The Brief Guide To Professional Chef Knife Set: Victorinox Review

victorinox piece knife

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Today, let’s look at Victorinox chef knife.

Are you among those who feel it’s a waste of money and resources investing in knives? Of course, there are people like that.

People that feel like, oh! In buying go for something worthwhile. Spend your money on relevant things. Why knife? Just knife?

But for a professional chef, knife is almost everything.

A chef can spend his wages just to get a good knife. Why? You will know the reason professional chefs spend on knives without looking back.

Knives are among the power engine of a kitchen. I want to introduce a brand of knife set to your kitchen. Chefs use it, good for home cooking and event prep.

What’s the name?


Victorinox 4-Piece Knife Set

This knife set is best rated and top most kitchen knives of all time. With a stamped blade, and a handle that is structured for firm gripping.

These knives will save your energy because it is light weight. You need not exert pressure to cut.

Click Here To See Customer Reviews, Ratings, Discounts and Free Shipping on Amazon

What is your own definition of a product being expensive

A novice often sees quality knife to be expensive.

They often consider price rather than the durability, sharpness, and finishing touches of the knife. But serious cooks and professional minds are not like that.

A definition is seen through the mirror of quality – and cost is tagged to the production process. That is to check whether the product is worth it or not. Everything bordering on the performance of the product is considered.

This Victorinox made of Fibrox handle have won endorsements of both customers, professional chefs, culinary student,  and a lot more.

When this knife set is described as awesome, it refers to it strength, durability, performance, and sharpness.

Am yet to see someone turn his/her back on Victorinox 4-knife set after use. If it happens, then the person must not deny the awesome experience with Victorinox.

Victorinox 4-knife set is referred to as a workhorse.


Production and Usage

Victorinox 4-knife set is made of stamped stainless steel stamped blade.

From Swiss company. A craftsmanship that is traditional, precision is key here. The great reviews that follow Victorinox 4-knife set is a discovered discrete openly told.

This knife set is manufactured to handle 75% of Professional Chefs job. This knife set can handle for you, slicing and scallions, breaking and chopping of vegetables and  lettuce, cutting, dicing and mincing.

The life wire of every product is maintenance. How do you maintain a knife? Wash after use and sharpen it when necessary. That’s all.

After sharpening it retains sharpness for months before resharpening again. It really burns the heart with frustration to work with a blunt or dull knife. Do you feel that way also?

Feeling comfortable with a knife depends on the size of your hand for a firm grip.

What determines the quality of a knife blade is when it is either forged or stamped. Forged method uses heat and hammering to shape the blade. Forged blade is the best blade for knives.

The second method of producing blade is by stamped technique. Here, a machine is used to carve out the shape of blade exactly from another sheet of stainless steel.

Before making buying decisions, check the blade and edge for faults. Check the straightness of the knife centre to know if it’s bent.

A local knife sharpener will also be needed by a professional chef, home cooking and culinary student.


How to use a Chef’s knife

Knives do different things. Some knives have curved blade for chopping. Especially German knives that are designed in this format

While other knives are made to be straight  so that it can be used to push and pull. Japanese is good in producing straight edge knives.

Whichever one a chef tries to go for, you have to get used to that for good performance.

All these are the qualities you will find in Victorinox 4-knife set.

If your care for your knife, you will maintain it

There is no stress in it caring and maintaining your knife. A couple of minutes can serve, sharpening, hand washing, drying and storing in a safe place are the basic maintenance a knife needs.

Do not scratch or blunt the edge with another iron or steel. Preserve your Victorinox 4-knife set if you acquire it.

Do not leave Victorinox 4-knife set inside a drawer. It’s dangerous, and putting your hand inside the drawer unknowingly can cause havoc. Make use of the knife sheath often for safety.

Using a knife like Victorinox product to cut wood will blunt it.

The best alternative for the blade is steel, the edge won’t wear out easily. Get your own sharpener to sharpen your knives. It’s better than looking for local sharpener all the time.


Victorinox 4-knife set blades

Rockwell scale is used to evaluate the strength and hardness of a steel. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon. But the difference in steel hardness  is when the carbon is much higher than iron in a mixture.

The final product which is the knife blade becomes stronger with a high concentration of carbon. In the scale, high carbon steel knives scales-55.

Though the official standard for steel is 60 in scale to make it hard-strong.  Any knife that registers in this scale point will definitely be costly. Because its cost of production is high.

This is what actually made Victorinox product a bit costly. Where it registered on the scale is higher than other knives.

For  Victorinox product to be stain-stubborn, its steel is mixed with elements to improve its hardness and stain-resistance.

The presence of phosphorus and sulphur in steel makes the steel weak. So additive is needed to purify out this element.

The presence of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium guard these blades from corrosion, rust and  resistance to wear.

Victorinox knife set blades, well fortified to long hour use, resist rust, corrosion, traditionally hard-strong and razor-sharp because of some of this added elements.

This knife set  has proved itself in the hands of professional chefs time and time again. It is not in contention. It stands alone and clear.

It has a brand name, sought after by skilled persons that know its worth.

You need this knife set.



This knife set is a multi-functional  in operation at different situations. It can be used for dinner preparation and everyday meal. Easy to maintain. Works wonders in the hands of professional chefs, and home cooks

It’s worth giving a trial. The production features attest to its quality product.

Product Description

4-in-one knife set. Victorinox Cutlery is the knife of choice for professionals. After product test result, it because top class. Call it “best-in-class”, fine.

Call it commercial grade cutlery, good. But know it now that it’s available and close to you as you make your buying decisions. Crafted at Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A stainless steel blade with high carbon.

In producing the edge, a tempering method was used for best quality. As a result, it does not lose its sharpness for life.

The handle is a best fit:  Economically designed for a firm grip for long hour shift. Its ergonomic design is to remove much twisting of the wrist that could lead to wrist tension.

Because it is stainless, they are naturally sanitary. Victorinox Cutlery creates no room for germs and bacteria because of its sanitary nature.

Oil, stain, and germs don’t stick but naturally drips out from the stainless surface. That’s good to hear right?

Look at this knife set properly before making buying decisions.

Product Information

This is 4-in-1 set Victorinox product. The Product Dimensions is 19.5 x 6.8 x 1.8 inches. Item  and shipping Weight are 1.6 pounds respectively.

Manufactured by Victorinox, Switzerland with Identification number B004IEBTZ4.Item model number is 48892. One of the downsides of this Victorinox Fibrox knife is that the blade tends to be dangerous – when not handled with care.

However, as long as you can handle it, you’ll enjoy using the knife in the Kitchen.

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