An Overview of Professional Chef Knives: Wusthof Review


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Hey, do you need a knife in your kitchen? Then get ideas before purchase.

In the past, we’ve compiled some of the professional chef knives, but if you haven’t seen them, this post will equally be of help.

If you are here in search of knives, then think of Wusthod products.

Universally, Wusthof  products are best rated. Why?

Since 1814,  this German product has dominated sales. Wusthof just have few brands of knives with benefits attached to each of them.

Wusthof knives have combination of vanadium and molybdenum, a stainless steel that gave rise to durability, hardness, and resistance to corrosion.

Wusthof treat their knives with heat hardness of 58, a German style of manufacturing knives.


Wusthof is King

Do you know why Wusthof knife blades are so sharp, or razor sharp? Because the blades are sharpened inside to 22 degree on each side. Yet the thickness of the blade is retained.

An experimental test revealed that after 24 hours work, Wusthof knives still retain their sharpness. This is something else.

How do you feel to sharpen your knife every 30 minutes when you are under pressure to deliver? It bores to the marrow and even slows you down. Don’t you think so?

A knife that handles smaller task and fails in larger task is not good. Wusthof handles both effectively.

A big time choice for professional chefs, skilled cooks, home cooks, and culinary student

A perfect choice for knife replacement, Wusthof is king.


Some knives crushes, Wusthof slices

You are a chef, trying to cut straight , but it’s not happening because of the knife you have. What’s the point? You know what you want but your knife won’t let you.

Knife that crushes instead of cutting. And you’re still managing it! Excuse me!

What does it take to replace a knife? Answer me!

Wusthof is one of the most choiced and handy knifes in US today.

The most popular Japanese kitchen knife is found in virtually every kitchen stores in America.

This Gladiator knife may be out of range of your price, but it’s worth it.

The producer of these Wusthof knives, recommended sharpening it with whetstone. For its longevity and to preserve the angles that made its sharpness possible.

Before you buy, check the knives weight. Hold the knife with you palm firm.  Check if you can hold  comfortably for 3 hours if need be.
Look at this one. 8 inch wusthof classic chef’s life. A knife that gives life to your kitchen.

Catchy , isn’t it?



Read Latest Customer Reviews of Wustoff Kitchen Knife on Amazon

Multi-functional means quality

It is perfect for mincing, slicing, and dicing food of all sorts. If it can slice but cannot mince, it lacks quality.

Made of lasting polymer handle, resist stain and rust to zero point, build for a firm hand grip.

I give you my word, this is a knife that will carry on after 15 hours shift. What else?

This knife will make any skilled chef happy.

Just an advice for you. Please whenever you want to go for a knife, consider steel, very important especially, wusthof steel.

How do you grade a knife in terms of quality? Look at it this way.

If you use a knife for long hours and the sharpness is retained, then, you’ve got a quality knife here.

What made wusthof easy buy is because of its size. It is regarded among the best all-purpose kitchen knives. A better choice of culinary for hobby cooks, and home cooks.

Some know this knife as cook’s knife. You may also call it chef knifes, but the emphasis is on its multifunctional usage.

This knife won for wusthof the German knife competition because of its unparalleled sharpness. It has balance precision, and tang.

If you are in doubt, run some test. It will help your buying decision.

Do this:

Cut carrot with Wusthof knife

There are different ways of cutting a carrot; either slicing or driving the heel 30 degree of the carrot. You will get informed through this.

Effort exerted to cut and the straightness, and cleanliness will inform you how qualitative the knife is.

Cut Potato with ease

Thin Slicing of potatoes starting from the tip exposes the quality of  a knife. Try it.

Cut Tomatoes the way you want it

This is a test that’s often used by customers to detect the quality of a knife.

Knives have their different ways of sliding when pulled back during slicing. You will be  informed after this test.

You can’t do any better without this knife. The testimonial is a strong backup to my claims.

Description of Product

Wusthof have 8-inch blade superior for chopping and other cutting tasks. Forged high-carbon stainless steel blade, hand-honed for razor-like sharpness, and

Dishwasher safe.

Product Information

The  Dimension of this Product is 14.6 x 3.2 x 1 inches. It weighs 9.6 ounces. Shipping weight is 11.4 ounces. Manufactured by Wusthof, department of Cutlery, German.

Item Weight 9.6 ounces

Its identification number is B00009ZK08

It may be a little higher in price than your usual price. Read Latest Customer Reviews of Wustoff Kitchen Knife on Amazon