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Can You Use a Bread Knife to Cut a Watermelon?

Watermelon is a must-have when going out to enjoy a cool breeze. Ice cold watermelon tastes great when the temperatures are high, and plain water does not satisfy you. That is why you have to learn to cut a watermelon to enjoy it during all seasons. 

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Best Knife to Cut Apple (top 7 picks)

Cutting, coring, and peeling an apple can be a daunting task without the right tool for it. But we are here to help. We have outlined seven of the top picks of knives that you can use to cut an apple.

And not only that, all the knives are conveniently versatile that will help you … continue reading

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Why Does A Tomato Knife Have Holes In It? (explained)

Tomato knives are specially designed small knives that come with serrated edges or holes to make the slicing easy. Cutting tomatoes is a tough ask, and such knives have to be sharp and made carefully to complete the job. That’s why usually tomato cutting is considered as a test for verifying the sharpness of any continue reading

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Why is a Tomato Knife Forked? (explained)

If you have no idea what a forked knife is or have been using simple knives to cut your tomatoes, we are concerned about the mess you must have been making in your kitchen.

Well, even if you try to cut a tomato from a sharp straight-edge blade knife, there will still be a lot … continue reading

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Are Electric Knives Worth It? (explained)

Good electric knives can do things really well e.g., slicing, dicing, cutting etc. Basically, an electrical knife is an electrical device used in the kitchen for cutting, slicing, or piercing purposes.

The electric knife consists of 2 serrated blades which have been clipped together. As the name shows, it works on electricity so, the blades … continue reading

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Do You Have A kitchen K.N.I.F.E?

A knife is more than just any utensil used in the kitchen, or cooking, ask any chef. This is established in how the knife you use can alter the taste of your meal.

If knives mean more, it therefore means there are more details to them than you’re paying attention to. Sit tight and … continue reading

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Best Kitchen Knives


Everything was almost ready. Prior to the amuse – bouche that I intended treating my guests to, my cassoulet amidst other dishes were a point except for the cacciatore.

What happened, you may ask?

Of a truth, I needed to replace my knives, but decided to manage them for at least one last … continue reading

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Mise en place: Your Kitchen Knife decides your Menu

Do you pay attention to your kitchen knives?

Here are some reasons why you must:

  1.  The way you cut your vegetables affect their taste. Imagine if, and when you use a knife meant for boning meat stock – your airline breast, to dice your vegetables. You’re sure to get charred vegetables, a result really
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4 Best Kitchen Santoku Knife


When it comes to kitchen knife, Chef knives are the mostly used. But next to it, is the Santoku knife. A Japanese word, which means ‘three uses’.

For those who wish for professional slicing, mincing and dicing in the kitchen, Santoku knives are best at it, with ease and also fast. Experience a professional kitchen … continue reading

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The Buyer’s Guide to High Quality Kitchen Knives

top quality knives

Even with an expertise of a chef, a bad knife can make a mess of your reputation. So, here are the best knives you can use to cut like a chef (pro):


1).   Zelite Infinity 8-inch chef knife

Some knives squash, with a few cut.

There are a lot of qualities that make this continue reading

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