Do You Have A kitchen K.N.I.F.E?

A knife is more than just any utensil used in the kitchen, or cooking, ask any chef. This is established in how the knife you use can alter the taste of your meal.

If knives mean more, it therefore means there are more details to them than you’re paying attention to. Sit tight and enjoy the ride as I take you on this journey starting with the term, “knife”.

K – keep (if very sharp, does your knife blade retain it’s sharpness for long?)

N – nominal (how thick is the blade?)

I – isotropic (all-round strength and appearance)

F – full tang (strongest spine and handle arrangement)

E – edge (sharpness and degree of tilt of the cutting part)

Here are 8 (eight) best kitchen knives in their category:

1. Chroma Chef Knife

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Balanced: the balance of this chef knife isn’t just good but perfect, says one user in the reviews. Care to know the details that make this chef’s knife outstanding?

The stainless steel of this chef’s knife which is machine-cut, and such that’s Eco-friendly. These properties and more has increased this chef’s knife weight, thickness, and functional design.

In addition, it’s comfortable to hold, flexible and designed to last a lifetime.

2. DKC Chef Knife

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Unique Work of Art: this chef’s knife D2 steel, or 440c stainless steel is hand finished with Damascus patterns, colour variations by skilled craftsmen.

The original design, and choice of material gives this chef knife an exceptional distinction compared to a majority that are factory finished.

It also comes with a specially designed sheath, which makes it worthy as a perfect gift for the wedding, anniversary, father’s/mother’s day etc. The grained rosewood handle is finished to a fault, adding to its beauty. It’s hard, heavy, oily, and resinous.

The colour doesn’t change, which stays that way especially when polished, and retains its design and decoration even through rough and long term handling.

3. Tyrellex Knife

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Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: only a handful of quality brands such as this knife manufacturer can guarantee a lifetime replacement. This shows how trusted the quality is, among the other compliments.

Of a Japanese VG 10 Damascus steel, this chef knife is tough, resistant to shattering, and capable of being honed into a sharp, resilient edge. Plus the distinctive patterns of banding, and mottling.

Forged from a single piece of stainless steel, this full tang chef knife is weighted for stability and control. This makes this knife solid as opposed to flimsy which characterise some knives that their blades are inserted into their handles, and screwed.

It also comes with the perfect gift pack for that special someone, or occasion.

4. Yaxell Chef Knife

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Design Like No Other: this chef’s knife Damascus design pattern of a 69 layer vg10 steel core combines the best of advanced technology with the unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of traditional craftsmen, which resulted in this high – end chef’s knife.

This balance of craft and beauty is tested and tried given the number of trials subject to the focus of its designers. This feature emphasises the harmonisation between a dignified, classic aesthetic and stylish modern design.

5. Cutco Chef Knife

Image result for Cutco 7-5/8" Petite Chef Knife

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Powerful And Precise: unlike some in its rank, this chef’s knife is hefty, and exceptionally flexible, in the sense that it can attend to any of your cutting, dicing, mincing etc. tasks with such an ease that’s uncommon. And feels as if you’re not cutting that vegetable, pork etc.

Well – balanced and sharp, this chef knife of unreserved strength, and durability is guaranteed to be repaired, or replaced for free in any case of damage. This shows a trustworthy chef knife brand that’s unshaken in the quality of their product.

6. F.Dick Chef Knife

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Hardened: this chef knife forged from high alloy stainless steel and a single piece of steel is hardened using a special technique. This is measured by the long edge retention, and treatment which also protects it against wear, tear, and corrosion.

The blade, bolster, and full tang of this chef’s knife are improved for an evenly weight distribution.

The handle is made out of African black wood which is moisture – insensitive, and comes with a comfortable, user – friendly finger guard.

It takes a nice polish and finishes well, and in addition, the handle is durable, resistant to stains and doesn’t darken even with age.

7. French Sabatier Chef Knife

Image result for French Sabatier 10 Inch Forged Stainless Chef Knife

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Nicely Finished: high carbon stainless steel Z50C13, Rockwell 54 – 56 HRC is forged from a single mass of stainless steel. Tempered, ground, and polished crosswise, to produce this high quality chef knife of great cutting power, hardness and balance.

From forging to packaging, this chef knife is manually set and tanged by skilled craftsmen, to ensure a professional craft finish.

This chef knife is better experienced than talked about owing to a design and quality it presents. In the words of one user, “forget the rest, this is the best”.

8. WMF Chef’s Knife

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Easy to Maneuver: having a slightly bent blade back and edge that taper off, this chef knife forged from a special blade steel that’s extremely hard, robust and rust-resistant is able to emincer your vegetables, herbs and nuts.

Peel your fruits, even vandyke them, baton your chicken, beef for your veloute/espagnole sauce with such precision that makes you feel as if you’re not doing anything.

This chef knife classic guarantees a high cutting capability, and persisting edge retention over the entire blade length.

It’s riveted grip caps are made from durable, high quality, special plastic that joins seamlessly with the blade, while the adequate bolster help balance the knife, and protects your hands from accidental slips across the blade.

The full tang provides additional balance, increasing this chef knife’s performance to a maximum.