Why Does A Tomato Knife Have Holes In It? (explained)

Tomato knives are specially designed small knives that come with serrated edges or holes to make the slicing easy. Cutting tomatoes is a tough ask, and such knives have to be sharp and made carefully to complete the job. That’s why usually tomato cutting is considered as a test for verifying the sharpness of any continue reading

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Why is a Tomato Knife Forked? (explained)

If you have no idea what a forked knife is or have been using simple knives to cut your tomatoes, we are concerned about the mess you must have been making in your kitchen.

Well, even if you try to cut a tomato from a sharp straight-edge blade knife, there will still be a lot … continue reading

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Masterbuilt vs. Pitboss: which grill is better?

Masterbuilt and Pitboss are two important brands out there with a rich history of churning quality products to the public. Which one among the two does it better?

This is the question, and we have the answers in this article. 

Maybe you are wondering where to pitch your tenth, with these two smokers, knowing how … continue reading

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill Problems: how to diagnose and fix

There’s no perfect grill without issues. Whether it’s the popular Rec-Tec Grills, they all have their fair share of problems. However, it shouldn’t be so difficult to fix.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill comes equipped with some technological functions and is therefore bound to develop faults with time. Though it may take years before it … continue reading

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Grilla Grill Reviews: a buyer’s guide

Grilla is a renowned grill manufacturing company, it makes the best charcoal and wood pellet grills. They manufacture different types of grills that are perfect for outdoor cooking and baking.

Their products are durable and efficient.

Having a grill in your backyard makes hosting parties and events more fun. Grills come in different types and … continue reading

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Vision Grill vs Kamado Joe: which is better?

If you are in between making a decision on the best grill to get between Vision grill Vs Kamando Joe, reading this article before making your purchase decision will be well worth it.

In this article, we will match the Vision Grill side by side with Kamado Joe, giving you a fine balance of their … continue reading

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How to Make BBQ Less Smoke (a quick guide)

Smoking from grills is a usual part of the cooking process, when this smoking becomes just too much, then it becomes a problem that begs for answers.

If you are searching for answers in this regard, then we have got you covered. 

The excessive smoke of BBQ can be unpleasant, this is felt more when … continue reading

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Where to Buy Rec-Tec Grills: 5 places to buy It

The truth is there are so many websites and stores selling Rec-Tec products. Can you trust them, are they worth the risk? 

These are the important questions to consider. Above everything else, we want you to be safe when you’re shopping online. The protection from thefts online and the quality of products, has given … continue reading

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Are Rec-Tec Grills Worth the Money? (read this first)

Rec Tec grills will return every investment you throw at them, with the wide range of features they come with. A WiFi-enabled control platform that allows you to probe your meats and meals. Makes this a great buy. 

You also enjoy wide cooking space especially on the Rec Tec 700, where you can go cooking … continue reading

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Rec Tec 700 Review (a buyer’s guide)

With a cooking capacity of over 1000+ inches, and with controls left on your gadgets, allowing you to control your grill temperature from anywhere on your phone, Rec-Tec 700 is no doubt a great buy for everyone. 

However, is this all? There are many fine features of this cooker you are yet to know, and … continue reading

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