The Buyer’s Guide to High Quality Kitchen Knives

top quality knives

Even with an expertise of a chef, a bad knife can make a mess of your reputation. So, here are the best knives you can use to cut like a chef (pro):


1).   Zelite Infinity 8-inch chef knife

Some knives squash, with a few cut.

There are a lot of qualities that make this knife unique. They are:

i).   It performs extremely: improvement cum style, says the air it commands. You can’t as much as know, you’ve cut something, be it your carrot, beef, and more. This is a design, you’re sure guaranteed.

And, this sharpness lasts for a very long period, before sharpening.

ii).   The steel is unbreakable: a Japanese takefu vg 10 super steel, plus 67-layer high carbon, marks a new record in strength. As such, cuts without sticking to your veggie, meat. The liquid nitrogen tempering adds to this extra vigor, making it last like forever.

Boasting of a full tang, and a balanced heft (weight), it is stain, and rust resistant. Coupled with an exceptional design, of a tsunami rose Damascus patterning.

iii).   The handle is fitting, and beautiful: the g10 handle is triple riveted, and adorned with the 3-metal mosaic rivet. User-friendly rounded handles makes sure, your slippery hands fits comfortably. And a tapered bolster that caters to your comfort, and safety.

In addition, this 12-15 degrees razor-sharp knife comes with a pack that makes it, a perfect gift for any perfect occasion. Be it weddings, birthdays, etc.


2).   Dalstrong chef knife

Cutting-edge technology + craftsmanship.

i).   A hardness like no other: ultra sharp vg-10 Japanese super steel cutting core at 62+ rockwell hardness, combines 66 layers of premium high carbon stainless steel to show unequaled strength.

Sharp scalpel-like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish within a staggering 8-12 degrees angle per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Nitrogen cooled for effective control, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

ii).   Built for perfection: the premium vg-10 handle is military grade, with a life-long durability, and hand polished. It makes for a better hand control, agility, and comfort. The full tang blade spine is also hand polished, for more attractiveness.


3).   Yoshihiro Aoko blue steel 8.25” chef knife

The quality of a knife can’t be far fetched, from the make of its material. Let’s see why this knife is timeless:

i).   Made of blue steel: blue steel boasts to be one of the hardest materials ever. It has an inner core made of high carbon steel sandwiched in the traditional method of “warikomi” between 2 layers of stainless steel.

A hardness of 62, on the rockwell scale, its high edge retention stainless steel exterior is non-corrosive as well as requires very little maintenance.

Forged, taking notice of the western style curve of a blade, it’s made to rock back, and forth, for quick chopping, dicing etc.

The added indented pattern “tsuchime”, made from hand hammering ensures reduced friction, and non-sticky ability, to foods it cuts.


4).   Wusthof classic 200th anniversary 8-inch knife

Strength can mean the harmony of a blade.

i).   Forged from a single steel: unlike a whole others, its steel is forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. As a result, they’re stronger, and keep their edge for longer.

In addition, this forging process enabled the manufacturers, to build a bolster for the knife which protects your hand, and fingers during usage.

ii).   It’s lightweight: with a weight of 1.6 ounces, it is easy to carry this knife around easily on outdoors, and others.


5).   Enso HD hammered damascus 8-inch chef knife

Let’s see the characteristics that makes this masterpiece unique:

i).   Black canvas micarta handle: micarta makes for nice grippy texture which improves especially when your hand is wet. It acts as though wood, and leather in the face of moisture.

It takes on a nice finish which is very easy to maintain.

ii).   Double bevel edge, for both hands: this vg-10, 37-layer stainless damascus blade with tsuchime finish is made for both right, and left-handed users. The handle is designed to fit your hands both ways.


6).   Gougiri 8-inch chef knife

i).   It has a multi-purpose functionality: this 8-inch multi-purpose, well balanced, Gyutou designed blade is fashioned to be an effective companion to you, in the kitchen no matter the task you’re using it for. Be it cutting, chopping, dicing, or whatever.

ii).   It has an excellent curve design: this 33 layer damascus steel blade is cut with such an accuracy that makes it an amazing piece for both french, and chinese cutting techniques. Such uniqueness in flexibility can be found in rare knives, such as this one.

iii).   The handle is pakkawood: known to be resistant to normal wear factors, and properties, it is very easy to maintain. While providing you with comfort, and a grip like no other with its D-shaped design.

iv).   Comes in a rare package: the form in which it’s accompanied, makes it a suitable cover for any gifting need. Be it weddings, father’s/mother’s day, anniversary, etc.

v).   It’s easy to maintain: unlike others where you’re required to do much, it’s not so with this. Hand washing is recommended but it is as well dishwasher safe.


7).    Zhen Japanese Gyuto 9.5 inch chef knife

Precision can come in a specific standard of value.

Let’s examine a few of what makes this brand:

i).   Made with Japanese top grade steel: the nature of the steel is such that has at its core a hardness HRC 6062 plus a 67-layer Damascus steel, and 33-layers on each side.

This increased toughness, stain resistance, and long lasting strength is like no other.

ii).   A butt-end design: there’re few knives that can boast of a butt end design. Such is the attention to details, the manufacturers set to prove in this full tang, pakkawood-handle knife.

iii).   It has a good history: with a reputation that’s growing from good to best, it has set an edge over a whole lot in the collection of knives.

The customer’s review doesn’t just tell the story, but shows such as true.