Masterbuilt Vs Kamado Joe: which cooker is better?

Kamado Joe ticks the boxes off and ranks high against Masterbuilt as the best cooker for many reasons. If you are in the dark on the best cooker to choose for any occasion, Kamado will do the job with ease. 

In this article, we will place Masterbuilt side by side with Kamado Joe, in a bid to explore these cookers and leave you with a balanced choice on what works best. If you are excited about finding out the details as I am, let’s dive in right away.

Masterbuilt Vs Kamado Joe side by side comparison 

Let’s take it bit by bit, as we go all-in on the best cooker between the massive offerings available at Masterbuilt, comparing this with what we can get from Kamado Joe. A fine place to begin this comparison will be the cooker’s versatility. 

1. Versatility: 

Why Versatility you may ask? This is an essential feature, which you should consider when settling for the best cooker to go with. It doesn’t have to grill your BBQS alone, you surely desire a cooker that can do other things, like baking your pizzas. 

This is where versatility comes into play, a good cooker should be versatile with its offerings and functions list. Kamado takes this task off the shoulders and performs it with real-time ease. Nothing comes close to it. 

The average Kamado cooker can grill, smoke, and also serve as an oven for your cakes and other baking needs. You save the money to be spent procuring various equipment for these three mentioned needs, this is the price for versatile tools. 

Masterbuilt comes shortly here, you don’t enjoy the same versatile features you get on the Kamado cookers, like Kamado Joe Classic II and III. This makes Kamado a beautiful all-in-one cooker that meets all your needs. 

You also enjoy a perfect balance on the Kamado Classic II, as it comes with a perfect multi-level cooking system, this system makes it possible for you to create different heat for different things, like grilling a chicken and others. 

2. Temperature controls: 

Another area of interest is the temperature controls features, the best cooker for every occasion should have as one of the features it comes with. the ability to control temperature and set the right temperature for each other. 

Gone are the days when a chef had to stand by the cooker until the meal was ready, a handful of innovations have gone into this area of interest. Helping chefs and home users alike to cook on the go. 

Temperature control is the innovation of the century, how do Kamado and Masterbuilt compare here? Masterbuilt takes things off the roof, when it comes to temperature controls, the engineering here is massive. 

You enjoy Wifi-enabled smoke controls on Masterbuilt, as seen in the gravity series 560, and Masterbuilt 40 in. The same engineering is available in most of their product offerings. 

You only need to download the app, and you are there. You will be able to control your cooker temperature, from your phone. There is another advanced feature with the Masterbuilt here that will easily catch your fancy. 

The meat probe feature is the talk of the town, on your phone, you can see what is going on inside the cooker with your meal, you don’t have to open the cooker now and then to check. 

Kamado has its controls here too, the flagship integrated thermometer display that shows you the exact temperature of your cooker and what is happening inside the cooker. 

This is not enough when compared with what you get on Masterbuilt, a complete offering that beats the price. 

3. Design and build: 

Your cooker should have a tough and robust design, right? It should stand the rigors of wear and tear and be there for you when you want it most, this is the silent prayer of all users. 

It all begins with the design, if the design is anything sort of brilliant, then the product will always show cracks along the line. Visible cracks, I should add. 

Kamado Joe cookers are known for their egg-shaped design that comes with a hinged lid. You also get plenty of spaces above and below the grates, which makes airflow possible. They feature ceramic, steel, and sometimes aluminum. 

There is a grate gripper that comes with the Joe Cooker’s, this feature will allow you to arrange your grates the way you want it, which makes it quite amazing for all reasons. 

On the other hand, Masterbuilt has an impressive design to go with, you can infer the ingenuity of the engineers at first glance as the time and expertise invested into the making of the cookers are visible for all to see. A great choice, I must add. 

4. Cooking space: 

Can we avoid comparing the cookers on this template? It is a hard thing to do if you ask me, as the cooking space available on your cooker is an important area to consider when you are making your choice here. Let’s find out why! 

Masterbuilt comes in handy with its massive offerings of cooking spaces, you can see this feature in practice on the Masterbuilt 40 in. This cooker can carry over 16 chickens, four turkeys, and others in one cooking session. 

This is incredibly special, right? If you are planning a family party or have the intention of hosting one anytime soon, Masterbuilt has got you covered with its brilliant offerings. 

What the Kamado Joe lacks in cooking space it makes up for with a fabulous offering, the Kamado Joe Classic II and III feature the three-tier cooking system. Here you can have three meals cooking at the same time. 

We are not done with the features, the three-tier makes it possible for you to cover the cooking needs of a large party without pushing your cooker to the bricks. This excellent divide and conquer cooking feature is lacking in Masterbuilt. 

You can easily have your sauces boiling in one layer, while another layer cooks the real meal and a third layer for anything else. This convenience is a massive offering that you cannot ignore, and this is what Kamado offers.  

Will you want to go with a large cooking space or the three-tier cooking system that allows you options on the go? The choice is yours! 

5. Pricing and ease of use: 

Regardless of your budget, you will always find a Kamado Joe cooker that fits your bills and works your budget, this feature is not the case with the Masterbuilt cookers that are pricey and come at a big ask. 

On the aspect of ease of use, smoking novices and chefs who are just playing their trades can always find their way around the Masterbuilt cooker. It is simple and easy to use, this is the same with the Kamado Joe cooker, Masterbuilt beats it. 

The ability to control the entire cooking process on the phone makes Masterbuilt a fine choice and a brilliant option to go within this regard. There is no gainsaying that we all desire a simple process to go with, especially when it comes to cooking. 

This simple process is offered by Masterbuilt, you can grill your chicken and watch your favorite sports match on the cook. You only have to turn it to slow cooking, and the app drops an alarm if things need to be checked. 

Here is the catch, Masterbuilt ticks it all when it comes to ease of use. The thermometer checks on Kamado Joe cooker’s are great, however, Masterbuilt has the answers to real-time control. 

6. Cleaning: 

You will have to find out ways to deal with debris and leftover foods and oils, if not they will easily catch up with the health of your cooker and this is where cleaning comes into the picture. 

How fast and easy can the cooker be cleaned, while cleaning is an important task in keeping with the status of your cooker and its ability to stand long usage. The question that comes in handy is how fast can this be done?

Kamado Joe cookers take a fine step here, with the inclusion of an ash pan. The perfectly placed ash pan serves as a reserve for all the leftover foods in your cooker. When they fall off into the burner, they find their way to the pan. 

You only need to take off the pan, and your cleaning is more than half done. For Masterbuilt, you will need to disassemble the entire cooker if you will come close to having a fine cleaning. This can be tedious! 


Choosing between Masterbuilt and Kamado will require a knowledge of the parts and the workings of each part. You will need to know your cooker and the advantages that each cooker has over the other. 

A cooker that can serve various needs aside from the basic need of grilling or cooking your meals is not just an economic choice, it saves you space in the kitchen for other equipment and you get convenience on top of this. 

Kamado Joe cookers are the deal, convenience, and cost are taken care of, in addition to the other excellent features you enjoy.