Are Sensor Garbage Cans Worth It? (a buyer’s guide)

Technology has erupted every facet of our lives and this is seen in our day-to-day activities, garbage cans are not left off of this eruption. Technology has redefined how we trash waste, it doesn’t stop there it will get better. 

While this is not technology content, the sensor garbage can is a beauty in every light. Just maybe you are wondering if this is a fine choice to go with, we have got things packed together for you. Let’s find out if it is worth it.

Why sensor garbage cans are important

Do you know what happens to the kitchen, office space, home and bedrooms when we leave them without a garbage can? We leave the kitchen, office, and home in a chaotic and unhygienic state. 

Things can go from bad to worse when you have those unexpected visitors come calling, we always want to hide this part of us and this is what garbage cans do. They hide the part we wish to keep away from the prying eyes of onlookers. 

Sensor garbage cans are a step ahead of the game, it takes things beyond the normal and on a level that is best for all. It saves you the ugly routine of getting your trash can dirty, with the need to open it and fill it with trash. 

While other cans will use pedals, the convenience that comes with having your trash can open at the slightest movement of the hand is a beauty you cannot afford to trade for anything. 

So yes, sensor garbage cans are worth it. They are worth every dollar spent on them and they aid your hygiene goals, by putting things in perfect shape. Let’s look at things to look out for in a sensor trash can. 

Things to look out for in sensor garbage cans(buying guide)


There is no better place to start this list than here, capacity. You need a trash can that can keep you away from the refuse collection point as potent as possible. What is the need for a trash can, if it gets filled every day? 

The garbage can capacity is where it starts. Get a garbage can that meets your garbage needs, while they usually appear in a 13-gallon size, you will always find a 20-gallon size can or less depending on what you want. 

If you have a large family, numbering at least 5-10 then a 13gallon capacity garbage can cannot work the magic. Large size can, within the range of 14-20gallons will keep the family in shape. 

If you wish to get a garbage can for the office, then a large capacity can wil work the magic. If your worries are not rooted here, and your family size is small, or perhaps you live alone. A 6-10gallon garbage can will come good for you. 


While we have hinted at it just right with the capacity of the garbage can and what is expected of you. Another area of interest is the make, the finishing that goes into the garbage can. 

Is it made of plastic or stainless steel? This question is important and should be considered as one of the things to look out for before dropping the dollar bills. The construction of your can will offer you protection from things like corrosion.

You cannot deny the fact that the bad days will come, when your kid kicks the can off its spot, plastic garbage can may not survive heavy falls, a steel stainless can will always do. These details matter!

Plastic garbage cans are not without advantage on their side, as they are cheap and offer a budget alternative to the same problem, keeping the house and office clean at all times.


Why warranties? This is the question that will ring in the heart of many, we often think it to be less of a worry. Warranties are not important to many, however, with products coming out with manufacturer defects, warranties are your safe link. 

It is like a pack of insurance cover, warranties will save you from a bad day. You never can tell until it happens, have you seen a television that goes blank without any fault? It just turns off and will never turn on again. 

This is where a warranty comes in, it saves you the stress of paying for things that are not within your control, like the blank TV. So look out for a warranty, look at it as your insurance coverage, and go for products with a long warranty. 

Like a 3-5years warranty, this way someone, somewhere is held liable for his defect where the garbage can stops working on its own, with no fault on your part. Let this be among the first things you check, the warranty timeline.


Done and gone are the days when garbage cans appear out of the blue, with no touch of style and color combinations. They are trash cans after all and who cares, whether they are fine? This is the usual conclusion

Trash cans today are built to complete our homes, they are not just a standing asset, they are a beauty on the side. So lookout for the style, it should have color variants to choose from and be built to last. 

The style of the trash can matters, and this is one area where efforts should be taken to get things in shape.


Why is this not the first factor to consider, is a question I cannot answer. But maybe where it falls on the list is best for it, however, price is an essential component that cannot be overlooked.

This will not be an issue for those who are not on a budget, if you are on a budget then the price of the garbage can is a big concern for all that it counts for. Sensor cans cost almost twice the amount of traditional cans, this fact is notorious. 

However, you can still save money by buying a good garbage can within a perfect balance. This is where you have to compare prices from different outlets and stores online, the internet allows it. Compare until you are sure you are not cheated. 


There is so much innovation that is going into trash cans, and this investment is shown in the features that the garbage cans come with. They are not evenly distributed and keeping an eye on the details will save you. 

While some trash cans are odor-free, owing to the engineering that went into them, not all sensor trash cans are odor-free. Rightly so, and if you wish to keep the kitchen under the right smell, a trash can having an odor-free design is a unique feature. 

Another feature to look out for in sensor garbage cans is the compartment, it isn’t just a trash can. It should serve additional purposes like recycling, this is where most trash cans fail. 

There should be a compartment that allows you to put the trash and another one that is used for recycling, just in case you might want to use the glass jar later on for something or convert it. Not everything thrown in the can is garbage. 

Sensor garbage can Vs traditional cans 

A comparison of the two major types of cans will present a brilliant way to look at the cans and make a choice along the path, which garbage can is best for my use and why. These are the answers this heading will provide, let’s check it out. 


This is where sensor garbage cans outpower traditional cans, the hygiene advantage as you may call it. And this advantage will hold many hearts. With the sensor cans, human interactions with the trash can are reduced. 

For instance, the traditional garbage cans will have you open them with your hand, drop your trash in and close them again. This way you cannot avoid the option of having the trash inside from touching your hands. 

Also, it is not hygienically safe to touch your trash can all the time. Another underlying factor is that you can easily get the trash can dirty with the regular open and close needs. 

Sensor garbage cans will give you the advantage of the century as you get your hands off the garbage can, all the time. The case is almost the same with the pedal cans, sensor cans play an advantage here. 


Traditional cans cost less than sensor cans, they are a budget alternative to sensor cans and this advantage offers merit to the case of traditional cans. 


Picking a sensor garbage can is a fast-forward decision today, this is because you have a wide array of options to choose from. While this is important, it is also relevant to make the right choice along this path. 

A collection of the tips made available on this buyer’s guide will give you the advantage you seek and put you on the right track as you choose the best sensor garbage can for your home and office.