Masterbuilt vs. Pitboss: which grill is better?

Masterbuilt and Pitboss are two important brands out there with a rich history of churning quality products to the public. Which one among the two does it better?

This is the question, and we have the answers in this article. 

Maybe you are wondering where to pitch your tenth, with these two smokers, knowing how they fare against each other will give you a hint on what is best for you and how to go about your choice. 

Masterbuilt vs. Pitboss: Side by side comparison

Let’s place the products against each other and find out how they pitch, and understanding in this regard will help you with your buying choice. So let’s take it off, and get things started. 

1. Cooking space: 

You wouldn’t want to run around for the right cooker when you have your friends come around for a party, or when you take the family out on a long vacation at the beach. The right cooker should provide the required balance for each occasion! 

This is where Masterbuilt tops the list, a massive offering at a perfect price. The Masterbuilt 40 in for instance can take 16 chickens, four turkeys, and eight large cuts of pork all at once. 

This means you don’t have to wait for each bit to cook before you get to work on the others, you can have your entire pot on a fire. All at once if you are cooking for a party or grilling for a large family. 

The large cooking space available on Masterbuilt is not matched by the offerings on pitboss. The cooking space available on the cookers you get from pitboss is relatively smaller than what Masterbuilt throws at you. 

Therefore, if a large cooking space is your thing and a major factor that must feature with your cooker then masterbuilt has the answers that you seek. 

2. Ease of use: 

There is so much investment in grills, cookers, and smokers. The need to have them embedded with the latest technology makes these investments a massive delight, a satisfying approach as well. 

Manufacturers are always on their toes to catch up with the latest innovation in this regard and have their products meet the desires of customers with ease. How easy you can use these smokers is another consideration you cannot put away. 

There is a fine balance here between the two cookers in this regard, they compare favorably well with each other. However, Masterbuilt takes a bit of an advantage home in this category as well. 

Masterbuilt grills feature Bluetooth smart technology, which is seen in the Masterbuilt 40 in. The majority of their other products come with the Wifi-enabled option, they both connect with your phone. 

This connection will enable you to monitor the temperature of your cooker from the comfort of your AC bedroom and have you lay your hands on other things while the cooker boils or grill your meal. 

You can also control the temperature from your phone or the digital platform, allowing you to do your other task without the worry of burning down your home anytime soon if the grills get too hot. 

There is a meat probe option that allows you the leisure of seeing what is happening inside the cooker with your food. You don’t have to guess when the meal is or will be ready, you have the controls in your hands with Masterbuilt. 

Pitboss on the other hand offers a led display that allows you to control the temperature of your cooker and also see for yourself how your meal is performing right inside the cooker. 

There is a programmable meat probe feature here as well that allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your cooker, a perfect offering. This can be used for a lot of other things, like making your pizza. 

Still on this, is the constant temperature you enjoy on the cooker. There is no worry about your cooker heating too high or low, it is all in your hands to control. 

3. Temperature settings: 

We have discussed some intriguing facts on this heading in the previous heading, ease of use. We are not over-flogging it now, temperature settings are an important consideration to look out for. 

We can talk about this point over and over again, getting it right is the most crucial thing to note. And here is what you need to know here, Pitbos are the Boss when it comes to temperature and its configurations. 

While Masterbuilt cookers hardly take things above 275°F, the case is not the same with Pitboss that can have the temperature go as high as 400°F. Therefore, if you seek to find the balance here, or want to cook your meals faster, Pitboss has it all. 

If you roast vegetables often, then Pitboss should be your best pick here, as the high temperatures you get on this cooker are ideal for roasting vegetables. If the cooking time is not a consideration that bothers you, then Masterbuilt will be ideal. 

4. Versatility: 

Here is another point to note about the cookers’ versatility. Can they extend beyond the traditional offerings they have, or will you be able to adjust your needs to stay with what the cooker offers? 

This is the point to note here when versatility is the concern at hand, Pitboss mostly uses pellet burners. This means you have the additional operating cost of getting pellets every now and then, they won’t work otherwise. 

And where they manage to work otherwise, you stand to lose certain things such as your warranty if it is discovered that you are using anything short of pellets for your Pitboss burners. You don’t want this to happen I guess! 

Masterbuilt gives you a wide range of cookers in this regard, each offering a deep array of options to go with. You are not forced to stick with pellets, you make the choice as you want, with Masterbuilt. 

Masterbuilt offers you a range of options again with the control options, for instance, you can add wood chips to your cooker without opening the smoker door. You control this from the app, and the app syncs with your phone on the go. 

This control is lacking in Pitboss, as the control options don’t extend beyond the LED display which gives you an insight into the temperature levels of your cooker and what happens inside. 

5. Build: 

This is another area of strong interest that should interest the user of the cooker. The design configurations of your cooker have a lot to do with durability, if the build is wrong, it won’t last you a long period of use. 

Masterbuilt ticks this essential list off its massive offerings with the cookers they produce on a regular basis. Despite the abundant space they offer for cooking, the finishing of the products is an admirable take home. 

Masterbuilt products come with fine engineering that is noticeable at first sight, they are fabulously built to last a great period of use. While their products use stainless steel, they offer excellent protection against rust. 

The engineering and finishing of Pitboss products in this regard falls short of this important quality. The product build is a long walk away from the obvious standards you will see on the Masterbuilt products. 

6. Durability: 

We love it when we can save bucks on basic things that matter, if we are not saving money then we are taking money out of our pockets, this is the case with poorly built cookers. They will always break down now and then.

Durability is an essential feature to look at, the build of Masterbuilt cookers makes this feature a thing not to worry about. They are finely crafted with the best of materials to last you, long years of use. 

On the other hand, you might have a thing to deal with when it comes to Pitboss cookers, their engineering and manufacturing often show a missing link that sought urgent answers to create a balance.  

You can easily tell how long a cooker will last you, from the build. if it is excellent and made from the finest finishing available, it is best fitted to last you a long period of use. Masterbuilt cookers are always built to last long usage! 

Masterbuilt takes it home in this category, as a product that knows its salt, by all definitions and this is a brilliant option to go with. 


Masterbuilt tops the list in almost every category of choice as the best cooker for your use. If you are still wondering why Masterbuilt is our best pick here, the answers are in this article. 

It ranks best when it comes to convenience and controls, you don’t want to go to the stone age. The relative ease and comfort you enjoy on Masterbuilt will get you going at all times. 

You can stay in the comfort of your home and allow your cooker to go to work, while you monitor the progress on your screen with the app. The massive cooking space of Masterbuilt is another advantage that speaks in its favor.