Kitchen Knives and Their Uses



Kitchen knives comes in a variety of shape, size and weight. As they differ in look so are their uses. Are you setting up your kitchen cutleries? If yes, here are the different types of knives, with their uses.

Picking a full set, that has  them is advisable. But when the size of your pocket can’t get you a quality set, then you should  pick the necessary ones you need for your day to day activities.

At the end of this article, you should be able to select the relevant ones you need.

1).   Paring knives


The paring knife is an important part of a kitchen knife set. It mostly has a three to four inches blade, that often tapers to the tip.

Paring knives are easy to use due to its portability. They possess high control than bigger knives.  It’s mostly used for complicated cuttings. Except from the bird’s beak it can handle most of your kitchen works.

Paring knives also come in a variety of fashion, with different uses. Which are:

i).   Sheep’s Foot – This paring knife is  very good for peeling. It has an outstanding straight blade.

ii).   Straight Edge : This  is vital for very precise and neat cuts. It’s used for slicing, chopping vegetables and cutting raw meat.

iii).   Bird’s Beak – This knife is good at executing complicated works, like carving. It can be used for peeling round fruits, like orange and apple. It’s also used to cut vegetables.
iv).   Clip Point (Granny) – This knife is recommended, for removing spots from crops like potatoes. It’s capable of peeling fruits too.
v).   Wavy Edge – The serrated edge of this knife, makes it more convenient for cutting things with soft inside Soft things like tomatoes, without squeezing or pressing it.
vi).   Chef’s – This is just like the name sounds, it’s a cook’s knife but in a smaller size. It’s perfect for most of the  kitchen works

vii).   Granton Edge – This is used for slicing, especially smaller cuttings. With the hollowed out grooves on both sides of the blade, it helps to reduce sticking of food particles on it. It’s perfect for tearing and shredding raw meat.

viii)Boning – The shape of this knife makes it useful for  separating meat from bones.

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2).   Bread Knives

breeeead knife

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This knife has a serrated edge, and thick blade. It usually comes in eight and nine inches blade. The big and deep serrated edge, is perfect for cutting thick back and soft inside like bread.

The serrated edge  gives you a clean bread slice, without squeezing or shredding it.

3)   Chef’s Knives


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The Chef’s knife is regarded as the universal kitchen knife. It’s used for chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing.

It features a broad blade, usually ranging from six to twelve inches tall.The bigger blade some times is hard to control, but is faster for cutting.

4).   Boning Knives


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It’s good at executing precise cuttings and offers high balance to use.The boning knife is best kitchen knife, for separating meat from bones and cutting chicken and fish.

Boning knives are of different hardness, and likewise the blades width. The variety of it, is used for different purposes.
The curved boning knife : This is used when cutting near, or around the bone. The curved shape allows for flexible adjustment, while cutting.

Narrow boning knife:This will give you a straight cut through ribs, bone and cartilages. boning knife on ribs and chops to cut easily through bone and cartilage.

wide boning knife: This one is good for  slicing out turkey and as well as pork meat.

5).   Slicing and carving Knives


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These knife is made of  long blades with piercing tips, which allows for cleaner cuts. These knives are best for slicing meats. Slicing and carving knives are usually eight to fourteen inches long.

Though at times they are confused with chef’s knife. But unlike the chef’s knife, they have thinner blades. The length of the blade, makes it easy for neat cutting.

6).   Utility Knives


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As the name applies, this knife is used for  most of the kitchen works.The edge is perfectly designed, to execute so many kitchen works. It’s perfect for cutting hides and cordage, butchering animals, cleaning fish, and other tasks.

7).  Santoku Knives


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The santoku knives’ blades usually range from five to seven inches long. It’s made of steel blade with a comfortable and balanced to grab.

The Santoku is a Japanese knife. The name in Japanese means ‘three virtues’. The Santoku has high performance rate. It performs different variety of works, like chopping, cutting, dicing and mincing.

Due to it’s abilities, it has become a must found in most kitchens. Some times you might even find more than one, because it has a lot to offer in food preparation process

8).   Cleavers



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The cleaver knife is a broad-bladed, solid spine knife It is used to cut through meat, or poultry bones. Cleaver has a heavy weight compared to other knives. It uses the weight to chop through hard food, using chopping motion.

The chunky, profound blade of a cleaver is not ideal for slicing, but its width makes it best for breaking food into smaller particles like meat and garlic.