Best Pairing Chef Knife You Can Choose From


When it comes to handling kitchen cuttings, chef knife becomes exceptional. Because of it’s ability to cut through big lump of meat, chopping chubby vegetables, even mincing of herb. Just like a chef’s knife can be used for lots of purposes, so is a paring knife but more with smaller works.

Paring knife is a little utility knife, that can be used for peeling thin skins and thick ones. Slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables. Paring knives can be adjust-ably used to the comfort of your hand, to execute a particular task like using the tip to  remove the hull of a strawberry.

Paring knives are exceedingly handy, and can be used to execute lots of tasks in different way. Which makes it one of the main often utilized knives in a chef’s kitchen. A paring knife is worth investing on, even when you have no other knife in your kitchen.

A paring knife is a miniature chef’s knife with a plain edge blade, that is perfect for peeling and other tiny or involved works. For instance, like to remove the seeds from a jalapeño. The blade can be as short as 2¾ inches or as long as 5 inches, that comes in a variety of shapes.

Choosing a pairing knife can be difficult at times,but to make it easy. There are few things to look out for, when you intend to buy a paring knife.

i).   One of them is the material it’s made of: Lots of materials are used in making knife’s blade like ceramics, steel, high carbon steel and the rest of them.

But it’s preferable you buy paring knife, the blade are made of high carbon stainless steel, super-premium steel and Damascus steel, just to mention but a few.

Like the others that I’ve mentioned, high carbon stainless steel tend to be stronger and unlike the ceramic it doesn’t brittle. 

It holds the edge for a longer time and very easy to sharpen. Above all it’s easy to maintain, since it’s highly resistant to stain and rust.

ii).   The construction of the knife also matters: In the sense that a paring knife with full tang, is more comfortable and easy to use. And also when the steel piece connects from the tips of the blade to the opposite end tip of the handle.

It helps to ensure that you’re  fully in control of the tiny knife, so as to be able to do the most involved cuts without harming yourself.

iii).   Another very  important thing, is the grip of the knife: Choose  pairing knife that the grip is not slippery. Since it’s small in size, you can easily loose control of it if the grip is slippery and probably injure yourself.

1).   Kramer by Zwilling JA Henckels Bob Kramer 


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When it comes to handling small everyday jobs in the kitchen, you can depend on this Japanese forged. It’s well balanced, highly adjustable to use and a great paring knife.

The JA Henckels Bob Kramer knives have always been one of my favorite knives. Though they can be costly, but this is affordable at as low as $228.15, and despite the weight it will be shipped to you free of charge . It’s made in Seki City, Japan with a longtime warranty and luxury of glittering look.

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bob Kramer Stainless Damascus Paring Knife is planned for light chopping everyday jobs, like  peeling, garnishing  or coring. This knife was produced in collaboration with ‘The Master of the Blade’ Bob Kramer.

It was constructed by skilled Japanese artisans, with the use of traditional craftsmanship. The blade is made of a super-premium steel with a fine grain structure SG2 core for a vital razor-sharp edge.

The hub is dressed on each side with 50 alternating layers of nickel, and Damascus stainless steel. This makes it a 101-layer blade, with a deep-etched chevron pattern.

With the use of  traditional honbazuke honing technique, the blade of this knife is handcrafted. Then it’s sharpened twice on whetstones with custom grits, after which mirror polishing on a leather wheel.

The blade is then cryogenically toughened, hastily cooled, and then tempered twice to make the most of durability out of it. With a blade angle honed to 15 degree on each side, it’s ready to get down the work for you.

The handle is fully tang tapered, triple-riveted with linen micarta. The  handle is able to survive extreme temperatures, while resisting wear after use. Below are comments from those that already bought this product.


2).   Yaxell Gou 3-1/4-inch Paring Knife


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If you’re looking for another cheaper paring knife with high quality, then you should choose this one. It’s sold at an affordable price of $141.52 with free delivery.This paring knife is great for peeling, slicing, dicing, and even filleting fish.

This is a typical example of supreme quality and workmanship, that is showcased with this Yaxell Gou 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife. A triple threat. These knives are exceptionally sharp, hard, and durable.

Yaxell blades are heated in a kiln with extreme high temperature, and then ice-hardened. After which they’re then tempered again at a high temperature, to make the blade tough, hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant for a life time routine.

The sg2 ‘super steel’ core is dressed with 101 layers of soft and hard high-carbon stainless steel on each side, creating the strong Damascus look.

The handle is made of durable black canvas-micarta. This material is odorless, very hard-wearing, it’s made of resin and linen that will last long. The end of the handle is stainless steel, which makes the knife extremely stable to use.

With three stainless steel rivets that fastens the handle tightly. Knife dimensions just about 7-1/2 by 3/4 by 2/3 inches in general, with a 3-1/2-Inch-long blade and 4-Inch-long handle. Unlike other products it’s dishwasher safe.  Below are testimonies from people, that are already using it.

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3).   Shun Premier Paring Knife, 4-Inch

This is an handcrafted paring knife, usually used for slicing and coring. As well as adding decorative touches to vegetables. It’s made of layered Damascus steel, with a striking hand-hammered finish (known as ‘Tsuchime’ in Japanese).

The make of the knife makes it easier to cut without dragging the food, which tends to prevent food pieces from sticking on it. The handle is made of pakkawood, that makes it more comfortable and secure to grab.

It’s sold at an affordable price of $119.95. It’s exceptionally a great knife, that you’ll even like to give as a gift to someone. Apart from the affordable price, it’s also exceedingly a great knife.

The aesthetic look of the blade is fantastic and well united with a polished hammered top, half combined with the layered bottom half. And the premium pakkawood handle makes it even more interesting to look at.

This knife weighs 7.2 ounces but if purchased now, it will be delivered to you free of charge because of the ongoing promo. And it’ll also interest you to know, that this knife is dish washer safe safe, as well as hand washing and air drying.

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