Why You should Buy the Best Top Chef Knife Sets

knife set

Chef and knife are two terms that can’t be separated from each other.

No doubt, your next question is , how?

Both terms apply to professionals. One explains a person with a skill set, and the other, ‘the tool’ in their tool set. The tool, in the sense that it’s a first must-have in their collection of tool set.

The quality of what comes out of your kitchen is very important. It can be said, to be the difference between your level of knowledge (skill), and a chef’s.

If you must cook like an expert, you need to think  like one. Thinking like one starts with, getting the knowledge as well as buying, and using the same tools they use. Here are your best kitchen knife sets:


  1. Top chef knife, 15-piece set by master cutlery

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When you watch some professionals (chef), in shows make allumettes (cut potatoes into slices, the size and form of matchsticks). They’re able to do so, because of the quality of the knives they use.

The qualities that give their knives such an edge are found, in the knife sets listed below . They include:

(i) Their stainless steel blade is ice-tempered: this special method used in constructing the steel blade, produces  hardened blades that are very sharp, and stay so for very long periods, and let you re-sharpen them as desired when the need arises.

(ii) Their grind is hollow: their knives are made extra-sharp by making the edge of the blade curved. Because of this, they can cut effortlessly without sticking to the substance-food being cut.

(iii) Different sizes: take a moment, and imagine using a 3.5 inch paring knife, for boning?

It’s a great disservice against yourself. Not only would you be wasting your time but effort also. You can save yourself the time, and workload by using the right tool-knife for every task, for the right job.


  1. Wusthof classic 3-piece knife set


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There are some features, you can not ignore especially when you’re working a knife, or a need arises. Some examples are:

(i) A good grip is an advantage: When you use a knife that has a shaky handle, you can never get the cuts looking like an expert’s.

Either when you’re doing a ‘butterfly’ (cutting meat, fish down to the middle, in halves), or a ‘channel/canelle’ (to make V-shaped cuts over the surface of fruits/vegetables).

Wusthof handles are firm and steady. Built to fit your hand comfortably as you work, in addition to the matte black laced handle that covers scratches.

(ii) Easy to maintain: Cleaning some knives can be a big deal. Not this one, you can either wash it mechanically with a dishwasher, or manually. Your choice.

(iii) Weighs 1.5 pounds: It is not heavy to carry around, especially during your outdoors, such as picnics, camping etc. You can put it alongside other items, and not feel as if you’re carrying something heavy.

(iv) Has a pack: The pack makes it possible, to carry them without harm. But most importantly, is serving the need of a gift. During birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, anniversaries, weddings etc.

3. International statement 15-piece knife set by J.A.Henckels


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A number of qualities are responsible for making this brand, stand out among a host of others. Such worthwhile features are:

(i) Full tang, the new meaning of strength: the extension of the full length of knife, from tip to grip (continuation of the blade, between the handle) makes for this knife’s increased strength. Not only that, it also makes for its ease of handling.

(ii) Stain, and rust resistant: When you say wash, and dry, to some it’s a big task. This knife comes in handy, as it requires very little to no care at all. Since it is both stain, and rust resistant.

(iii) Triple riveted ergonomic handle: The handles are designed to fit, and  to be user-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve large, or small hands. Or use a left, a right as the case may be. They’re made to serve a one-fit-all purpose.

In addition to these uniqueness, is a knife block that’s made just for you.

4.Mercer culinary renaissance 6-piece forged knife set


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There’s a world of difference between master, and mastery. This tool explains such details via its features:

(i) It has a good name: the National Science Foundation (NSF), known for providing public health, and safety-based risk management solutions globally approved this knife set, to have met a high standard of safety, quality, and performance.

It therefore comes highly recommended.

(ii) The makeup is modern: the technology behind this knife blade used new, and improved techniques, to combine the strengths of stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Among other advantages, it’s able to withstand rust, wear, and stains.

(iii) The edge is thinned-out: its one-piece built is responsible, for its strength, and longevity.

The blade forged out of a single sheet of metal, is made to narrow smoothly, from the spine to the cutting-edge, with no clear tilt in sight. This makes for added strength, easy sharpening, and lasting effectiveness.

5.Hampton forge skandia forte 13-piece knife set


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Certain knife sets look so attractive, that you may be tempted to wonder if they work, as effective as they look.

Trust me, not this one.

This one came as a testimonial. A friend shared with me how he was able to ‘julienne’ his vegetables, with a piece from this set. Since he owns one.

He’s not much of an expert, but he was happy that his result was the same, settable by any professional chef. Image, they say is worth a thousand words.


Let’s see the features of this beauty.

(i) The knife block is magnetic: contrary to searching for your knives, this knife block is designed to hold them for you. But on a condition, you put them there in, especially after use.

(ii) Their handles are soft, on grip: since they consist of a makeup that is unique, and user-friendly, you would hardly notice any difficulty especially around the grip when you’re working them.

(iii) Extra coated blades, and handles: rose-gold, titanium coated stainless steel blades have certain advantages over other steel blades.

It makes the stainless steel tougher, heat, and cold safe, wear resistant among a lot of other advantages.