Why Is Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set The Best For The Money

chicago cutlery knife set

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Here’s the unbiased chicago cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set reviews.

But before then, I have a question for you:

Can you cook a delicious meal with an average kitchen knife?

Of course, you may try, but it’s never a good feeling.

What of a kitchen with a blunt knife? You see, these are insignificant things, but their absence in your kitchen can make you go hungry one night.

Look at it this way; what of having a knife that can’t by any means serve your purpose? I guess you will hate the knife and even hit the blade on a slab.

What is the difference between a knife and a knife set? So much difference,  I mean, so many of them.

I want to introduce you a knife set with a sharpener. Having this knife set in your kitchen will help you prepare your food fast and make things easy.

Knife can do some things but knife set can be used to do virtually everything for its purpose.

I want to introduce you to  Chicago Cutlery Insignia2, an 18-piece knife block set with a knife sharpener. That’s great.

Therefore, you need not go to a local craftsman to sharpen your knife for you again.

This knife set is a combination of quality and performance with moderate price. Knives are the real backbone of a professional chef.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2

This highly rated 18-pieces block of knife set encompasses whatever a knife can do in your kitchen and your home. In this block set, you will get professional chef knives and table knives for butter, bread and lots of others.

Chigaco Cutlery Insignia2 is made of carbon stainless steel. This knife is made from a single steel that is heated and pounded to a desired shape.

Forged blade are quite stronger and durable than alloy. So with this knife set, you got your back covered.

The handle is made of black polymer. The reason why forged stainless steel blade is used is to overcome rust and stains that are often a normal kitchen problem.

Do you cook every day? Are you a professional chef preparing recipes here and there? this knife set is a  good recommendation for your profession.

What’s so special about Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 knife Set?

At least, with this, you can cut, dice, mince, ranging from meat to fish, fruit and cutting of vegetable.

Very simple knives but with enviable performance.

Look at the list of what you will get inside Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 knife set:

You will get 3″ Parer, 3.5″ Parer, 5″ Boning knife 5.5″ Utility knife, Shears, 7″ Serrated,  knife 7″ Santoku, 8″ Slicer, 8″ Chef’s knife, 17 Slot hardwood block, Built in sharpener

and a complete set of eight steak knives.

Wow! That’s really amazing. All these you will get in just  a knife set. This additional built-in sharpener is just an advantage. It will save you the embarrassment of  running around looking for steel to sharpen your knife.

They call it a bonus and advantage to add a sharpener. I call it a selling point. Or what do you think?

The Blade of chicago Cutlery Insignia 2

Performance is actually the motive behind its blade structure. Made of a metal blade, steel, and high carbon.

The knives are full tang for stability and strength. The blade is built by skilled craftsmanship to resist rust, tear and wear.

Try this knife. Easy to grip firmly with your hand. Cuts through hard parts and joints. You will be envied by your colleagues if you get this knife set into your home and kitchen.

Size and details of chicago cutlery 18-Piece Knife Set

The set measures 14×12.7×7.5 inches. The shipped weight is 14lbs, net weight 13.3lbs

The block is made of hardwood and very attractive to look upon.  The sharpener is in-built into the block knife set.

You will like it because it’s skilfully crafted with perfect finishing touches.

Truly, I want to recommend this technology to other knife set producing companies. Because it comes with a block to gather the 18 knives, it makes it a whole lot of easy. You will just use, wash and fix back into the block.

These 8-steak or table knives to me is just  a gift to customers. Nothing less. Is it not true?

Okay, look out for utility knives that are in bunches inside shops and e-stores. They are so many to count. But Chicago Cutlery is just cute for cute people.

Life must not be made haggard. This is an attitude and a positive one for that matter.

With cleanser and mild warm water, you can clean and maintenance these knives after use. In that way, you are elongating the life span of these knives.

Show me what you find difficult to maintain, and i will show you what you don’t like. If you fancy this knife set, you will like to maintain it.

Product Description

Has tapered edge for sharp cutting and good performance. The ergonomic handle is long lasting and good for firm grip and comfortability. This knife blade adds safety and balance.

Go for high carbon steel whenever you want to buy a quality life. Their blades are long lasting and razor sharp. They are gladiators in terms of cutting.

Believe this report that these knives are every sharp.

Test the sharpness by placing it on a tomato without pressure. If the sharpness is something to talk about, it will slice through the tomato. This is sharpness test.

Chicago cutlery set vital information

The skillful design of Chicago Cutlery set is a good competitor for the most top rated of all knife block sets in the market.

The beautify of having knife set is because of its usefulness in different situations.

You will get Santoku knife inside the set. It’s a Japanese style knife. Used for slicing, mincing, and dicing. See combination, quality knives, quality storage, quality sharpening block. Very competitive combination.

What you may not like in Chicago Cutlery Insignia2

It happens to every knife blade that when you leave them inside water for too long, it will rust and wear out. So also to Chicago Cutlery Insignia2, do not leave it for long inside water. The benefits are enormous but you’ve to maintain good guidelines.