Mise en place: Your Kitchen Knife decides your Menu

Do you pay attention to your kitchen knives?

Here are some reasons why you must:

  1.  The way you cut your vegetables affect their taste. Imagine if, and when you use a knife meant for boning meat stock – your airline breast, to dice your vegetables. You’re sure to get charred vegetables, a result really farther than a Chef’s which is the result you want.
  1.   Your food processor can not get you the desired cuts compared to a chef’s allumette. It may end up making a concasse of your “veggie”, instead of a brunoise.
  1.   Be sure to spend more time than necessary cooking. Especially when your kitchen knife’s blade, or handle is no longer very good.
  1. When you have so much fruits, vegetables, beef, pork etc., to cut, dice, jacquard. Picking a knife per time from your set, to do one task takes more, very good though but there’re single chef’s knives that can serve the multiple tasks effectively.

These and many more, are sure to alter your cooking time, the taste and look of your food. Remember, it all started with a kitchen knife. Why not choose a good replacement from these?

  1. Sane-Tats u Pro Cooking Knife


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Let’s see this knife’s features:

i).   Unique Blade Steel: this grade of stainless steel made in Japan boasts of a “gold” quality.

An inox steel, it does not readily destroy, wear, or stain even with water, as common steel does.

Clad with Damascus steel, it is designed with outstanding patterns of lines, and freckle similar to flowing water. Such blades are known, to be as hard as nail, does not crush, and have an ability to be grinned into sharp, strong edges.

ii).   Extraordinary Hardness: the blade is toughened, up to a 60, on the Rockwell Scale. This indicates an immeasurable iron will, and wear resistance.

2.Shun Classic Nakiri Knife

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i).   Long Lasting handle: a blade core of high carbon, VG-10 Japanese super steel, clad with 16 layers of sus410/sus431 pattern Damascus stainless steel has a D-shaped pakkawood handle.

Made of a resin-impregnated hardwood, NSF certified, this pakkawood is designed to fit your grip. At the same time, it provides control and comfort, keeping the knife’s handle secure during use while adding to the beauty of the knife.

ii).   An offset steel bolster: a knife is simply less without bolsters. This makes this knife superior. And so, tougher, stronger, better built than one without.

Bolsters make your knives fit your grip the more while in use, providing a form of balance to the design, and more so, speaks of your knife’s efficiency.

iii).   Double beveled: Is the way your knife is beveled important? You say.

Not only does it determine the ease with which you can cut, or slice your vegetables but informs you of the strength, and sharpness of your blade, how long it can stay sharp as well as the sharpening technique to use when and where necessary.

Even on how best to keep your knife afterwards, to serve you longer than you can possibly imagine.

The reviews from other users qualifies this knife as the best for your fruits, “veggies”, and more.

  1. Enso HD Chef’s Knife

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i).   Expert Craftsmanship: this knife of a vg-10 steel, 37-layer stainless Damascus steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 61 is hand crafted.

This skill of traditional craftsmanship which is known of this Japanese brand combines advanced technology, and knowledge that’s like no other in the art of making the best knives.

At the end of it all, what we’ve here is a product that proves to stand above others in their rank. It also comes with such a fantastic finishing called tsuchime.

ii).   A good handle: with a double bevel edge, an amazing hardness and strength, this blade is masked with a black canvas micarta handle.

Micarta is such a name, when it comes to withstanding pressure of whatsoever, and heat resistance. Regardless of its strength and toughness, it does not crack, and is gentle to your grip as well as fits perfectly for both right, and left – handed use.

4. Yoshihiro Chef’s Knife


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i).   Many-sided:   this 3-layer constructed vg-10 Japanese stainless steel of a HRC of 60 and a 16 – layer hammered outer steel is stylish.

Its functionality is often questioned because of the beauty, only to be judged as a trusted combination by the ever- increasing users.

Hand – crafted by master artisans, it’s a unique one of a kind work of art.

Unlike some knives that can only be used by professional chefs, this knife can be used by any beginner at whatever level of expertise, from entry level chefs, to the Pros.

In addition to this, the hammered texture of the blade is such that eliminates friction and keeps food from sticking to the blade.

ii).   Unique handle: forged with a western style curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth, it has an extended tip, for quick chopping.

With a premium style, hand – crafted mahogany handle that continues to the full tang of the knife, it has some added uniqueness.

Mahogany has a straight, fine and even grain which is free of voids and pockets. The reddish-brown color darkens with time, and presents a reddish sheen when polished.

This is in addition to its resistance to wood rot, defects and attack.

As a gyuto, it adds certain features to just being a “beef” knife, such as the increased sharpness as a result of the acute blade geometry.

5.Wooden handle Chef’s Knife

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i).  Balance: this masterpiece boasts of such an uncommon balance. When your knife isn’t stabilized especially near the handle front, like this one, you’ll end up doing more work at the wrist, to keep the knife in control which is sure to wear you out.

The blade which continues all the way to the end of the handle (full tang) makes for better connection as well as balance between the blade and handle. This is a show of stability, control and durability.

ii).   Classic Stainless Steel: this antiqued styled, Damascus steel has 67 layers, which is twice as sharp as most Damascus blade with only 33 layers.

This 12-15 razor sharp edge is surely a joy to work with as it  will make your preparation of a complex dish, a culinary delight.

With a lifetime warranty, this classic steel chef’s knife is your best buy.

Before you judge this masterpiece, just take a look at this review of its so many other users. Isn’t it awesome?