Best Kitchen Trash Can for a Large Family (top 10 reviews)

Do you remember that nasty smell in most Kitchens when the kitchen trash can is opened?

It can spoil one’s mood instantly and have you rethink the need for a kitchen trash can, and situations like this can be pathetic when they happen.

Where else will you toss your leftovers or your bulky packaging from the weekly visit to the grocery shop? The benefits a trash can offers the kitchen are enormous, this is why we cannot take it away. 

Massive improvement and technology have gone into how kitchen trash cans look, their make, and essentially a deployment of technologies like odor-free features, to ensure that keeping a trash can doesn’t become a burden and chore.

In this review we will take a look at the best trash cans for you today, these cans are carefully selected to reflect the latest features and deployment of technology, as well as fitted with improvements that will help you stay hygienically fit. 

Before we dive into the subject matter, let’s talk about the best location to place your kitchen trash can, this can be a problem. 

Where is best to place the kitchen trash can?

A lot of things will fight for space in the kitchen when you are dealing with a large family. The blender, toasters, and a host of kitchen wares. If the kitchen is big enough, it doubles as the laundry room, another space is off. 

So where do you place your kitchen trash can? Your preference will be the defining factor here, while some will prefer the trash can to stand on its own, others will prefer it is concealed, a cabinet comes in here. 

The good thing with the cabinet is that it puts everything in one place, this is not to say a stand-alone trash can will spill it all. It’s all down to preference, which do you prefer? 

How to choose the right kitchen trash can for a large family 

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing your trash can, let’s run through this list together before we take a cursory look at the list of 10 best kitchen trash cans. 

1. Size of the kitchen trash can: 

While you deserve a big enough trash can for your large family, a trash can that is quite imposing by its size and appearance can be intimidating. The kitchen shouldn’t be packed with things, this is where size is important. 

Another thing with the size is that the larger size trash cans will make emptying less frequent. This is convenient for everyone, we don’t owe the entire time on the clock, and emptying the trash can daily, is a chore we cannot keep up with. 

A trash can with compartments for waste and recycling will be an ideal trash can. 

2. Material: 

Just like the size, the material used to produce the trash can is equally important. Trash cans come in two forms, plastic or stainless steel. They are both durable, and easy to clean, however, plastic trash cans are budget-friendly. 

The stainless steel trash cans come with the advantage of easy cleaning, as you can get stains easily whipped out. 

3. Odor control: 

In the introduction, I listed massive improvements going into trash cans to make them appear elegant and hygienically fit. Odor control is one such improvement you will enjoy with trash cans today. 

Just as it is, you cannot find it in all trash cans. So keep your eyes on it, getting a trash can with an odor control feature, will keep the kitchen in fine breaths and this is brilliant for you and your visitors. 

4. Lid: 

A trash can should be covered, if not for any reason, the need to keep the smell concealed, especially when it lacks odor control features is a great deal. A necessity, you cannot ignore. 

Furthermore, having a lid on your trash cans will prevent your little ones and pets from making a mess of your trash. Cabinet trash cans often lack this feature, look out for it, to keep your home in shape. 

5. Easy to clean: 

If it is hard to get the trash bag out and clean the inner buckets, then you are having a problem at hand to deal with. A good trash can should be easy to clean, and saving time on this is terrific. 

6. Build: 

The aesthetics of the trash can is an essential aspect that demands scrutiny as well, it is not seating just anywhere, the trash can is seating in your kitchen and this is an important area of interest. 

The build should match with your furniture and kitchenware, if it looks odd, it will easily stand out and this wouldn’t leave a good impression if your goal is to have the trash can concealed. 

Top 10 best kitchen trash cans of 2021 

This is everything you have been waiting for, right? Finally, let’s dive in and see the trash cans that made the cut for us.

1. Rev-A-Shelf Kitchen Trash Bin 

Rev-A-Shelf gives you a fine deal of pull-out waste bin, which makes it impressive and accurate. The cabinet trash bin offers you a perfect way to conceal your waste and keep things intact. 

Keeping your waste away from the prying eyes of the kids and pets in the house has never been this easy. It is best suited for cabinets with an 11-inch opening or larger, as it comes with a fine 11.81 by 22.25 by 19.25 inches dimension.

You enjoy two large trash cans, packed together in a compact size, with each pack giving you a fine 6.75 gallons depth, you can easily dedicate one gallon for waste and the other for recycling. 

The interesting thing here 8s that the trash can is easy to install. It works great with any cabinet, and the plastic design keeps the price within reach. 


  • Saves space 
  • 2 trash cans for the price of one 
  • Conceal trash away from the kids and pets 


  • No lid 
  • Absence of odor control 

2. SimpleHuman Trash Can

A fine fingerprint-proof trash can is what you enjoy with the SimpleHuman Trash can, the reason for the name owes largely to the simplistic design that the trash can comes with. 

It has a fingerprint-proof design, a feature that makes cleaning easy for you. There is a wall bumper here, that ensures your wall doesn’t get scratched up and everything is in place. 

You also have a fine deal of colors to choose from, ranging from black, gray, mocha, and white. The balls are in your net, the design has a strong steel pedal finish, with a fantastic lid lock to keep the kids away. 

It houses a 13 gallons depth, giving you enough days of storage and comfort on the go. The dimension of this trash can measures 14×18.9×25.5 inches, and it is made with the finest plastic. 


  • Durable plastic finish 
  • Variety of colors 
  • Steel pedal 


  • Absence of odorless design 
  • Expensive 

3. Household Essentials Cabinet trash can 

A fine sliding trash can is the beauty you add to the home when you opt for this trash can. It is relatively small, measuring only 5 gallons in-depth, this can make you empty the can every few days of use. 

