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Mr. Albert, is a very good cook, who loved cooking more than anything. One day he went to the market, bought all the necessary items needed to prepare a meal. A meal, he tagged the ‘special one’.

Having returned home, he unpacked with smiles on his face. Slowly rubbing his tongue, from one side of his red lips to the other. Filled with an overwhelmed joy and anxiety, to get on with his favorite routine. Starting from the meat, the spices and the rest of the items.

To him everything  was perfect, in order and as planned. Never did he know that his long planned, wonderful cooking experience was about to be ruined.

He never saw it coming, until he grabbed his knife to cut a bunch of fresh vegetable. Then did he discover, that the knife has gone blunt. Slowly like a fading evening sun light, the smiles on his face waved away. Then he realized, he had omitted the most important element for his wonderful, planned cooking experience.

Who could have guessed, that such a happy moment would be shortened. And turned into a moody one, just because of a knife. I too never saw it coming, as he told me his experience. It was then I realized, that most professional chefs still overlook the power of superior kitchen knives.

That was when I took it as a burden upon myself, to engage on a one on one discussion with my most envied chefs. To find out, their experiences with their kitchen knives. They all had one thing in common in their statement which was; “I’ve used different types of knives, from different brands, but for me this is more superior to the others.”  

Then I came to a conclusion, that just like all men are equal. But some are superior to others, so are knives. Here are some of the high-quality kitchen knives, that they actually testified to have surpassed others when well taken care of.

Just like we all need to be taken good care of, to live healthier. So do your knives need to be taken care of. It will surprise you to know that, all of their preferred knife brands, are all Japanese made product. Which they claimed was as a result of its portability (slim blades and light weight).

But despite the light weight they still possess a razor sharp edge, and retains it for a longer time. So I guess by now, you’ve learnt a lesson just like Mr Albert. And probably wont make same mistake. As a chef or some one that loves cooking, I bet you that one of these knives, will definitely complete your fun kitchen experience.

1).   Global g-48  santoku hollow ground knife


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This is a product of Global, which are mostly made in Japan. And are popular known for their work of art, that showcase more of future concept. The innovation concept employed, from the tip to handle of this knife, still remains fascinating.

With the blade made of hard molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, and “face-ground” with a long taper. The edges are bound to stay sharp, for a longer period. When it comes to retaining sharpness, this knife still remains better than the best high-carbon stainless-steel knives.

The removal of bolster from this knife, made it more lighter and portable with a slimmer blade. With the continuous flow of sand, inside the knife handle. You’re sure of steady balance, when using the knife. Extra safety was introduced to this knife, with a finger notch between the blade and the handle.

The striking stainless-steel handles, dimpled to prevent slipping. Dish washing is the only flaw this knife has, but with a simple hand wash, you’re sure of a life time lasting.

Sharpening with a ceramic sharpener or a diamond steel, is preferable to a metal sharpener. It can be supplemented by a synthetic whetstone, a ceramic whetstone, or a Shinkansen sharpener. Make this great knife yours, just at an affordable price of $129.95. Most customers rated this knife 5 star, here are some of their testimonies.

199 global reviews

2).   Zelite infinity chef’s knife 

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When it comes to astonishing knife that can still deliver, this is the knife for you. The enticing look of this knife, makes you proud enough to showcase it to your visitors. The high demand for this knife, has made it more scarce to buy. Though the Zelite company makes high quantity supply daily.

You’re here for a reason, so make the smart choice. You’ll save yourself lots of time, and peace of mind. Knowing you will have this for a lifetime. The service you’ll get, will far exceed the price you’re paying for it.

This knife is made of Japanese VG10 Damascus SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel, which guarantees  long-lasting Performance. Here are some testimonies,out of up to 222 customers’ reviews.

222 zelite review

Get this knife now at an affordable price of $125.97 with free delivery.

3).   Miyabi kaizen granton santoku knife

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The search for further  perfection, gave birth to this great work of art. This amazing product of Miyabi Knives, made in Seki, Japan. It has the utmost hardening technology, with the artistry of traditional craftsmanship. Miyabi Kaizen is crafted from VG10 super steel, with a 64-layer stunning flower Damascus pattern.

The perfect blade and the long-lasting handle is outstanding.. Made of black linen Micarta, featuring a mosaic pin, red spacers and a metal end cap. The 7 inches Santoku Hollow Edge, allows air between the blade and the item being cut.

This is for extra small cuttings. Buy it now, just for $169.99. Some customers that bought it, has this to say.


4).   The Dalstrong shogun series santoku knife


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This knife is carefully crafted over 60 days, using the highest quality materials. It’s a very sharp kitchen knife, capable of handling your kitchen cuttings.

Its aesthetic design and craftsmanship, is really something to write home about. With the combination of old Japanese sword making methods, and modern technology. Made the knife not only functional in the kitchen, but possesses the power to add colors to your kitchen.

The Vg-10 Japanese super steel core blade, is made up of 67 layers. The sharp knife blade is always achieved under three steps, using honbazuke method. This knife has long sharp blade retention. With a rock-hollow divot, that reduces food sticking on the blade. The tapered handle is perfect to ensure balance and easy grip.

Spend $113.91 instead of the $229.99, then you’ll get to save $116.08 (50%). Some customers’ reviews are below.

dalstrong review

If other users are to suggest, they’re sure to say, this is your best buy. Nevertheless, you’ve the final say. It’s your call.