Most Influential Kitchen Knife Sets


When you talk about one of the vital utensil in the kitchen, It’s probably the knife. Every chef wants the best cooking experience, not just that but also an easy and fast one. In order to carry out task properly in the kitchen, you definitely need a good quality knife.

Buying kitchen knife in set is much better and cheaper, than buying them separately. Most kitchen knife sets, comprises a variety array of different types and sizes of knives.The smallest of the knife set will have these knives: Chef’s knife, Paring knife, Cleaver, Fillet knife, and Serrated Utility knife.

  • Chicago cutlery insignia steel knife set.
  • Chicago Cutlery fusion knife set.
  • J.A. Henckels international forged premio  set.
  • Mercer Culinary Renaissance Knife Set.
  • Victorinox Knife Set.


Have you discovered it out? What do they have in common? It certainly isn’t their brand. The knives have been picked from list of professional chefs, celebrities both men and female. The knives are of different brands, make, size and price.

Some of the knives are popular, and you probably know them.  while others no doubt, you’ve not heard of them. So whats the secret? What do they have differently from others?

The answer is that every each of them, is an example of quality.

This was created at a random, picking the most famous and as well of high quality. Not that other knives are not good, but we did it to make a point. Every knife has the ability of cutting. The brand or the country is made in, is not considered here.

1).   Chicago cutlery insignia steel knife set

chicago insigna

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As the name implies, ‘insigna’ is a mark in the military ranking.  They actually exhibit  the mark of a professional, when it comes to cutting.

This set is a 18 piece set, made by Chicago cutlery knife. This knife is exactly what you need, if you’re searching for a knife, with precise cutting and efficient food prep.

Even with the satin finish, it’s still has a comfortable grip and pleasing look. The entire structure of this knife, straight from the blade to the handle is excellent. It makes it, worth displaying.

The 18-piece set comprises: 3 inches peeler, 3-1/4 inches parer, 6 inches boning, 5 inches utility, 8 inches serrated bread, 7 inches santoku, 8 inches slicer, 8 inches chef, shears, eight 4-1/2 inches steak knives, block with in-block sharpener. Customers are exhibiting high satisfaction with this knife set.

chi insigna cus

2).   Chicago Cutlery fusion knife set


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This is another unique knife set from Chicago cutlery. The blades are of high carbon stainless steel,  guaranteed for razor sharp and long lasting edge. The handle is made of black poly, that is comfortable to hold and work with.

The taper grind edge skill, makes room for maximum sharpness. With it you’re sure of accurate cutting, and is as well easy to sharpen. The high carbon stainless steel blade is firm, and resistant to rusting and stains.

The whole overlook of the knife is extra ordinary, with the steel cap at the end of the handle.

The Chicago Cutlery fusion 18-piece set has a 3 inches Peeler, 3-1/4 inches Parer,  5 inches Utility,8  4-1/4 inches Flatware Steak Knives, 5 inches Partoku, 7-3/4 inches Serrated Bread, 7 inches Santoku, 7-3/4 inches Chef,8 inches Slicer, 8 inches Sharpening Steel, Honey Maple Block.

Some testimonies from customers that bought it.

chi fusion cus


3).   J.A. Henckels international forged premio set


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This a J.A Henckels product,  highhandedly forged for an affordable price. The extension of the  length of the knife with full tang, adds to its firmness and balance. The handle is perfectly designed, with triple-riveted ergonomic. This is to ensure, high comfortable and easy grip.

The stainless blade with a satin finish, guarantees accurate cutting, peeling, and slicing as well. With the amazing metal cap at the handle end, further boosts the look of the knife.

The 18 pieces knife set is made of three inch paring knife, five inch serrated utility knife, six inch utility knife, seven inch santoku hollow edge, eight inch chef’s knife, nine inch sharpening steel, eight inch bread knife, five inch boning knife, kitchen shears with hardwood Block.

Customers’ review.

ja cu

4).   Mercer Culinary Renaissance Knife Set


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This is a product of Mercer Culinary, made in Germany.This is a brand, popularly known for high value cutlery. When it comes to north America, they are recognized as head in the food business for more than 30 yrs. And they are major supplier, to more than 90% of culinary academies. Certified by NSF.

The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel. The taper ground edge of the knife, provides extra steadiness, effortless honing and long lasting sharpness. It as well improved its effectiveness, when cutting and chopping.

The steel of the blade is highly resistant to rust, pitting, and change of color. The handle of this knife is perfectly designed, with delrin and triple riveted for firm grip and balance.

The full tang running from the tip of the knife to the end of the handle, supports the knife with powerful balance. This knife has a long lasting tendency, with intense strength.


The transparent glass case of this set, don’t only add to the look. But it also makes it easier, to locate the knife you need. This knife set has a significant flaw, which is ‘it’s not dish washer safe’. But careful hand wash with soap and warm water, will keep the knife shiny and sharp as new for  long time.

This knife set comprises of 3 ½ inches Paring Knife, 5 inchesUtility Knife, 8 inches Chef Knife, 8 inches Bread Knife, 6 inches Boning Knife, and knife block.

Here is what some customers have to say:

mercer cus

5).   Victorinox Knife Set


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Victorinox Cutlery has over the years received lots of award, as a result of their product quality. Skillful chefs said that, it’s always an option to pick. Looking for a new cutlery set for your kitchen? If yes, then take this knife set home. This knives are carefully crafted, by specialized craftmen at victorinox in Switzerland.

 The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel. The blades have high sharpness retaining tendency, because of the tampering process used. It makes it more easy to  sharpen, and still attain the original sharpness.  The handle is cautiously designed, to reduce wrist tension and slippery.

It’s comfortable and firm to hold, with a  finger guard for extra safe. This knife is also NSF approved.

The set includes a 8 inches chef’s knife, a 10-1/4 inches bread knife, a 6 inches chef/utility knife, and a 4 inches paring knife.

Customer’s words:

mercer cus

The customer’s reviews shows that this is truly, a buy worth your every penny. So, it’s then your choice, to take the final decisions, and nobody Else’s.

It’s your call.