How To Get Rid of Cornstarch Taste (step by step guide)

Made from the endosperm of a corn kernel, cornstarch is one of the most effective thickeners in the world. There are many fantasies to live by, such as believing in Harry Potter and others, cornstarch is no fantasy and it is here with us. 

It’s said that cornstarch is twice as effective as Flour when it comes to giving your sauce that unique thickening that sets it apart. The taste can last you a while, this article will teach you how to get rid of it. 

Best ways to get rid of cornstarch taste

The preparation of your cornstarch for use will determine the taste you end up with. If you get it right at this important stage, you will win the game and if you miss your shots here, you might struggle. 

Our goal is to have you enjoy cornstarch, without dealing with the taste all the time, especially when the taste is dominant. So let’s quickly look at the best ways to prepare cornstarch, which will leave you free from its dominant taste. 


Make a slurry, whenever you use cornstarch to thicken your dish. 

Let’s get it started here, a slurry. Yes, a slurry is a mixture of powder with a little liquid. The reason why you need to mix your cornstarch with liquid before putting it into your dish goes beyond the taste. 

Cornstarch will always clump up if you attempt to miss it in a hot liquid directly, you will end up having lumps and this will affect the appearance of your sauce. More than the sauce, it will leave a dominant cornstarch taste, so mix it with water. 

You will prevent clumping, by mixing your cornstarch with water or broth, whatever you prefer, ensure you take this process through, In a bid to get results that work, and also to keep cornstarch taste away. 


Shake your cornstarch rather than stirring it: 

This step may look quite obvious, and get you wondering why one should shake cornstarch rather than stirring it when stirring looks it. The thing is, cornstarch can still clump even when mixed with water. 

Stirring it might not solve the case either, this is because you will have lumps if you stir it excessively or if you stir it below the required minimum. With lumps, you will always have that dominant cornstarch taste. 

A perfect way to stay afloat is to place your cornstarch in a jar, and simply shake it. A few shakes here will give you smooth, lumps-free cornstarch and this will leave you without cornstarch taste.


Use cornstarch in custards 

Why custards you may ask, cornstarch keeps custards from breaking. This step is useful when you are making cheesecakes and other favorites like quiches, it is not for your sauce and others. 

Mixing cornstarch with custards will leave you with that sensational, and taste-free cornstarch experience that you will always love, and this is what you want. An uninterrupted experience! 


Re-stir your cornstarch if you had mixed it ahead of time: 

Cornstarch separates from water if seated for too long, the result is that you will have a dominant cornstarch taste. This is not all, you will not have the best results when you use your mixed cornstarch after leaving it for a while. 

So re-stir it, forget the fact that you have done this before and you will have your meals turn out great. This process will not cause sweat on the skin, so going over it again is superb for many good reasons. 

Best meal for cornstarch

Conclusion on this can leave many debating the option for a long time, the truth is that cornstarch works great for everyone and a variety of meals. Deciding the best meal to try it on, is quite a dilemma, however, we got an answer. 

Cornstarch works best, when used for thickening sauce, yes sauce. Is this the reason why sauce has been mentioned over again, in the article? Just maybe, but let’s face it. 

Cornstarch kills it, with sauce. It leaves you with a transparent sauce that is well thickened with no cloudy or full looks, it offers a superior advantage over flour when it comes to sauce. 

There is still a long list of things that cornstarch works best with, like frying chicken and others. It’s all about what works best for you at every point in time, another great deal here will be to keep experimenting till you find your highs. 

List of things you shouldn’t do when you are cooking with cornstarch

Now that you know how best to cook your meals using cornstarch, without having the taste to fight with. Knowing how to enjoy your cornstarch, having with you the full menu of advantages it offers is sublime. 

So here is a fine list of things to avoid when you are preparing a meal with cornstarch, call it the list of don’ts, or precautions. The goal is to avoid these things at all costs, so let’s dive in. 

5 don’ts when using cornstarch to prepare your meals

1.Don’t use cornstarch to thicken acidic liquids: 

Commandment number one, the first don’t on the list. Liquids such as lemon or vinegar will leave you wondering if you ever added a few drops of cornstarch in your dish, and why exactly it is not turning on. 

The truth is, cornstarch is not great with acidic juice. You might want to take the risk with juice that has low acidity, this may work but it is still a risk, for best results avoid using cornstarch here. 

You will end up with a chalky-tasting sauce if it ever turns out to be anything good, and the worst of it is that it will be a watery result that makes the efforts to thicken the sauce a waste of time. Avoid this unpalatable experience on the wait!

2. Don’t over stir your cornstarch

The thing is, cornstarch traps water and absorbs it, when you stir it so hard and much, the buds that help trap this water will break, what is left of it is that your cornstarch will lose its thickening abilities. 

If you wish to have the best thickening experience, avoid over stirring your cornstarch. Once you observe that your cornstarch has begun to set, it will be best to keep stirring at a minimum, to achieve the best results. 

3. Don’t overcook your cornstarch

This is an important take-home if you want to have a result that works all the time. The goal is not to be a one-time magic maker, but a consistent chef that produces the magic in the kitchen whenever and however. 

Overcooking cornstarch will render your progress a nullity. It will only thin out liquid, and leave your meal appearing without seasonings. Keep this within check and you will be glad you did.

If you are used to timers when cooking, ensure you follow it through so you can keep your meal in check. If you don’t use timers, then keep your eyes on the pot, ensure it is cooked for not too long. 

4. Don’t freeze sauce thickened with cornstarch

The temptation to preserve meals made with cornstarch for a long time needs to be avoided, especially if the means of preservation is freezing. It doesn’t work great with cornstarch prepared meals!

Your meals will turn spongy when frozen, the best thing, in this case, is to always prepare a portion that can be finished in a day or two, without preservation like freezing. This will maintain the taste of your meal 

5. Don’t mix cornstarch with flour

There is a list of reasons why this combination will not work the magic, no matter how hard you hit you, we will dig the reasons out for you to see from your lenses and understand it better. 

Cornstarch transmits heat, this is a loud and obvious statement, it is one of the most potent and useful features of cornstarch, while this is exploited for good causes it is one reason why mixing cornstarch and flour will not produce magic. 

Instead, the use of cornstarch with flour will reduce the potential for scorching and will have you fighting results you long for. If you have played with the thought of combining these two for optimum results, it is best to discard them. 


Cornstarch has proven to be a wonderful deal of beauty when it comes to its uses in the kitchen, it works great for a whole lot of reasons and interestingly it costs less than the price of flour. 

So less the price of flour is a fine alternative in your hands that adds glamour and royalty to your sauce and other meals. With all the fanfare and beauty it adds, cornstarch can be terrible when they leave a lasting taste in the mouth. 

This article helps you to find the balance and enjoy your meals to the fullest, you don’t have to worry about the taste of cornstarch and this is what this article offers, a solution that works.