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Rec Tec 700 Review (a buyer’s guide)

With a cooking capacity of over 1000+ inches, and with controls left on your gadgets, allowing you to control your grill temperature from anywhere on your phone, Rec-Tec 700 is no doubt a great buy for everyone. 

However, is this all? There are many fine features of this cooker you are yet to know, and … continue reading

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Masterbuilt Vs Kamado Joe: which cooker is better?

Kamado Joe ticks the boxes off and ranks high against Masterbuilt as the best cooker for many reasons. If you are in the dark on the best cooker to choose for any occasion, Kamado will do the job with ease. 

In this article, we will place Masterbuilt side by side with Kamado Joe, in a … continue reading

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Rec Tec RT-700 Problems: common issues and solutions

Just like every other piece of equipment, your Rec-Tec 700 cannot be absolved of issues and common problems. Knowing how to fix them when they arise is a fine way to stay afloat and have your machine working for the years to come. 

In this article we shall look at common issues related to your … continue reading

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Brisket vs. Chuck Roast: Differences and Comparison

If you love beef, you like to cook and explore the different cuts of meat. There are many kinds of beef cuts, but if you love smoked meat, you need to understand the difference between a chuck roast and a Brisket.

This article will help you learn more about chuck roast and Brisket, their differences, … continue reading

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Are Hestan Grills Good? (everything you should know)

The incredible unique approach to cooking that Hestan grills bring to the market makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for the best grills to use today.

The one-of-a-kind design of the grills shows attention to customers’ needs. So, are Hestan grills good?

The Hestan grills are good because they’re fuel efficient and will continue reading

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Is Pastrami Beef or Pork (how do you classify it)?

A common question always comes up whenever people enjoy a good sandwich – particularly one with pastrami. Is it beef or pork? As a food enthusiast myself, here’s what I know:

The real pastrami is made from the brisket cuts of beef. Generally, it is a very savory meat delicacy where the meat is sliced continue reading

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Is Slimy Chicken Bad: (What Does Slimy Chicken Mean)?

is slimy chicken bad?

Can it be good to eat? Most people would say, “No, of course not, there’s no point in eating it.”

But I can show you why it is good and it’s not only my opinion. Let’s take a look at what I find to be good and what you should avoid.

When I first heard … continue reading

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How Long do You Steam Frozen Broccoli?

steam Frozen Broccoli

You will probably have questions about the amount of time you should steam frozen broccoli. The broccoli is kept in the freezer so it can be brought home and immediately cooked.

This is a great technique, but not if you want to get the freshest and healthiest broccoli you can find.

We will examine some … continue reading

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7 Best kitchen Utensil Holder Reviews

Image result for kitchen utensil holder

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Kitchen is a sector you can’t do without in your home.

Because, it contributes 90% to your health, therefore, it can’t be ignored.

It takes a quality utensil to make good food. And having the right utensils makes a perfect kitchen.

Utensil sets are in their numbers continue reading

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Simply Calphalon 10-PC Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Simply Calphalon Cookware Set

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The Unison cookware set includes a limited lifetime warranty too, so you could find reassurance in knowing your purchase is shielded.

The fantastic thing about Calphalon is they’re always looking for approaches to boost their cookware. I know … continue reading

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