Electric Knife vs. Meat Slicer: Differences and Comparison

Electrical Knife:

Electric knives are the inventions of science, and they are truly amazing.

An electrical knife is an electrical device that is basically used in kitchens for cutting or slicing purposes. No one ever thought that you could cut food into pieces with the help of a knife which works on electricity.

Electric knives are mostly popular in the UK because people are in a great hurry here and don’t have enough time to do things by their own energy.

So, they use those things which work on electricity. Electrical knives have a strong handle which makes it easy to use for all, and it is completely risk-free.

Meat Slicer:

A meat slicer is also known as a slicing machine because it converts things into slices. Meat slicer is used to cut mutton, beef, chicken, sausages, and other different kinds of meat into slices so that they can be easily cooked or stored.

You cannot cook the huge piece of meat as it will not be properly cooked, so you need to cook it in smaller pieces.

A meat slicer requires less effort than a regular knife because you can cut all the meat into pieces at a time. While by using a regular knife, you’ll have to use energy for every single piece separately.

Meat slicer is mostly found at butcher’s shop where people come and buy meat. It tries its best to keep the food texture intact. It is basically a commercial apparatus, but it is also found in houses.

Working of Electric Knife:

Electric knife works on electricity and there is no option that it’ll work without electricity, you need to provide electricity to it by plugging it in the switch and then it will start working.

You’ll have to put the electric knife at the point from where you want to cut the food into pieces. Electric knives have handles from where you can grab them, and they are very safe to use. After using it, you just need to plug out the switch and keep it by folding it inside. Anyone can use it after reading its instructions.

Working of Meat Slicer:

Meat slicers don’t have any specific type, so there are different types of meat slicers. Meat slicers may work on electricity, and some other meat slicers don’t use electricity while working. You can easily use it. You only need to keep the huge meat piece into it and then turn it ON.

The huge meat piece will be sliced into many small pieces, and you’ll get what you want. It is very easy to use and everyone can use it because they have been seeing it on butcher’s shop since childhood.

Versatility of Electric Knife:

Electric knife is very versatile and it is almost found in every home and restaurants because people are familiar with it and they know its importance really well. Electric knife gives you the pieces of your choice and you can use them wherever you want.

It is an easy-to-use electric knife and easy to handle because of its style, which is very simple and sleek. Electric knives are used in the home not only in the kitchen but also for other domestic chores. Electric knife has sharp blades which move back and forth to cut things.

Versatility of Meat Slicer:

Meat slicer is not easily found in every home as you can have it in your home, but you’ll mostly see it on meet shops because of its usage. It is a bulky machine which is hard to use at home. It has very sharp blades which move in all directions and cut the meat in no time. It works very fast and you’ll have to use it carefully.

Meat slicers are of two types: one uses electricity and the second do not use electricity. Electricity meat slicers are nowadays seen mostly because they are the new invention of science and people are always attracted towards the new things.

Its blades rotate at very high speed, so you’ll have to be careful while using it to avoid any kind of serious injury.

Qualities of Good Electric Knife:

A good electric knife works efficiently and shows the desired results. It has sharp blades which are made by premium quality of steel. It does not undergo rusting or corrosion. It protects your hands from any injury. It moves forward and backward with nice speed and cut things properly. It offers all pieces of the same sizes and gives a best-finished look. It should have remove able blades and it should have a folding option.

Qualities of Nice Meat Slicer:

A nice meat slicer should be very reliable and durable so that it can go with you for a very long time. It can deal with all your problems and it should be very safe to use. It should be easy to place anywhere.

It should not occupy much space, and it should be risk free. It should have high torque power and that is why it should move very efficiently. It should be very easy to wash and clean for all.

Some nice Electric Knives:

Proctor electric knife, Decker carving knife, WEK200 electric knife and CEK30 electric knife are some best electric knives all over the world and they are very reasonable. These all knives are easily accessible because of their high demand.

They are not much expensive. They are very budget friendly and easy to get for all. These knives are very easy to use because of their understandable instructions. They are very safe to use and they provide the perfect finishing to everything.

You can attach blades in multiple ways and can use them for different purposes according to requirement.

They all are handy and very lightweight, so they will cause pain in your arms or hands due to their weight. They all are very powerful and best to use in homes or restaurants.

Some nice Meat Slicers:

615 meat slicer, Beswood10 meat slicer, FS-75 meat slicer and vevor 10 meat slicers are some amazing meat slicers that are perfect in all ways. They are made by using high-quality material, and that is why they are very durable.

High-quality steel is used in their making process, and they have so many amazing built-in features that are hard to find in any other.

They provide you all tools and there is no need to buy anything separately. It is super easy to use them because of easy to understand properties. These slicers cannot even get damaged when exposed to water. They all are heavy-weight because of machinery.

Difference and comparison between Electric Knife and Meat Slicer:

  1. There is a compulsion of electricity for electric knife working while meat slicer is of two types and one type does not need electricity.
  2. Electric knife works by moving blades back and forth while the blades of meat slicer move in all directions.
  3. The speed of the electric knife is normal, but the meat slicer’s rotating speed is very high.
  4. The electric knife is safe to use, and it does not cause such kind of serious injuries, but the meat slicer can cause serious injury if you don’t use it carefully.
  5. Electric knives are easy to find in every home but the meat slicers are not those much easy to find everywhere as it is only seen at few shops or in old homes where people do everything by themselves.
  6. Electrical knives are an important tool in all restaurants, while meat slicers are not that important in restaurants as they can use an electrical knife instead of meat slicers.
  7. The blades of electric knives are made from stainless steel, which is very sustainable, while the blades of meat slicers can be made of anything.
  8. Electric knives are easy to use and carry while meat slicer is not that much easy to use.
  9. Electric knife is lightweight while meat slicer heavier than it comparatively.
  10. Electric knife is less bulky than a meat slicer.
  11. Electric knife is more comfortable and reliable than a meat slicer.
  12. Electric knives are not specific for cutting anything as you can use them for different purposes, while the meat slicer is specified for slicing of meat, and you cannot use it for any other purposes.
  13. Electric knives are used to cut the cooked food or meat too, while the meat slicer is used to cut the uncooked fresh meat into slices.
  14. Electric knife is used for carving process while meat slicer is not used for carving process.
  15. You can use the electric knives for cutting PVC pipes too, while you cannot use a meat slicer for that purpose.
  16. You can place the electric knife wherever you want, but you need a specific place to put the meat slicer because of its huge size.
  17. Electric knife has a folding option but the meat slicer cannot be folded because of its design.

So, it shows that meat slicers and electric knives are much different from each other, and they don’t have similarities.