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When it comes to choosing the best kitchen knife, you can never be certain which of them is the best.

And why is that?

Due to the massive release of different types of kitchen knives by variety of brands, it becomes actually very difficult to differentiate the best among them. No doubt most are known for their well to do products in the market, but that doesn’t guarantee 100% of reliable products from them at all time.

That’s why only a careful and considerate person can get the best out of them at all time. Whether a professional chef or not, you can still be a victim of bad choice.

Though most chefs claim to know it all, but only blame themselves saying “It’s unlike them ( the brand).”And am very sure you wouldn’t want to make such a mistake, and if am right- then this article is definitely for you.

I’ve taken my time to prepare this article with high quality kitchen knives that are dependable which were carefully selected based on customers’ reviews. And no doubt that’s the sure best way to get a reliable report of a product, only by those who have made used of it.

1).  Mac damascus Chef’s Knife

When it comes to choosing the best chef knife, it’s very important to consider the features of the knife – so as to know if it’s something you can cope with.

For instance this chef knife is 8 inches in length, like some chefs might want a longer one. But if you’re comfortable with the length, then this knife is definitely for you.

Despite the length, it has a good balance for easy cuttings, with pakka-wood handle that guarantees easy grip.

Be sure of a long time sharp edge knife with Mac Damascus chef’s knife, because it’s made from one of the best steel called Molybdenum steel which is very good at long edge holding.

Though it has only one deficiency which most knives are also victims of it, but if you can hold on to my advice it’s definitely ain’t gonna be a problem. This knife is not dishwasher safe, a mild hand wash is recommended. Stick to it and enjoy long time with a sharp blade.

Here is what some customer’s have to say.


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2).   Shun Dual Core VG0017 Kiritsuke Knife

The shun dual core kiritsuke knife is one of the chef knife you should have in your kitchen. This is because when it comes to executing most kitchen cuttings perfectly well, this knife is a good match.

It measures 8 inches in length, and still maintains optimum balance feel when cutting. Story has it that it’s the only traditional multipurpose knife in japan, and it’s only allowed to be handled by professional chef.

It has gained high level of recognition for itself after winning the kitchen knife of the year in 2014 blade show. This knife is made of true layered and fold-forged Damascus from two premium quality stainless steels.

This knife blade features 71 alternating micro layers of VG10 and VG2 high-carbon, high-chromium stainless steels. The layers are welded together and fold-forged to provide a more smooth and light grain to the steel, and likewise an appealing blade pattern.

Its blade is made of a sharp edge at 16 degrees angle, capable of lasting for a long time and easy to sharpen.

Despite the light and thin feel, it still possesses strong and durable blade. And a comfortable handle made of pakka-wood. Avoid washing with dishwasher but instead hand wash.

The screenshot below sows what some customers said and it’s sold for $284.95.



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3).   Global GF-35 chef’s knife

For some chef, usin a lighter knife is more preferable for them while others prefer to hold hefty ones. Therefore if holding a hefty knife makes you feel comfortable then this knife is for you.

It weighs 0.01 pounds and measures 8 inches in length . The blade length is 12 inches made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel for long lasting razor sharp edge.

It’s made in Japan with the best crafting technique and ice tempered for a longer sharp edge. The handle makes it more fun to cut with, exhibiting maximum comfort and non slippery grip due to its hollow and dimpled handled filled with sand.

This knife allows easy cutting through food with its thin and razor sharp blade, and still retains the food ingredients.

A mild hand wash will get this knife lasting for a long time with a sharp edge.

Some customers have also testified to it’s worth, as shown below.



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4).   Yaxell Gou Chef’s Knife

If you’re a lover of high quality products like I am, then you should consider taking this knife home. With the highest craftsmanship, Yaxell Guo provides one of the most reliable chef’s knife you can count on. Even with no doub it exhibits reliable features that will keep you happy which are sharp, strong and long lasting.

This knife is 10 inches long, with its blade made of sg2 steel clad with 101 layers of high carbon stainless steel. This is heated at a high temperature in a klin and then ice hardened producing a Damascus look.

The blade is highly resistant to stain and rust with a long lasting sharp edge.

The handle is well designed to blend perfectly with the blade, giving an optimum balance and comfortable grip. And no doubt it’s very obvious due to it’s make.

The handle is made of FDA approved canvas-micarta which has a long lasting ability and possesses no odor. The handle is fastened tightly with three rivets and capped at the end with stainless steel. This did not only improve the efficiency of the knife but also the look.

Unlike all the knives listed here, this knife is dishwasher safe.

In fact most customers have these to say…


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