Factors to consider when buying the best top rated grills


The scent was so welcoming and enticing, even from where I was that I had to search for what was cooking. I finally found him on the grill, I mean my brother.

I couldn’t help it but watch with utter amazement, as he added some wood chips, chunks, and pellets to the grill and basted the ‘churrasco’ with aioli. Thank goodness, I was close, to at least  ‘adjust’  the skewered ‘yakitori’. I mean have a bite.

The taste, flavor, and aroma were beyond compare. Sorry, you missed.

What could be tastier, more flavorful, and with a scent that’s as inviting like a grilled stock – asado, a la parrilla, you name it ?

But you can now make your own tasty, amazing ribs from the collection of the best grills you can buy:

1.Char-broil Electric Grill

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Let’s see some of its features:

i).   Easy to monitor: you can know when what you’re grilling is done without stress. This 54 pounds weight, with easy – to – clean porcelain – coated body, and a cool – touch handle coupled with a storage grate has a temperature gauge on top of the hood.  

This makes it possible for you to have at – a – glance monitoring of the grill’s temperature.

ii).   Better flavor: unlike the traditional grills which use convective heat (hot air) to cook food, this tru-infrared grill limits the hot air flow, and uses natural, radiant heat to cook food.

It penetrates your grilled food without drying it, and locks in the natural juices, and flavors. The tru-infrared system eliminates flare-ups while producing a very even heat (no hot or cold spots).

2.Coleman Propane Grill

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i).   It’s mobile: the size makes this grill easy to move around. Perfect for BBQ, picnics, tailgating, camping, or a night on the patio.

In addition to this ease of transport, this grill folds to compact size, with a large handle and wheels for easy wheeling.

ii).   Easy to set-up: this grill’s perfect flow technology provides a collapsible stand with wheels. This stand makes it easy to set up within seconds.

iii).   Compact Storage: during grilling, your tools, and ingredients should be kept handy. That’s why this grill comes with sliding side tables, and swap top interchangeable cook tops for options (griddle, and stove grates sizes).

iv).   Matchless lighting: it can be a big deal when you don’t have a lighter at hand, or when you forgot to get it for that trip. So, this grill comes with a push button instar ignition lighting system.

v).   Easy to clean: unlike the Weber 46110001, this grill  has a cast-iron, porcelain-coated surface with removable grease tray. This makes it very easy to clean.

3.Cuisinart Grid Grill

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i).   You can’t burn your hand:In addition to its indoor outdoor griddle which brings convenience, and versatility to both table and patio experiences, this grill comes with a cool – touch handle that never gets hot.

ii).   It’s got a reversible nonstick grill and griddle cooking plate: though with a large cooking surface, 180 square inches per side and an adjustable temperature control probe of 200 F to 400 F, this grill griddle and cooking plate is reversible.

4. Kalorik Barbecue Grill


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You won’t feel as if you’re grilling: this grill of 200 square inch cooking area and a 6.3 in height high dome area has an integrated I pod holder and radio with a built-in speaker and amplifier.

Such facilities makes the task of grilling so easy that you don’t feel it at all as you listen to your favorite songs/radio stations, in the process.

5.George Foreman GGR240L Grill

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Has a center channel: just like the Coleman Propane Grill, this grill like the others on this list has similar features and more.

With a 240 square – inch surface, a nonstick double coating and a multiple grilling temperature control which can serve 15 perfectly, it has a center channel drain, to trap run off liquids, in order to maintain a clean and dry surrounding as you grill.

6. Cuisinart GR-300WS Grill

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Has multiple options: it has such features that not only marks it as distinguished but versatile. Reversible plates, variable temperature setting, superior searing capability, and a top cover that’s fully adjustable, cooking is perfectly customised and precise every time.

In addition to all these, it comes with an upgraded digital display when compared to the GR-150, griddler coils and more. It also has a six cooking option in one: panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle, and top melt.

7. George Foreman GPR4800R 4-in-1 Grill

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i).   It’s versatile: it’s designed for maximum cooking versatility. Contains ceramic grill plates (for grilling and panini pressing), a bake dish (for baking, sauteing and griddling), and a muffin pan (for muffins, single – serve quiches, meatballs and more).

ii).   Has an adjustable cooking angle: You can either set it on slope, or flat. This makes it possible to drain excess fat from meat using the classic slope grilling surface, or flat when using the muffin and baking pans, or making Gourmet Panini. A single knob makes all these possible.

iii).   It has an adjustable hinge: this makes for accommodating everything from thick cuts of meat, to thin – cut vegetables. You can even grill up a hearty sandwich, putting the finishing touches on a sub, or Panini.

iv).   Removes fat by 42%: it achieves this during the process of cooking, by conveniently draining your grill off the fat into the dishwasher – safe drip tray.

Plus the nonstick ceramic surface which allows you to skip the excess butter and oil, in your cooking, further reducing the fat content of your food without sacrificing the food you love.

8.Weber-Stephen Products 51040001 Grill

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i).   It has a solid construction: this great grill with amazing features such as 8500 BTU, durable – split enamel porcelain cast – iron grates, 189 square – inch cooking space, a built – in thermometer, large grip handle, and control knob with ergonomic side handle.

Also has a strong build like no other, and at the same time super light regardless of the super aluminium shell.

ii).   It has good aesthetics: though very easy to assemble, of a small footprint and lightweight, it’s quite stable and balanced which makes tipping – over, an impossibility.

iii). It’s got an extended space: coupled with a low heat setting, this grill has flaps that can be extended to give you enough space during grilling, and which you can also fold – over afterwards.

9.Char-Broil Kettle-man Grill


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i).   Engineered to work with less: this charcoal grill adds flavor to your stock – familiar with charcoal, as well as the experience given that it works with the least quantity of charcoal when compared to others in the rank.

ii).   Ease of operation: with a 22.5 -inch diameter porcelain – coated cooking grate which prevents flare – ups as you grill, it has a hinged lid with mounted temperature gauge, to ease your handlage and monitor temperature without any difficulty.

iii).  Removable Ash Bowl: along with its 10-year warranty, it’s got an ash bowl that can be pulled out easily, to make both cleaning and maintaining neat environs possible, during and after grilling.