Grilla Grill Reviews: a buyer’s guide

Grilla is a renowned grill manufacturing company, it makes the best charcoal and wood pellet grills. They manufacture different types of grills that are perfect for outdoor cooking and baking.

Their products are durable and efficient.

Having a grill in your backyard makes hosting parties and events more fun. Grills come in different types and sizes and are used in different modes. This article reviews the best Grilla grills, and factors to consider when shopping for one.

Grilla Grill-Review

There are different types of Grilla grills with various unique features. They are valuable and the best for yard cooking. Here’s a rundown of some of the best Grilla grills you can get for your home.

Grilla Grill Grilla- Pellet Grill

Named after the company, it is a pellet grill with a convection smoking process. It is very easy to use and maintain. It has a maximum cooking capacity and contains three whole chickens, two pork shoulders, three-pack of ribs, or 20lb of turkey.

This particular grilla saves you time and is less stressful to use. You can leave the pellet on the grilla hopper for about a month and a few weeks. However, make sure it does not get wet. It is also portable in size.


  • It is shaped with an 18GA body carrying an 11 GA top.
  • It comes with upper and lower racks
  • Digitally made temperature controls
  • Automatic start
  • Provides an insulated burn chamber

Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Model- Wood Pellet Grill

Silver Alpha Model has an aluminum grill that heats about 500° F, and low heat of 180° F making it great for brisket and jerky smoking. Its grates help circulate the heat around the grill. 

It is a piece of well-assembled equipment renowned as the most durable of all Grilla grills. If you are a BBQ fan then this grill is perfect for you. It also does a good job with pizza and sear baking.

Many of the components of the Silver Alpha Model are made of steel, they are well designed to allow even circulation of heat. These components include the drip tray, the heat diffuser, and the firepot.

This grill fits comfortably in a medium or large backyard because of its size. Unfortunately, it is not for small spaces. It measures a total inch of 693. sq for its cooking area with the main and upper grate being 507. sq and 185. sq respectively.

The smoke modes in this Silverbac grill are Standard smoke mode and Alpha smoke mode. It uses an automatic control panel, so all you need to do is press the buttons that control any of the modes.

The Silverbac Alpha grill has a lid deflector that reflects air and moisture from the bottom of the grill. It has other amazing accessories like its double rack and jack, used to install or remove the grates if it is too greasy or very hot.


  • It has two controller modes- The Alpha smoke and Standard smoke mode
  • Uses pellet fuel to generate cooking power
  • Provides rack jacks, lid deflector, and front edge grease catch
  • Good additional storage compartment
  • It has slow and low smoke with a fast hot sear
  • Uses PID control technology
  • It comes with stainless steel lid-12GA with a 16GA body build

Grilla Grill Silverbac Alpha Model has a large cooking area, sufficient for large meals. Its cooking capacity is twelve whole chickens, three whole briskets, three rib racks, or eight pork shoulders.

Grilla Grill Chimp-Portable Pellet Grill

The Chimp grill is a portable pellet grill that has massive cooking power and is designed with a compact durable structure. Like Silverbac Alpha Model it has two storage compartments made with steel.

Chimp grill external build is made with powder coating. It is efficient in fuel management. It uses PID control which helps keep the temperature stable. The heat is circulated in the heating chamber by a blower fan.

This grill is not just portable it is also mobile, it comes with wheels that can help you move it to different locations comfortably. Its temperature ranges from 180⁰ to 500⁰, so you can cook with both low and high heat.


  • Uses blowers fan for heat circulation
  • It comes with a dripping pan for holding grease
  • It has two main smokers
  • Good storage area
  • Uses Alpha Smoke Technology (dual temperature control)

Gorilla Kong-charcoal Kamado Grill

The Kong grill is not a popular kind of grill. It uses lump charcoal to produce heat. The heat produced with the Kamado grill is not like the usual low and slow heat produced with pellet grills, it is fast and can be used to bake and grill.

For a well-grilled or baked meal the dome is used to protect heat and keep the moisture. This grill also has a diffuser stone made with ceramic, making it efficient for grilling pizza or even desserts.


  • Uses lump charcoal to create direct fire
  • It comes with bamboo side trays
  • Cooks/grills fast
  • Contains double split cooking grates
  • It comes with a diffuser that can be used to smoke

Things to Consider Before Buying a Grill

Asking around for suggestions when getting a grill for your home is not a bad idea. However, it is quite obvious that your preference might not be that of your friends or neighbors. Several key factors should therefore guide your choice. They are;


When shopping for a grill pay great attention to the kind of material used in making it. This will affect the usage, quality, design, and outlook of the grill. These are important factors when using grills to make meals.

Grills are often made with materials like heavy duct ceramics, stainless steel, sheet metal, cast iron, and other long-lasting materials. Grills made with stainless steel have good durable feats because of the steel materials used.

Grill Size

Grills come in different sizes and provide different compartment styles. Whichever grill you choose should fit perfectly in your backyard and should be large enough to cook meals for every member of the family.

Getting a small-sized grill for a big family is not a good choice. It will be too slow to cook enough meals for everyone. If you always host parties or have friends over constantly a large size grill will do a better job.

Grill Features

Grills with unique features are always fun to cook with, especially when they are easy to use. It encourages more convenient and easy cooking, making you relax and not feel tense while at it.

Grill accessories and features are what make them stand out. Some are built with stunning features and complementary accessories that are above the basics. New grill Features offer Wi-Fi and other technological abilities.

Fuel Efficiency

The kind of fuel a grill uses affects the efficiency and usability of the grill, this is why one must consider the fuel factor when deciding to buy a grill so you know the right brands to buy.

Some girls like the Charcoal Kamado grill and Pellet grills require specific fuel types to be used to get the best taste for your dishes and ensure a neat cooking area.

Warranty Benefits

Everyone loves a good warranty, especially when shopping for big equipment like a grill. It assures you of returning it in a situation where something goes wrong with the grill while cooking.

Note the warranty policy of the company before purchasing one. Choose one with a good warranty plan that serves a longer time with apt performance. So you can get help from the company if any part of the grill breaks or malfunctions.


This might just be the biggest factor to consider because you can’t buy a grill without paying for it. The price is as important as the grill itself. Your budget determines the grill you would go for so it matters much.

Though different factors determine the price of a grill, it shouldn’t be overpriced. Find one with a reasonable price that fits its abilities, features, and accessories so you get value for your money.


The grill is like a cooker, you don’t buy them every year or season, therefore it should last for many years. The grill must have durable feats and must not develop serious faults in the early years.

One way to know how durable a grill can be is by checking the grill’s design and materials used, the structure of the frame, and seal quality. These will help you know its durability. Online reviews can also help.


Grills make our backyard more fun and with Grilla grill you enjoy making meals in comfort, style, and ease. There is provision for every grilling need with Grilla products.

With new and improved technology features, a nice body structure made with long-lasting materials, and a good area to cook and bake meals, the Grilla grill is the best grill to buy.

Grilla grill makes cooking fun and gives a unique flavor to your BBQ and baked meals. They are efficient and durable. Your yard space and lunch gatherings will always be eventful with a Grilla grill.