Do Chefs Use Electric Knives? (a quick guide)

Chefs always try to go with the best thing because they are considered masters of food, and it is their duty to serve the best food.

The presentation of food matters most when it comes to the best food option.

Food is only presented in the best way when it is properly and cleanly cut. It is important to give a smooth and nice look to food to enjoy it properly. If the food is looking good, then for sure, it will enhance your temptations. For sure, chefs do use electric knives because of their smooth and efficient working.

Chefs can also use the normal knives, but the point is that normal knives take time in cutting while the electric knives make it easier for all to cut the food at time.
Chefs will have to prepare the food at huge scale and they have very little time, so mostly they prefer to use electrical knives over normal knives.

Instruction for using Electrical Knife:

Using an electrical knife is must to know for all because you can use it easily if you know the instructions:

  • While using an electrical knife, you should hold it properly from the handle so that it may not hurt you.
  • If you are not holding the knife properly from handles, then its blades can hurt you.
  • It has very sharp blades so it is instructed for all to use it carefully to avoid any kind of damage.
  • You must keep in mind the direction of a blade so that you can peel the things properly. If you don’t keep the direction of the blade in mind, then it can cause a disturbance.
  • You must check the wiring and insulation so that it can protect you from current flow.

Electrical knife has folding options, so after using it, you must fold it inside.
It would be best if you kept the blades in a position where you want to cut the thing so that you can have smooth pieces.

You can adjust the size of pieces according to your choice.

Method to Use Electrical Knife:

Firstly, you need to plug in the electrical knife and then hold it from handle.

After holding it in your hands, place the knife on the thing which you want to cut and place it in desired direction.
Then start cutting the things and keep the size which you want in your mind.

After using it, plug out it and keep it safely by folding it.

Why chefs Prefer using Electric Knife

Chefs prefer to use electric knives because nothing can slice things better than an electric knife. Electric knives are also used for carving food purposes. Sometimes, customer wants to customize the food and wants to have carving on food, electrical knives are highly recommended for that purpose because they carve the things very smoothly.

If we talk about the slicing and dicing, then you can never see anything better than electrical knives. These knives are perfect for slicing turkey, which is hard to slice from other simple knives.

There are so many other things that need proper slicing like bread, meat, stakes etc., and chefs use electrical knives.

Stakes are liked the most among all and if the stake is not cut properly, then it does not attract the people. Stakes are difficult to cut, so mostly chefs use electrical knives to give a nice look to stakes.

Handy and Easy to Buy:

In start, electrical knives were not easily found everywhere, but people came to know about them with time, and their demand was enhanced. People came to know about its benefits and they were attracted towards it. It is human nature that he wants to go with something reliable and easy to use.

Nothing can be more reliable than electrical knife as it saves your time and cut things in no time. It is very easy to cut the huge amount of food into pieces in no time by using it.

Specially, if we talk about roasted food, it is difficult to cut it into pieces due to its crunchy upper layer. But the invention of electrical knives makes it much easier to cut the roasted items easily into pieces.

Efficiency of Electrical Knives:

Electrical knives are well known among all because of their efficiency. They show the desired results without creating any fuss or mess. There are so many customers who want to have food with nice cutting and electrical knives are enough to satisfy their needs. Chefs use electrical knives to provide proper shape to food and every piece of food is of equal size.

Thus, the food looks really nice and tempting. Electrical knives show the same efficiency even after years because of high-quality material. If you visit any restaurant, then for sure, you’ll see an electrical knife there and chefs will use it.

Chefs are very conscious about food, and they don’t want to compromise over food so, they try their extreme best to use the best and modern tools.

Do all Chefs Prefer Electrical knife?

No, all chefs don’t prefer electrical knives because they are not as much as common as regular knives. If you visit the small towns, you’ll come to know that there are so many chefs who are really good at cooking and have no idea about the existence of electrical knives. Most chefs use electrical knives but not all.

Everyone has his own choices and preferences, so you cannot say something to someone. Maybe the chefs who don’t use electrical knives are more comfortable with regular knives than regular ones. Regular knives are a bit more difficult to use than electrical knives because you’ll have to use your own energy in the cutting process, while electrical knives use electrical energy for that purpose.

Why don’t some chefs Use Electrical Knives?

Few chefs don’t use electrical knives because they think electrical knives are a cause of headaches. Electrical knives produce noise which they don’t like.

It is about everyone’s choice because some chefs like the noisy feature and some don’t like it. They think that the electrical knives are useless and they ruin the natural taste of food while it is completely false.

Electrical knives are a bit bulky than other regular knives, but it is all right because they have machinery that gives them a bulky look.

Chef’s Favorite Electrical Knife:

There are so many electrical knives available in the market but for sure, all are not the same. Some knives are preferable than others because of their high quality and low price.

Chefs always go with those knives which are easy to use, lightweight and durable because they’ll have to use them for a very long time.

They cannot afford to buy something of very low quality which gets out of order at every second day. CEK-40 is the most loved electric knife by chefs because it is very handy and easily accessible.

It does not take much time to learn how to use it because of its easy-to-understand instructions. Chefs mostly go with those knives which show their skills properly and as a result, they get appreciation from all.

Uses of Electric knives:

Electrical knives are very useful, and that is why they are mostly loved. Electrical gadgets have always been a blessing for people as they cause a lot of easiness in every way and people always want to adopt the easy methods. Uses of electrical knives are given below:

  • Electrical knives are used to cut the turkey into proper pieces, and they are always found at every table on thanksgiving event, so you cannot deny its importance.
  • These knives are a staple from the past few years in every kitchen and kitchen seems like electric kitchen because it runs on electricity.
  • If you are busy and don’t have enough time to chop or cut things, you can use it to save your time.
  • It helps you to cut every single piece in the same size, and there is a proper sequence of food when you present it.
  • There is no need to sharpen its blades as they are already very sharp and they work perfectly.
  • You can use these knives to cut the bread into pieces.
  • You can use it to cut the other hard materials which are not easily cut by other regular knives.
  • They cut the tender meat very well without displacing anything and maintain the same taste.
  • You can cut the fillets and soft fish too with the help of it.
  • There is no need to exert pressure while cutting the things it moves back and forth by its own. So, your energy is saved.
  • These knives are used to give a perfectly finished look to all dishes.

Electric Knife is also known as Chef’s knife because of its importance and usage. So, it is really hard to ignore and deny its importance while working in the kitchen.