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How To Get Rid of Cornstarch Taste (step by step guide)

Made from the endosperm of a corn kernel, cornstarch is one of the most effective thickeners in the world. There are many fantasies to live by, such as believing in Harry Potter and others, cornstarch is no fantasy and it is here with us. 

It’s said that cornstarch is twice as effective as Flour when … continue reading

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What to Serve With Popovers: 5 best servings

Butter and jam, chicken salad, scrambled eggs and others.

Serving popovers can take various forms, and this is an essential attribute of this rich meal, it can compliment anything and comes good. 

Whether you are just trying your hands at popovers or have a fine knowledge of them already, knowing what compliments it most and … continue reading

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What Does Squab Taste Like (a tasting guide)?

Prepared by roasting, pan-fry, and other means. Squab often called the king of birds, is one meal that needs the experience to define. Squab which is known in culinary terms to mean young pigeon is one meat that is rated highly. 

These pigeons are usually 4weeks old, a fact that consolidates the adage “if a … continue reading

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Is Deer Meat Tasty (what does deer meat taste like)?

Second-guessing the taste of Deer meat will be a challenge for many, this is because we prefer other meats like chicken, pork, and beef. The taste of Deer is often out of the blue for many! 

If you are looking forward to giving Deer meats a try and you are wondering what the taste will … continue reading

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What Does Taro Milk Tea Taste Like?

Taro milk tea became very popular in the late ’80s, its origin is traceable to South East Asia, India, and France.

This perfect beverage will keep you refreshed all summer. It is loaded with a fine dose of nutritional value, that you will surely love. 

Wondering what the milk tea tastes like? You are in … continue reading

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What Does Pheasant Taste Like?

If you love haunting, there are chances that you are familiar with the different kinds of game birds we have. Pheasants are a special breed of game birds and they are unique in all dimensions, the meat is extremely delicious when cooked. 

Maybe you are not a hunter and care to know what pheasant tastes … continue reading

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Is Corned Beef Round Better Than Brisket?

Is something sweet-smelling in the kitchen, and you cannot figure out whether it is corned beef or brisket? Most people think that they are the same meal, but they are not. They may be made of the same meat, but they have a lot of differences.

To know whether corned beef is better than brisket, … continue reading

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Frozen Fruit Vs Fresh Fruit Smoothies: Which One Is Healthier for You?

Image result for Fresh fruit smoothie

So many people are in love with smoothies that they consider it to be the ultimate healthy snack. They will eat fruit smoothies over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, there is a strong argument to be made for frozen fruit Vs. fresh fruit.

Just about everyone knows how to make a smoothie. You mix the … continue reading

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Do Frozen Bananas Turn Brown? (How to Freeze Bananas)

Image result for frozen bananas turn brown

Do frozen bananas turn brown? This question came to my mind recently, and I was completely baffled. I mean, let’s face it; the answer is “no”. But here’s why they don’t:

Why do frozen bananas not turn brown? Actually, they don’t because of what they are packed in. We all know that bananas ripen in

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How the Triple D Chicken Salad with Peach Chutney is Made!

triple D chicken salad

Do you know how to prepare the Triple D chicken salad?

When showcased 9 of the healthy chicken salad recipes, the Triple D wasn’t included. And I wanted to cover that in this page.

The Peach Chutney gets made within the slow cooker then frozen in little batches. If you first open … continue reading

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