Best Kitchen Knives


Everything was almost ready. Prior to the amuse – bouche that I intended treating my guests to, my cassoulet amidst other dishes were a point except for the cacciatore.

What happened, you may ask?

Of a truth, I needed to replace my knives, but decided to manage them for at least one last time.

Imagine the embarrassment when the mushrooms, tomatoes, and herbs of my cacciatore were shredded instead of a perfect chiffonade.

I learnt my lessons that day, most importantly in a very hard way. Save yourself similar insult, and pick a good replacement from these trusted collections of best kitchen knives:

1. Sun craft Chef’s Knife


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i).   Wide tapering base: constructed from a 33-layer complex Damascus, with a VG 10 core, clad with 16 soft layers on either side, its wide base tapering is to an extreme point, which provides a curve enabling the traditional french roll cutting-on-the-board technique, and this can now be performed comfortably.

ii).   Added weight: this is a result of the cold forging of the blade from a thicker than normal blank (4 mm, 0.16in), and compressing it with 3000 pounds per sq. in. of pressure, and then pressed again with a “tsuchime” mold.

This ensures a balance hard to find elsewhere.

In addition to this unequalled density, toughness and sharpness, are indents that ensures non-stickiness.

The steel of this knife is separated from the hardwood handle by a thin, red, heat – resistant ring that allows the steel and wood to safely expand and contract at different speeds under extreme temperatures.

2. Bliss Chef Knife


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i).   Bolster and butt: made from extremely durable Damascus steel that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime, this perfectly balanced full tang knife bolster and butt is made from high quality brass that resists rust and at the same time looks great.

This makes for increased strength of the knife especially in critical areas of the knife which is majorly the blade/handle junction and the butt of the handle while adding to the attractiveness, and finish.

ii).   Handle: this full tang chef’s knife that makes cutting a breeze comes with a walnut handle. A rare combination of stability, and density, walnut is of a class that’s soothing to your hold as well as flexible, and can adapt easily to your kitchen routines.

3. Tamahagane chef knife


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i).   Well tempered: this is a process of hardening a knife’s steel, to make it tough, even harder. Made from Molybdenum/Vanadium steel, this knife steel is specially tempered to 58 degrees, on the Rockwell Scale.

This is achieved by first heating the steel to a temperature of 1050 degrees C, and then cooled to a -73 degrees C afterwards, which provides a great durability, and a razor-sharp edge.

This edge is still finished with superfine grindstones, to make an excellent retention as well as a mirror finish.

ii).   Handle: made of black wood, it’s warm to touch, comfortable to hold, and long lasting. This is in addition to its attractiveness, and close – grain so stain, debris and contamination are minimised, coupled with its anti – microbial properties, and lamination. It’s also fitted with a ferrule between the blade’s tang, and handle which adds to its inability, to shatter.

4. Mac chef knife

Image result for Mac Knife Chef Series French Chef's Knife, 12-Inch
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i).    Handle: this 2.5mm blade, razor-sharp edge has a Pakkawood handle. It’s resin – saturated, resistant to normal wear factors associated with natural wood handles. And so, resistant to normal care routines.

As a Santoku, it has a “sheep foot” blade that curves in an angle approaching 60 degrees at a point. A well – balanced knife, the three tasks of slicing, dicing, and mincing is perfected.

5. Messermeister chef knife

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i).   The Blade: what makes for efficiency while you use your knives is a blend of geometry, edge angle, and steel.

Of a thinner spine, this knife blade has a more severe distal taper (degree of thinning from spine to edge, and heel to tip), and a lower edge angle of 15 degrees, or less, this makes for increased cutting power coupled with the unique heat treatment, and the refrigeration of the molecular structure.

It’s fashioned to peel, trim, slice, dice, chop, mince, vegetables, fillet fish, and cut meat. Each part of the knife is designed to perform a different task.

ii).   Hand polished: this one – piece steel, fully forged with a bolster – less edge has a moulded “POM” handle.

Polyoxymethylene has a reputation for increased stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. In addition, this blade is hand – polished to a 15 degrees “Elite” edge.

6. Scratch chef knife


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i).   Premium value: this Japanese, VG 10 super steel with a 67 – layer high carbon stainless steel has an all – in – one combination that’s worth your every dime.

12 – 15 degrees razor – sharp edge, incredible edge retention at 62 Rockwell, full tang, beautifully patterned, nitrogen cooled for enhanced flexibility, and cleans quite easily.

ii). Laminated handle: the G 10 grade micarta handle ensures long – lasting durability, resistance to heat, cold, and moisture. The non – slip hard grip and user – friendliness makes this handle superior to hand control, agility, and comfort.

In addition, this knife is a gyutou. That is, it’s similar to the French chef knives, with a bevel on both sides.

This emphasises an unequalled sharpness, and non – stickiness of the blade.

This knife also comes with a gift packaging that you can present to that special person during birthday, anniversary, wedding, father’s/mother’s day etc.

7. Miyabi chef’s knife


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i).   Unparalleled finish: this knife is constructed from a durable VG 10 steel sandwiched by 64 layers of softer steel.

The rounded spine, and blade heel design is done with the cryodur ice hardening process which gives it an optimal edge retention, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.

It’s finished using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. The blade is sharpened, and polished by hand in three stages in a complex process, which makes it your best kitchen knife.

It’s first coarsely ground using a vertically rotating sharpening stone, followed by a fine honing using a horizontally rotating sharpening stone, and then polished using a leather stropping block for scalpel – like sharpness.