Are Rec-Tec Grills Worth the Money? (read this first)

Rec Tec grills will return every investment you throw at them, with the wide range of features they come with. A WiFi-enabled control platform that allows you to probe your meats and meals. Makes this a great buy. 

You also enjoy wide cooking space especially on the Rec Tec 700, where you can go cooking for over 40 hours with a large hopper that can take up over 40lb of pellets. Read on to find out what makes Rec-Tec grills a worthy buy. 

Why Rec-Tec grills are a good buy

1. Wide cooking space: 

This is one area of interest that cannot be overlooked and for many reasons, we will take this one after the other. A wide cooking space is vital for your parties and large family reunions. 

You don’t have to go running everywhere to get a cooker that will meet this need and get you going, Rec-Tec grills are perfectly suited for this purpose and come equipped with massive features that will awe you. 

For instance, the Rec Tec 700 nicknamed bull has over 1054 square inches of cooking space. Enough to serve the cooking needs of the largest family gathering you can ever pull. 

It comes with a fabulous king-sized hopper that can carry over 40Lb of pellets, this is enough to cook your meals for over 40 hours. I doubt there are cookers out there that can match this massive offering. 

This is not all, you can have all of your meals running together, the size is enough to carry everything you want to prepare and helps you do it at a glance. This is an amazing feature that beats the ranks and what is operational in the market. 

2. High performance 

If you still have doubts about the working of Rec Tec grills, then the performance will surely blow your mind. They are in a class of their own, this is amazingly great and you will love it. 

The large hopper takes the burden off your shoulders when it comes to the size of meals you can prepare and all at a time. This Hopper will ensure you don’t run out of fire at every turn, there is enough fire to go around. 

Not just in the bull 700, the large hopper design is featured in all of their 5 flagship products available in the market. For instance, the RT590 comes with a 30LB pellet Hopper, covering over 733 square inches.

The firepot of the 340 Trailblazer Rec Tec has its location at the center of the grill, this way you don’t have to worry about the heat distribution of the grill. Your meats and food will always have an uneven distribution to guarantee quality meals. 

The blower fan and heat deflection systems also ensure heat gets to where it is needed most. This is the performance advantage you enjoy on Rec Tec grills, they take things above the rooftops. 

3. Ease of use: 

Should we skip this point? It will be a disservice if we have to, as it comes packed with information that will get you feeling good about Rec-Tec and how their products turn out. So let’s get started right away, I am super excited already. 

Rec Tec has a fine way of modeling their products to turn out great, on top of this is the fine icing, they are easy to use and are crafted specially to reflect this all-important need. 

You have control over your cooking as the app makes it easy for you to check developments with your meals and know exactly how they fare. You can easily set the temperature as you like, and have your meal cook accordingly. 

If there is a need to work on other things while you cook, you can easily set the temperature to slow cooking or low cooking. This way you won’t have to worry about your meal heating over the required temperature. 

You can easily avoid having fire-related issues at home if you set your temperature levels right. This is not all, you can set an alarm for your grills and cooks to ensure you turn off the cooker, immediately it is ready. Isn’t this fantastic?

In the buildup process too, aside from setting your meals on the grill, and putting your pellets in the hopper, you have no other thing to do. The remaining process is automated. 

There is also a pellet feeder, interestingly, this is also an automated process. You don’t have to feed pellets to your burner, neither will you need to be checking for shortage, it is automated. Where there is a shortage, you see it on your screen. 

Complete liberty is what you enjoy with Rec-Tec grills. Cooking has never been this easy! 

4. Cleaning and maintenance:

The best grills out there should have adequate cleaning features that make things easy for you at every point in time, yes you read this correctly. Debris is one of the biggest enemies of grill cookers. 

Dirty grills will cause fire and if not checked it can lead to an inferno. This is not a good position to be in, so let’s clear things off before they get worse. Cleaning is the thing to consider with the grills.

You don’t want to spend the whole day cleaning your cooker, or maintaining it and this is where the Rec-Tec cooker tops the charts again. The cookers come with a drip tray that seats below the burner to get the debris out when they fall.

Your only job here will be to take out the tray and you will have your leftovers and remnants of food right in it, to be disposed of. In addition to this, deep cleaning your cooker is also easy with the features available on Rec Tec grills. 

You can also easily take out the grates and put them in your dishwater if you seek some very deep form of cleaning. 

5. Versatility: 

This is another category, where Rec-Tec grills take home the podium finish for excellence. You save the extra bucks you are supposed to use in procuring extra equipment when you opt for Rec-Tec grills. 

You can use the grills to bake, smoke, and dehydrate. So what happens then? You save the money to be spent buying an oven to bake your cakes and that extra machine to smoke your foods. 

Versatility is the thing with the Rec-Tec grills and they perform amazingly well in this regard. 

6. Budget 

If the grill is great and expensive then there is a concern to look out for right? Rec Tec grills take this concern off the list for you. Regardless of your budget, there is a cooker that meets your expectations and ticks things off the list. 

The cookers will always fit your budget, if you cannot afford the bull, other variations strike a perfect balance for you. Your budget shouldn’t be the thing of worry here, you are all good once you made a decision. 

7. Warranties: 

A company that places a warranty tag on their product is a company that knows its salt, agreed? It takes a lot of willpower to publicly back a product you are not sure of, this is the area where Rec-Tec gets the admiration even more. 

Their grills come with over six years warranty and come get over 5years, depending on the product you are buying. Warranties are like insurance cover, they get your back when the storm comes. 

Knowing someone in this case the manufacturer will take the blame for a product default that has nothing to do with you, is fantastic. You are completely absolved of the issues that you are not responsible for, and this is the deal that counts. 

8. Design: 

Seems we almost forgot this essential feature, how can that be possible? The design of your cooker is an essential element to look out for when it comes to buying a grill that will stand the test of time. 

Rec-Tec grills are made with brilliant elegance that shows in their finishing, they are perfectly crafted with a mind placed on durable materials that will get you going, for the years to come. 

Most of their products are made from stainless steel and they provide adequate protection from rust and peeling. Since they won’t rust and won’t peel what other worry will you have?

Aside from the material extraction, the design is great and you will fall in love with them at first sight. 


Rec-Tec grills are a superior brand in the market today, with a significant presence and massive market offerings that will stand the test of time. This article settles your worries if you are in doubt about Rec-Tec products and their quality. 

Placing a premium on quality and long-lasting products is the most important attribute of grills, that last the years. Rec-Tec grills make a fine market statement with their products and this is brilliant.