The Top Best Chef’s Knife – GOUGIRI Knife Review

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The Top Best  Chef’s Knife – GOUGIRI Chef’s Knife 8-inch, Japanese Stainless Steel, 33 Layers Damascus Blade, Professional Gyutou Kitchen Knife, with Gift Box

Are you desperate to get a good kitchen knife for yourself? If yes, then you are at the right place. Because  here I’ll give you one of the top best  chef’s knife you will love.

A well prepared meal is not all about how  spiced up it is, but how nutritious it is. Starting from the cutting of meat down to slicing of fresh vegetables, the nutritional value of your food is threatened.

The cutting of fresh vegetable has been proved to be a dangerous and painful way of inflicting pain on the vegetable by wounding most of the plant cells.

This has been a constant threat, on the part of fresh vegetables consumed by human race. The pain is further extended when it’s also subjected to further heating, freezing, drying. And even grinding by human teeth, likewise other food stuffs.

Even though it sounds so terrifying, that I personally plan raising a peaceful protest tagged “freedom to our fresh vegetables and food stuffs.”

But as we may have it, all this ways of inflicting pains on these food items, is the first most important role to aid the digestion of our food and probably get the full nourishment from them.

With further research and experience as a cook, I realized that we also inflict unwanted and unnecessary injuries. When we use blunt or dull knives, knowing fully well, that we can avoid that with a sharp knife.

Not only are we inflicting pains on our food items, but we are also reducing and wasting the  nutritional value. And probably shortening the nourishment we ought to get from the food.

Surprised!!! How true is this? Even if it is, then how. I guess by  now you are probably arguing with that. But, it’s actually true believe it or not, it is.

Here is a practical experiment to prove the above statement. When you cut for instance, your fresh vegetable with blunt knife. You’ll definitely discover some green liquid dripping out from the vegetable.

The green liquid contains most of the nutrients contained in the vegetable. This happens as a result of the blunt knife you used, because instead of cutting the vegetable peacefully it squeezes it painfully.

So sad, because that’s all a blunt knife does best. This is why you have to decide, do you want to keep on wasting your food nutrients?

Or do you want to start from today to start conserving every little you can? If yes, that you really want to get the best out of your food, then this chef’s knife is definitely for you.

In this article I’ll be reviewing the top best chef’s knife you should replace your worn out knife with or add up to your cooking utensils. Most people believe that to get something good you really have to pay a big fortune for it.


I also share that opinion but surprisingly it will interest you that you can still afford these wonderful knives. No matter your pocket size, this knife has been made available to help us all at an affordable price below $300.

The GOUGIRI Chef’s Knife


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The chef’s knife is also known as cook’s knife or french knife. This is regarded to be a very vital and useful knife in your knife set or collection.

The Professional Gyutou chef’s Knife, is manufactured by Gougiri company in seki city. A city recognized greatly for their powerful craftmanship in knife making. For over seven hundred and eighty years they’ve been known for their well constructed samurai swords and knives.

Gougiri is a well respected  brand that has made their way up the ladder, by devoting much of their efforts and time to satisfy their customers with the best quality knife you can ever think of.



Here are some comments by customers that bought this product. For further inquiry click here.

This is the main reason why most of their products are made with Japanese VG-10, and hard stainless steel which is a very high quality material.

Though most people complained to have bought some knives in US tagged  made in Japan, and at the end it wasn’t worth spending for, not eve a cent. But, it will interest you to know, that most knives tagged made in Japan are not really made there.

A true Japanese chef’s knife is sharper than you can ever imagine, and definitely cuts well. Which Professional Gyutou chef’s Knife is a typical example of.

Out of curiosity, lots of questions has been asked about the real magical secret, behind the high quality products by gougiri. This I’ve always pondered upon in my heart, but I came across a little history of Gigouri brand.

I realized after going through that, the main secret behind their successful high quality product is their use of high quality material.


And not just that, but also the use of professional craftsmen, that takes their time to produce a skillful and careful crafted products one after the other.

This eight inches chef’s knife can serve you for various purposes like:

1).   Chopping

This is a vital skill to a chef, and probably the first he/she’s ought to learn. Lots of cooks experience difficulties in chopping fast as a result of blunt knife and lack of skill or either one of them.


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This is why it’s necessary to have a sharp knife to learn with, definitely the skill will come with steady practice. Because you can’t learn it in a day, but with time you’ll get to use to it.

You can achieve a better chopping with Gogiri Professional gyutou kitchen knife, because of its unique large blade with a slight curve. This makes it flexible for you to attain french and Chinese cutting techniques.

dicing2).   Dicing

This is a type of cutting that allows you to cut food items into small blocks or dices. Though it can be made, to achieve a pleasant uniformity in size.



This tends to help the food cook evenly, faster and properly distributes the flavor and texture through out the food. It is often applicable to vegetables.

3).   Slicing

This involves the cutting of items into slimmer, relatively broad slices.Like shown in the image below.

4).   Mincing

This is another technique, in which food items are finely divided into pieces uniformly. This can be achieved with food processor or chef’s knife. This is more reason why you need a very sharp knife, to achieve it manually.



The razor sharp blade is an advantage to execute this kind of cutting. Checkout The Gougiri Knife and Get Huge Discounts on Amazon