spare a single detail here, so let’s get started. 

Vision Grill vs. Kamado Joe: Side by Side Comparison 

1. Build and Quality

The best grill for you will have a perfect build and the materials should be sourced from the finest piece of engineering, this is not about choice, it is about getting a grill that lasts you a lifetime of use. 

No one will use a grill for a lifetime, let’s be realistic, however, a good grill should last you a chain of years, years of long usage. This is the point about the quality, and an interesting point to start this review. 

Kamado places too much premium on the build quality, so much so that the products turn out fabulous. While they play around with ceramic, and stainless steel as the finishing for their products, the quality is always amazing. 

Despite the eye-catching designs, Kamado grills have a fine way of retaining heat, an essential future in helping you to make BBQ and meals that cook well. Version grill has had significant improvements in this area too. 

Their products are top-notch, with most like Vision Grills Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal grill having a ceramic finish. There is always a feature that goes missing with the products, the build quality. Kamado ticks the boxes here. 

2. Cooking space: 

Vision Grills get a fine podium finish here with their girls packing enough space in them, the space is an important tool, having everything in one place is the finest definition you can always get. 

You don’t want to run here and there when you are grilling and smoking your favorite meals, this is a feature you will always find with version grill products, they come with incredible square inches.

While Kamado grills don’t have this commanding feature, they kill it with their three-tiered cooking system. You are giving three fantastic options to cook your meals with. You can have three meals going at the same time, this is massive. 

The design of this version Icon Hybrid electric Kamado grill comes closest to incorporating this feature that is seen in the Kamado grills, by introducing a two-tiered cooking system.

Three is always better than two, so this settles the argument on the cooking system available on both grills. Kamado Joe II makes a fabulous entry with its 510 square inches of cooking space, putting Kamado in the frame when it comes to cooking space.

3. Ease of use: 

A good grill should be easy for the novice who is trying his hands out with a smoker and also fit as a perfect device for the pro who has had years of cooking experience on the go. This is where ease of use comes into the picture. 

How easy can one use the smoker? Kamado tops the list here, it is easy to install and operate. Everything is on the go for you, you can easily select between low and slow cooking, giving your meals the balance they require. 

There is a grate gripper tool on Kamado grills, a feature that allows you to move and rearrange the grates the way you fancy it. There is so much operational control that Kamado grills throw at you. 

Products like the version grill Icon Hybrid electric Kamado grill have color-coded controls that allow you to change your temperature at ease, giving you control over your meals and the results they produce. 

Kamado ticks the boxes here for ease of control, and since you wouldn’t want to start watching videos and reading manuals on how to get started with your smoker if you are a newbie. Kamado is the choice! 

Kamado products are often too heavy to carry around, so if you have thoughts on moving it everywhere you will need to think about your options here, Version grills will fit this need more. 

4. Temperature controls:  

What about the temperature? This is an essential part of your grill build that cannot be taken for granted, it is easy to get caught up with one or two events when you are grilling and cooking. 

If you cannot control your smoker’s temperature, it becomes a challenge for you when the slightest thing grabs your attention. You will also avoid fire from over-smoking your meals if you have the powers of temperature control in your hand. 

Kamado gives you an excellent finish here, with its integrated thermometer monitor, this monitor gives you a fine detail of the internal temperature of your grill. This way you don’t have to worry about bringing your meals. 

You can also select between the low and slow cooking options, this way you can keep your meals cooking for a long time, without burning them, and killing your grill lifespan. 

Version grills put so much into their designs so that they come out with excellent ventilation for your heat control needs. While this is not enough, the color-coded controls on the hybrid smoker from version grills take things off the normal. 

These controls will allow you to select your temperature and stay in the perfect frame as you cook your meals for a long time on the go. Overall, Kamado makes it great with the integrated thermometer. 

There is a noticeable defect with most of the Kamado grills, that you should take note of, they often pose issues when it comes to changing the temperature level, this takes time sometimes. 

5. Cleaning:

Debris can affect your cooker in many ways, it will affect the taste of your foods and how they turn out. Aside from this, debris and accumulated food and oil leftovers, can cause excessive smokes and even fire in some instances. 

A perfect way to clean your smoker is one of the unique features you can not only pray for on your smoker but also pay to have. Kamado comes great here with the Ash Pan that is available in most of their smokers. 

These trays serve as a basement for leftover foods and oils that will fall off your meals into the smoker. They often end up on the tray, a good and easy way to clean your smoker, will be to take the tray out and you are good to go. 

The ease of cleaning here makes the Kamado grill a fine product to buy and keep for a long time. Version grills on the other hand don’t offer such luxury with their cleaning, while the smokers are not difficult to clean, they are not as easy as Kamado. 

We want to get the job done on time and save time, this is where Kamado comes good again. 

6. Durability: 

You wouldn’t want to change your smoker’s now and then, there is no pride in doing this anyway. To afford this situation and save some bucks in the bank, you will need to pick a durable burner for this purpose. 

Kamado tops the list for durability, the grills come with excellently sourced materials and a fine touch of elegance. The finishing of Kamado grills leaves you with the impression that these girls will last a lifetime of use. 

We are not making assertions, a look at reviews from buyers’ sites shows that Kamado grills are a top choice for customers and have stood the test of time as one product you can trust.

In most version grills, you can easily spot defects with the build quality. Quality is often sacrificed for aesthetics, while both are important, striking a balance here will always be the finest option to go with. 

7. Pricing: 

We want the best at the right price, a good smoker should be pocket-friendly, while keeping the important features that make it stand out, such as the build and feature list of these products. 

If you are looking to save some bucks here, Kamado is an option of choice to go with. The products are excellent with their offerings and they come at a budget, fantastic options you cannot ignore. 

Version grills are quite pricey on the market, and except for the grills that come in a compact size, the price is always on the high when you compare it with Kamado and the features they offer. 


Kamado grills come top in most of the categories under review, making them a fine choice for the occasion. This is not to completely write off version grills and the fine list of offerings they have got for you. 

It comes down to choice at the end of the day, the side-by-side comparison gives fine details of what to expect on the two frontrunners and how these features can influence your buying decision. 

The decision here lies in your hand, so shoot your shot here and be glad to make an impressive purchase for your smoker needs.