Four Proper Knife Care Tips

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I’ve had the first-class fortune, of choosing some hard to believe sharp kitchen knives over the years. They were so good at executing my kitchen works, that I just assumed they would be the best set of knife that I’ll ever use.

However, I was very wrong. My own assumptions about the long lasting knives  were shortened. I got so confused at a point, that I wondered what did I miss out? No doubt once new will always turn old. But no matter how old it is, what matters is the years of effective services.

Which can be shortened or lengthened, depending on the care given to it.

It’s very important to take good care of your knives, so you don’t blame manufacturers out of your carelessness. proper care will not only keep your knives effective, but also presentable. In this article are few simple tips, that will keep your knives as functional as a new one.

To most people they believe that a knife made of high quality, is meant to remain sharp to eternity. But that’s ridiculous.

The skill that makes a great knife, doesn’t as well accompany the knife to the buyers place. Most adverts on body lotion makes reference to the tender skin of a child, as the result you stand to achieve when you use their cream.

Because they all know that a child is born with the finest, spotless and tender skin. But as the child grows, all these beautiful qualities tends to fade away, bit by bit. And this depends on the care the child receives. When the child is well fed he looks healthy and fresh, but if not he looks skinny and bony.

That’s how your knife is, the manufacturers creates it with the best skillful techniques. Straight from the package they’re always sharp, but as you start using them those qualities fade away slowly. It’s then left for you to take good care of it, in order to serve you well. Though some knives comes with their does and don’ts, while others don’t.

But with the laid down tips, you should be able to take care of your knives even without any guide from manufacturers.

It’s very important to consider the material your knives are made of. Knives blades can be made of ceramics, plastic, titanium,carbon steel, stainless steel and high carbon stainless steel.

Most knives made of high carbon stainless steel, which is good at retaining sharp edge. But if not properly used, it can go blunt within few days. This is why the following should be avoided:

1).   Don’t chop on hard surfaces


Chopping on hard  surfaces like steel, granite, ceramics and glass, will damage the knife blade. It’s advisable to use plastic or wooden board. Also avoid using your knife, to cut through frozen foods.

Knife blades made of plastics and ceramics, should not be used to cut through hard food items like meat, bone, etc.

2).   Proper washing technique


For most chefs,  Washing their knives are their most important routine. Cutting with dirty knife is unhealthy, and are more likely to lose their edge. And often the start rusting, due to the dirt stocked on the blade..

But despite the benefits of washing your knives, doing it wrongly can actually lead to early lost of edge. And as well rusting, especially when soaked in the water for a longer time. But in order to keep your knives clean, and in a good working condition the following ideas are worth practicing.

  • Use mild hot water and soap.
  • Soak in warm water for a few minutes, before washing after cutting sticky foods with it.
  • It’s advisable to always wash and dry your knife while using it. Not only just to maintain its edge, but also to avoid mixing the food flavor with that of the knife.
  • Wash your knife immediately after use to avoid dirt hardening on the knife blades, as a result of prolonged stay of food particles on the knife.
  • Most manufacturer lay lots of emphasis, on not using dish washer for most of their knives. It’s preferable to hand wash your knife, instead of dish washing it.

3).   Proper knife storage


After washing your knife you’ll definitely store it. And it’s very important, you store your knife properly.

You can either store by hanging on the wall using wall magnet. It allows the knife to further dry more, since it’s exposed to air. And it also makes it easy for you, to locate the exact knife you need.

Soft wall magnet should be used instead of hard magnet, so as to make it easy for you to take your knife.

You can also store your knives in a drawer, so as to avoid too much exposure of the knife to dirt and water. Its advisable to buy an in-drawer knife box, that allows to easily slot in the knife and easily withdraw them.

Most people store their knives on their counter top, using counter top box. The benefit of storing it on your counter top box, is that it keeps your knife blade safe. And easy for you to reach, using a block set is advisable.

Though knife blocks comes in  a variety of shape and look. Apart from the good look, the angle of the slot should also be considered. Because how you put and remove your knife from a knife block, can affect the sharpness of your knife.

Ensure that the blunt side of the knife is against the block body, and not the sharp side.

4).   Proper sharpening and honing


Always hone your knife with immense dedication, and not just like some thing you have to get rid of. Because it requires great concentration for good result.

Proper sharpening is advised, like sharpening with a diamond stone. Sharpening at a steeper angle like 19° to  22° gives you a long lasting sharp blade, than a shallower angle.

Then it’s always proper to use the harder side of your whetstone for grinding the knife, before sharpening it with the fine side. Avoid sharpening with can opener, or over the sharpening and honing.


To some, taking good care of their knife is a stressful thing to do. But when properly done, I believe it won’t only keep your knife in a good working condition. But it will also save a lot of fortune, you could have used to buy new ones.

So instead of using your knives carelessly, you can actually take care of them to last longer for you. And remain as functional, and good looking like as a new one.

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