Rec Tec 700 Review (a buyer’s guide)

With a cooking capacity of over 1000+ inches, and with controls left on your gadgets, allowing you to control your grill temperature from anywhere on your phone, Rec-Tec 700 is no doubt a great buy for everyone. 

However, is this all? There are many fine features of this cooker you are yet to know, and in this buyer’s guide we shall take on these details bit by bit, ensuring you have a holistic knowledge of Rec Tec 700 and its offerings. 

What is special about the Rec Tec 700

It is a versatile cooker, here you can smoke, bake, roast, and dehydrate. You don’t need special equipment to do all of these independent duties, the Rec Tec 700 is your all-in-one cover. 

There is so much control in your hand, the Rec Tec 700, allows you to stay in charge of your grills and smoking operation in your bedroom. You don’t have to open the cooker now and then, you control everything from your phone.

It is nicknamed bull, this owning to the horns in the front of the cooker. However, the operations of this cooker rightly justify the name, it is indeed a strong bull when it comes to its operations. 

In addition to the temperature control features, you also enjoy a fine deal of comfort with the results you get. Your meals are finished in real-time and they always turn out great, with the best taste. 

Lastly on this is the automation you enjoy, there is no need whatsoever to worry here. You don’t have anything to do aside from carrying the bags of pellets and placing them in the hopper. The rest process is automated. 

Let’s look at the key features of this unique cooker and why it is a great choice to go with. 

Key features 

  • 1054 square inches of cooking area, including secondary spaces. 
  • 40Lb hopper that can cook your meals up to 40 hours on the go
  • 2 meat probes for easy temperature control 
  • 2 mesh grill mats 
  • Capacity to accommodate over 200Lb pellets 

Buyers Guide 

Things to look out for before buying your Rec Tec 700:

1. Warranty

Warranty? I can imagine you fuming about the warranty and should this be an essential feature to look out for when selecting your Rec Tec 700? It is as important as the product and I will explain why.

Warranties are things you should look out for in your Rec Tec 700, this is why I have decided to begin with warranty as the first stop on what to look out for. A product that comes with a warranty, sends a great message. 

What signal exactly? It speaks of the manufacturer’s backing, it is like you saying I can bet that this product will last you and you ask your friend to pick it. This credence is from the manufacturer and it is important. 

With a warranty the manufacturer is simply saying; I have confidence in my product. Get it, and be good with it. There is nothing as disheartening as having electronics and cookers break down. 

Knowing someone will bear the cost of product repairs and replacement when it is a manufacturer’s fault, this is amazing insurance that you should take the premium for. It saves you the rainy day when it comes. 

Another thing to also take home is the years the insurance cover or seeks to cover. Most Rec-Tec products come with 5years of warranty, spare you the trouble if the cooker breaks down within 5years. Check for warranties. 

2. Material quality: 

Do you know about the material quality? Maybe you don’t, it holds the lifespan of your product. If the materials are shady, and not made from the finest finishing you are settling for a product that will not last you the years. 

No one loves to buy the same products over again, spilling the bills for the same thing is not the culture, and having your eyes fixed on the material quality of your cooker will save you this trouble. 

The Rec-Tec comes with the finest finishing of any kind, the build is sturdy and the finishing is excellent as well. The materials last longer than most of the competitors you will find in the market. 

Ensure the product is not just labeled Rec-Tec and has all the fine displays you see online, check the finishing to ensure it measures accurately with what is obtainable when it comes to Rec-Tec and the standard products out there. 

Rec-Tec, on the other hand, have their products turning out with fine stainless steel, this way they keep rust and peeling away for the years to come. If a product can last long years of use, it is nothing other than fantastic. 

3. Ease of use: 

Time is of the essence these days, our attention span is limited, there are so many things fighting for our attention. So how do you stay grounded grilling or smoking for those long hours, without diverting attention somewhere else. 

It is not easy and we cannot say otherwise, a good cooker should afford you plenty of luxury with your time. You want to ensure the meals turn out great, in addition, you don’t want to spend your entire day doing the same thing. 

So how does this balance come in? Temperature controls are the big ask in this area and we have a fine deal of it in every dimension in today’s market offerings. Here you can have your meals grilling, while you control it on the phone. 

This is more than enough, right? Look out for these features in your Rec-Tec, it comes embedded already. You only have to download the Rec-Tec grills app and get started with it.

Interestingly, the app is available on Android and iOS. You have your controls in your bag and it synchronizes with absolute ease, which makes it fantastic. Ensure your Rec-Tec has this feature before you pay for it. 

4. Cleaning: 

This is another aspect of great importance that you should place a premium on when you set out to pick a cooker in the market. Why cleaning? This is a question I will answer in the following paragraphs. 

Cleaning is essential for your cooker, as it takes away the chances of fire and your cooker breaking down in no due time. Do you know why? Every time you smoke or grill your meals on the burner, residues will always drop off. 

These residues and oil will accumulate over time. Sometimes they are burnt off when your cooker turns on again, other times they contribute to excessive smoke and if not managed, can cause an inferno at home.

The cleaning process should be easy and direct, you don’t want to spend the whole day cleaning, there are a handful of things to do. And picking a cooker that makes this easy and less stressful is quite important. 

This is where Rec-Tec comes in, there is a fine drip tray that stores the debris from every session of your use, and allows for easy cleaning of the cooker. 

You only need to take the tray out and you will have a great deal of success with your cleaning. 

Your Rec-Tec should have this, and if it doesn’t have it, ensure you reach out to the manufacturer or seller in no short time. You need this feature more than anything else.  

5. Value for money: 

Yes, you read it correctly, value for money. A good cooker should return the investment made on it, by giving you well-spiced meals in return. You don’t want to have a burner that gives you meals that are not well prepared. 

This is the return on investment we are talking about, however, called value for money. Rec Tec, produces finely cooked meals, a feature that is bettered with the grill mats you will always find in these products. 

You will always have your audience and visitors confess to the unique cooking skills you have at home, with your cooker. This is an aspect of the Rec-Tec products that will gladden your heart. 

Where to buy Rec Tec 700 

You can stop by at a department store to pick your Rec Tec 700 and begin enjoying the user-friendly features it comes with. If you are not okay with this, placing your orders online is a great feature you cannot ignore. 

You can easily get your Rec Tec 700 delivered to your house when you place the orders on Amazon, Walmart, and other trusted online merchants. With the information in the buyer guide, I trust you will get the best product out there.


Now you have in your arsenal, a rich pack of information to rely upon before making your choice on the Rec Tec 700. I have outlined a list of things to look out for in the buyer’s guide, and it is hoped that this information will guide you right. 

There is no gainsaying here that Rec-Tec is one of the finest picks you can get off the market today, and it stands tall when compared to other products in the same category.