Best Kitchen Knife Sets Perfect for Your Kitchen



Are you confused about which knife set, that is worth spending for? then if that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about. In this article, I’ll introduce to you two of the best knife sets, that deserves to be spent  on without regrets. In my recent post, I wrote a brief guideline on choosing best chef knife set. Which I believe will be useful to you as well.

The knife market is too large, and difficult to make a choice. Some costing thousands  of dollars, while others less than $5oo. But with further research, I realized you can still get a high quality kitchen knife set, for  less than $200.

I’ve heard lots of people complaining about buying a knife set, when you don’t get to use all the knives in the set. On a second thought, I think there is a sense in it. But the advantage of buying knife set is that is more cheaper, with lots of options to choose from.

If you’re a type that likes adventure, am sure knife set won’t bore you at all. But left for me I prefer buying  in set, because it’s more beneficial than buying in single. Better still we can still flush out the unnecessary knives, that we we have no need for. So you don’t spend much buying them in single, or buying set with unnecessary ones.

But how well do you know your knives and their uses?

According to the information I got from series of questions and answers, I was able to gather the necessary knives, every kitchen ought to have whether professional or amateur. They are:

The quality of this knife sets needs to be considered as well. Though is a tradition observed by almost all, even without knowing it. Because when ever you want to buy anything, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how reliable is this?

  • First of all, the knife has to be sharp.
  • Comfortable grip and balance is also needed.
  • Fully tang knives at least is good to go with, tapered tangs is much better. Though it’s of higher technology, mostly used to reduce the weight and increase the balance.
  • Forged blades are preferable to stamped blade. Though the stamped blade is always lighter, because it has no bolster
  • Blades made of high carbon stainless steel has a long lasting edge, strong and easy to sharpen, unlike carbon steel and stainless steel.

Despite the qualities of any kitchen knife, manufacturers always warn against dish washing your knife. Instead hand wash is recommended. Proper care should be given to your knives if you want them to last long. No matter the quality or price of a knife, if not well taken care of, you’ll definitely lose the knife earlier than expected.

Your knives should be properly stored either with a magnetic strip, or kitchen knife block. Any preferable one to you, is good provided is well used.

It’s with the above qualities and precautions, that these two knife sets were chosen.


1).   Ginsu 7108 chikara knife set


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With the right tool in your kitchen, your confidence is sure. This Japanese knife set is a product of Ginsu. Ginsu knives were made in Fremont, Ohio. Then known as Quikut, but later changed to Katana. Defining the razor sharp edge, and long lasting Japanese samuri swords.

They came with an extra-ordinary motive, which they revealed on palm Beach Post in 2011 Saying;

We were aware that people will go extra mile, to ensure they get the best kitchen knife set that doesn’t need replacement. Now the confront we have now, is to place our product high, that other knives will be regarded as outdated by their owners.”

The name Ginsu was later gotten from whole cloth, which the word was later translated by Bercher to mean “I never have to work again.”

Ever since then, they’ve been in the market for their great, and innovative knife crafting. The Ginsu 7108 chikara knife set is another  of their product, perfect for all the chef’s work. The amazing fully tanged handle is made of resin, that is resistant to heat and water.

The rust resistant stainless steel blade is very sharp, and retains sharp edge for longer time. This knife set features the most frequently used knives in every kitchen. It is made up with a 3-1/2 inches paring, 5 inches utility, 5 inches serrated, 7 inches santoku, and 8 inches chef’s.

It has a life time warranty. It’s strictly warned against dish washing, instead hand wash for longer performance. It’s safely stored, in a wooden block with sharpener.

Some customers’ reviews…

ginsu cus


2).   Mercer Culinary Genesis Knife Set



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This is another product, from one of the well to do knife makers Mercer. Mercer has been the supplier to the huge mass of cooking academics. Mercer cutlery are highly reliable, for both professional chefs and the amateur. with their high standard knives, you stand to enjoy a comfortable knife grip, precise cutting and long lasting features.

The blades are totally forged into single piece, made from high carbon stainless steel and no stain German steel. The blade is made of taper-grind edge, that is hand polished with a significant bolster for balance. The black handle features a nonslip ergonomic santoprene, that ensures safety and comfortable grab. Even when held with wet hands .

It’s highly resistant to  hot and cold temperature, and won’t fracture from steady contact with kitchen oil. What an amazing set with a fresh look,  with a glass knife block. Made to stand upright on the counter, The knife set consists of 3-1/2 inches paring, 5 inches utility, 8 inches chef’s, 8 inches bread, and 6 inches boning knives.

If magnetic strip is your method of storage, the knife block is as transparent like the magnetic strip. But is more secured. All knives in this set are made in Taiwan, with the use of European components and technology.They’re preferable to be hand washed to dish washing. And it’s as well, very easy to sharpen and hone.

Few customers’ reviews…

mercer cus

These are the two most influential knife sets, strictly chosen based on their functionality. This knife sets were not chosen on personal conclusion, but also on customers’ reviews.

Though they are not the best, but we chose them after series of questioning, case studies and customers’ reviews.Here are other knife sets, you probably should check out on amazon.