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Electric Knife vs. Meat Slicer: Differences and Comparison

Electrical Knife:

Electric knives are the inventions of science, and they are truly amazing.

An electrical knife is an electrical device that is basically used in kitchens for cutting or slicing purposes. No one ever thought that you could cut food into pieces with the help of a knife which works on electricity.

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Do Chefs Use Electric Knives? (a quick guide)

Chefs always try to go with the best thing because they are considered masters of food, and it is their duty to serve the best food.

The presentation of food matters most when it comes to the best food option.

Food is only presented in the best way when it is properly and cleanly cut. … continue reading

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Are Electric Knives Worth It? (explained)

Good electric knives can do things really well e.g., slicing, dicing, cutting etc. Basically, an electrical knife is an electrical device used in the kitchen for cutting, slicing, or piercing purposes.

The electric knife consists of 2 serrated blades which have been clipped together. As the name shows, it works on electricity so, the blades … continue reading

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Do You Have A kitchen K.N.I.F.E?

A knife is more than just any utensil used in the kitchen, or cooking, ask any chef. This is established in how the knife you use can alter the taste of your meal.

If knives mean more, it therefore means there are more details to them than you’re paying attention to. Sit tight and … continue reading

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Best Kitchen Knives


Everything was almost ready. Prior to the amuse – bouche that I intended treating my guests to, my cassoulet amidst other dishes were a point except for the cacciatore.

What happened, you may ask?

Of a truth, I needed to replace my knives, but decided to manage them for at least one last … continue reading

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Mise en place: Your Kitchen Knife decides your Menu

Do you pay attention to your kitchen knives?

Here are some reasons why you must:

  1.  The way you cut your vegetables affect their taste. Imagine if, and when you use a knife meant for boning meat stock – your airline breast, to dice your vegetables. You’re sure to get charred vegetables, a result really
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Superior Kitchen Knives on Auction


Mr. Albert, is a very good cook, who loved cooking more than anything. One day he went to the market, bought all the necessary items needed to prepare a meal. A meal, he tagged the ‘special one’.

Having returned home, he unpacked with smiles on his face. Slowly rubbing his tongue, from one side of continue reading

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What is the Most Rated Chef Knife Blade Guard?

chef knife blade

Having an amazing series of kitchen knives is extremely important in regards to preparing a meal properly. For the real gourmet, there’s nothing more important when compared to a fantastic than this.

When deciding on a chef’s knife, think about the size of your own hands and also your experience within the kitchen. This article … continue reading

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Four Best Chef Knives that are Worth the Price


Kitchen knife market has become greatly influential and successful, that lots of companies are now going into it. This lead to the high increase, in the availability of kitchen knives in the market.

And that has made it very difficult, to make a right choice from the variety of products available. Since they are so continue reading

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The Top Best Chef’s Knife – GOUGIRI Knife Review

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The Top Best  Chef’s Knife – GOUGIRI Chef’s Knife 8-inch, Japanese Stainless Steel, 33 Layers Damascus Blade, Professional Gyutou Kitchen Knife, with Gift Box

Are you desperate to get a good kitchen knife for yourself? If yes, then you are at the right place. Because  here I’ll give you one of the top best  chef’s continue reading

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