It comes with the advantage of space, as it occupies a relatively small space as well and it is not imposing. While you may have a large home, this is a fine deal if you wish for a concealed trash can. 

The finishing is impressively brilliant, having a fine chromed steel in a durable set-up that will last you a long time. It is fully assembled, so you have no worries about how to install it. 

Needless to say that the trash can is a budget-friendly pick, and comes in a dimension of 9.75inches by 15inches by 17.75inches. 


  • Great for small and medium-sized kitchens 
  • Fast installation 
  • Fits most cabinets 


  • No lid cover 
  • Lacks odorless features 

4. Umbra Venti Swingtop trash can

A simple and elegant design sets this trash can apart from its equals, it is uniquely fitted together and houses brilliance in every inch. It comes in three beautiful colors of Pewter, grey, and back/nickel. 

There is an integrated neck ring that holds everything together, it conceals the trash can and helps to keep smells under check. You enjoy a fantastic 16.5-gallon depth here, giving you an excellent backing for weeks. 

It is made of polypropylene and has some fine metal touches here and there, the dimension is 14.6×14.6×35inches, and has a body that stands alone. You can place it just anywhere and it will fit in. 


  • Big size 
  • Elegant design 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Hard to retrieve trash bags, due to the integrated ring. 
  • Troubles with depositing large food waste 

5. Ninestars step on trash can 

Stainless steel trash cans are amazing and this is the thing with the Ninestars step trash can, it is durable just like every other trash can, and then it is easy to clean. You enjoy great features such as fingerprint-proof. 

The inner bucket of this trash can is removable, a feature that makes cleaning effortless along the way, and then it is made of plastic. It uses a hands-free opening that is hygienically superb. 

It comes with a 13 gallons capacity, keeping your home dirt-free for weeks. The base is a non-skid one, as it stands, knocking and bumping along the line. It houses a beautiful foot pedal and comes in a 25.4×19.2×14 dimension. 


  • Fingerprint proof
  • Foot pedal opening 
  • Hands-free 


  • Finding a trash bag that fits can be a problem 
  • When the trash bags get filled, retrieving it can be a problem.

6. Itouchless softstep trash can 

The ivory color of this kitchen trash cash will always get to you, nothing beats the stylish and elegant fitting that this kitchen trash can houses. It is fingerprint and smudge resistant, leaving no footprints on the steel body. 

It comes with a fine carbon odor filter, making it easy for you to combat odors from rioting foods, household waste, and organic compounds. It uses a foot pedal, and it works with the slightest application of pressure. 

The dimension measures 28.5×18.6×1, with a 13.2gallons depth. 


  • Odor control 
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Impressive design 


  • Expensive 
  • Poorly constructed lever for the lid 

7. Rubbermaid step-on trash can

Another foot pedal trash can, the budget-friendly can from Rubbermaid is a revolution in the market. The thing with the foot pedal cans is the hygiene advantage it offers, and this is beautiful.

You get a 13 gallons depth here, giving you a long period of waste storage and it is durable with the perfect plastic finishing. It has a lid cover, so you have no worries about the smell. The dimension is fixed at 14.65×24.81×1


  • Budget trash can 
  • Foot pedal 
  • 13gallons depth 


  • Lightweight 
  • Poor seal as the smell can easily escape 

8. SensorCan trash can

Away from the foot pedal cans, is a senor can that is beautifully designed to give you fantastic ease of access. The non-touch feature of the sensor trash cans is their ability to eliminate human interference. 

This trash can is 100% touchless, as the infrared motion sensor gets the can open with just a wave of the hand. It has a 13-gallon depth with an excellent wide opening that allows you to throw in just anything. 

You enjoy the carbonated filter here, which strikes out odors and offensive smells, keeping your home smelling great at all times. 


  • Hands and foot proof 
  • Motion sensor 
  • Odor control


  • It can open by just waking to pass it
  • Uses light and battery 

9. Itouchless trash can 

If you have thought about paying the price for 2 trash cans, using one especially for recycling and the other for your waste, as a fine price, then this is your best bite. It is a 2-in-1 16gallon trash can, that gives you the ease of use. 

The cans are color-coded, with the blue can be designated for recycling and the black can for waste. Each can offer an 8-gallon depth, and this will last a few days of use if you are using them separately, weeks if for the same purpose. 

It uses a foot pedal and comes smudge and fingerprint-proof. The dimension measures 23×13×13.88×22, the inner buckets are removing a feature that makes cleaning easy. 


  • Odor control 
  • 16-gallon depth 
  • Air dampers for fresher air 


  • Narrow cans 
  • The hands of the cans are inside making contact with dirt possible 

10. Itouchless sensor trash can 

If odor-free trash cans are the real deal, then the cans with the replaceable activated carbon odor filter will marvel you by all definitions. This is not all, you enjoy the Absorbx technology that prevents odors using charcoal. 

Organic compounds that can contain chemicals are also easily taken off from dirt using the Absorbx technology. Your homes will always smell fresher, the design is fingerprint and smudge resistant. 

The white steel-designed trash can has the capacity of retaining 13 gallons of water and comes in a fine 12.6×11.6×31 dimension. It uses motion sensors, which eliminates the need for hands or feet. 


  • Absorbx technology
  • Motion sensor 
  • Smudge and fingerprint-proof


  • Cost 
  • The trash bags are hard to remove 


Choosing the right trash can for your large family is a necessary choice and in this review, we have a fine rundown of options to select from.

Factors such as price, design, and the material will govern your final decision on this line, this choice is yours to make.