Masterbuilt Vs Kamado Joe: which cooker is better?

Kamado Joe ticks the boxes off and ranks high against Masterbuilt as the best cooker for many reasons. If you are in the dark on the best cooker to choose for any occasion, Kamado will do the job with ease. 

In this article, we will place Masterbuilt side by side with Kamado Joe, in a … continue reading

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Rec Tec RT-700 Problems: common issues and solutions

Just like every other piece of equipment, your Rec-Tec 700 cannot be absolved of issues and common problems. Knowing how to fix them when they arise is a fine way to stay afloat and have your machine working for the years to come. 

In this article we shall look at common issues related to your … continue reading

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Electric Knife vs. Meat Slicer: Differences and Comparison

Electrical Knife:

Electric knives are the inventions of science, and they are truly amazing.

An electrical knife is an electrical device that is basically used in kitchens for cutting or slicing purposes. No one ever thought that you could cut food into pieces with the help of a knife which works on electricity.

Electric knivescontinue reading

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Do Chefs Use Electric Knives? (a quick guide)

Chefs always try to go with the best thing because they are considered masters of food, and it is their duty to serve the best food.

The presentation of food matters most when it comes to the best food option.

Food is only presented in the best way when it is properly and cleanly cut. … continue reading

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Are Electric Knives Worth It? (explained)

Good electric knives can do things really well e.g., slicing, dicing, cutting etc. Basically, an electrical knife is an electrical device used in the kitchen for cutting, slicing, or piercing purposes.

The electric knife consists of 2 serrated blades which have been clipped together. As the name shows, it works on electricity so, the blades … continue reading

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Brisket vs. Chuck Roast: Differences and Comparison

If you love beef, you like to cook and explore the different cuts of meat. There are many kinds of beef cuts, but if you love smoked meat, you need to understand the difference between a chuck roast and a Brisket.

This article will help you learn more about chuck roast and Brisket, their differences, … continue reading

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Are Hestan Grills Good? (everything you should know)

The incredible unique approach to cooking that Hestan grills bring to the market makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for the best grills to use today.

The one-of-a-kind design of the grills shows attention to customers’ needs. So, are Hestan grills good?

The Hestan grills are good because they’re fuel efficient and will continue reading

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Is Corned Beef Round Better Than Brisket?

Is something sweet-smelling in the kitchen, and you cannot figure out whether it is corned beef or brisket? Most people think that they are the same meal, but they are not. They may be made of the same meat, but they have a lot of differences.

To know whether corned beef is better than brisket, … continue reading

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Is Pastrami Beef or Pork (how do you classify it)?

A common question always comes up whenever people enjoy a good sandwich – particularly one with pastrami. Is it beef or pork? As a food enthusiast myself, here’s what I know:

The real pastrami is made from the brisket cuts of beef. Generally, it is a very savory meat delicacy where the meat is sliced continue reading

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Are Digital Kitchen Scales More Accurate? (Read This)

To make perfect dishes, a cooking enthusiast most probably has a kitchen scale at home.

This is because a cooking enthusiast knows the accuracy of ingredients is vital for making delicious foods and a digital kitchen scale is a source for providing accuracy of ingredients.

Now, the question is, are digital kitchen scales more accurate? … continue reading

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