Rec Tec RT-700 Problems: common issues and solutions

Just like every other piece of equipment, your Rec-Tec 700 cannot be absolved of issues and common problems. Knowing how to fix them when they arise is a fine way to stay afloat and have your machine working for the years to come. 

In this article we shall look at common issues related to your Rec-Tec 700 and how you can fix them, to have a complete balance on your grill functions and have the beautiful machine running on all cylinders. 

Common issues and how to solve them 

Most of the issues you will face on the Rec-Tec 700 are error messages that will regularly pop up on your screen, knowing how to encode these messages is what will define your success here. 

You don’t need to be a computer guru to know how this works and operate your cooker with fine precision. We shall take these common error messages, one after the other, and proffer the solutions as we go on. 

Similarly, we shall look at other common issues, such as your Rec-Tec 700 not turning on, your cooker smoking excessively, and heating issues. These common issues will also come with their fixes. So let’s get to work! 

Error messages 


This is one error code you will always come in contact with if you have used or intend to use the Rec-Tec 700. What it means and why it pops up more often, is what you will find out in the following lines. 

The code simply means your grill is overheated, or that you did not change the grill foil. This error message will always pop up when the grill temperature goes above 650°F and this can happen with or without igniting the grill. 

If you just started off using your grill, you can be sure to receive this error message or possibly when you haven’t used the grill for a while. You only need to turn the grill off and allow it to cool a little.

The cooling step is important if you have been using the grill for a while and it shows it is overheated. Otherwise, you can ignore and go ahead with your grilling. 


This is another noticeable error message that will often pop up on your screen when you use the Rec-Tec 700. The error message means that your grill is below 175° and this has happened for a period of over 20 minutes. 

Your grill might fail to light when this happens and you can have issues with the grill performing at its best. So how do you fix things up and have your grill shutting things up again? 

Simple, take out everything in the grill, after doing this, check the firepot to confirm if the pellets are feeding correctly. Where they are not, ensure to find a fix to the problem to get your grill running again. 

Furthermore, inspect the hopper and check for obstructions, look for anything that will affect the feeding of pellets. Get your eyes fixed on things that affect the complete functioning of your hopper and take care of it. 

Another thing that can cause the temperature to be below 175° is  your fan, when the fan is not running, you can have this issue. Ensure your fan is working perfectly well. 

Lastly on this, is the firepot. When the firepot is not clean and has buildups here and there. You will have issues with your temperature levels and the grill lighting, it can fail to light in this case. 


This is yet another error message you will encounter with your Rec-Tec 700 and while it will signal trouble, as usual, it is a message that means power failure during the period the grill is being used for operation. 

If your Rec-Tec 700 comes up with issues of this kind, the best thing to do is to check your wires. A bad connection will cause power failure and also check the power source. 

If your power source is not working, you know you cannot have power. Similarly, if there is a problem with your extension or outlets, you will have power failure issues, so check this and get it fixed up. 

Common issues 

1. Rec-Tec 700 won’t turn on

This can be a problem when you have some urgent meals to prepare or you already have the family waiting. For whatever reason which will cause your grill not to turn on, there is a clear feeling of disappointment that comes with this. 

Two reasons are responsible for this, first, inadequate power supply. Check to see the connection in your cabinet, and ensure that power gets into the cooker at all costs. Once you guarantee this, you will have your machine running again. 

Another reason for this may be a faulty fuse, where the power supply is great and the fuse of the circuit band is blown, there are chances that your machine will not turn on. 

You don’t have to worry or lose sleep over this, removing and replacing the dead fuse gets your cooker going at all cylinders. If you are not tech-savvy and find it difficult to replace your fuse, you can contact customer care. 

2. Rec-Tec 700 smokes excessively: 

If your grill is a new one, you have nothing to worry about, your new grills will always smoke, at least on first use. You will have the smoke too if you have not used them for a long time. 

Similarly, when you are grilling Barbeque your grill will smoke too. It begins with a cloud of thick smoke and with time it becomes thin and it will just thin out. This is normal, but what is not normal is when the smoke will not go away, after long use. 

One of the major causes is the pellet quality, if they are wet and moist they will always emit smoke and this can be excessive smoke sometimes. Ensure your pellets are dry, to avoid this. 

Also, when you don’t change your pellets regularly and leave them in the grill hopper for a long time, they will smoke. They can also get moist and would not burn as you will want them to, this is an area you should take Cognizance of. 

What about excessive ash in the firepot? This is another cause of excessive smoke when it comes to your Rec-Tec 700. You will have heavy and thick smokes, and this can affect the taste of your meals and how they turn out. 

Ensure to clean the firepot after use, and also don’t overload the firepot with ash, if it gets filled to the brim, it can result in heavy smoke. The best thing to do in this case will be to strike a balance in-between. 

3. Grill won’t heat up or issues with temperature

Where your grill fails to heat up or maintain the right temperature during your grilling or cooking operations, you will have a long day to deal with. It takes much more time than required for your meals to get done.

This can happen to anyone, your grill can decide to go on a vacation when you need it most. Knowing why this happens and how you can easily fix  it, will give you the balance you seek at all times. 

Insufficient fuel supply is one of the reasons why your grill will not heat up, so check your hopper and ensure things are working according to your plans. You want to make sure, there are enough pellets here, but not excessive anyway. 

Another reason why your temperature level cannot stay precise is the air obstruction challenge. If there is no adequate airflow in your hopper, the temperature level will always fluctuate. 

Open your hopper and clear it of excessive ash and ensure that things are kept at the minimum, you want to enjoy the best offering here right? Ensure you figure things out and on time. 

Where to buy Rec-Rec grills

Now that you know how to fix common issues that are often recurring with the Rec-Tec 700, knowing where to buy your Rec-Tec grills if you are just getting started will be a fantastic thing to do. 

One of the best stopovers for Rec-Tec 700 grills is Amazon, you will always get the best products on Amazon at any given time and the Rec-Tec 700 is available from different stores on Amazon for your taking. 

You can buy the Rec-Tec 700 on Walmart, Target, eBay, and also the Rec-Tec website. If you are not an online shopper, you can walk into any of Walmart or Rec-Tec stores to get your Rec-Tec 700. 


Rec-Tec 700 is an amazing grill with a fine market statement, it comes with enough offerings that give you a balance in the market. You get plenty of brilliant features to go with when you opt for the Rec-Tec 700. 

 Common errors and problems will always pop up now and then, the case is the same with every basic home appliance and electronics. So don’t fight it too hard, this article gives you answers where you want it with your Rec-Tec 700.