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Top 9 Best Kitchen Knives in the World


Let’s review the best kitchen knives in the world. best kitchen knives

When the task gets harder, especially in the kitchen, then it’s time to get a better knife.

Kitchen tasks are bound to get multiple mincing, shredding, and slicing in your making rice, pasta sauces-amatriciana, bolognese, cacciatore.

These, and more, all require cutting vegetables, beef, and so on, which can only be done with a kitchen knife.

In their collections, are just knives, and there’re also a chef’s best company. Their difference, is the stuff they’re made of, and getting it right like a pro (chef). Here they are:

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1).   Global g-16 chef knife

kitchen knives in the world

Paring, peeling, and scaling, all in one has become not just easy, but done accurately with this knife.

Some of the knife’s excellent features include:

i).   Balance redefined: its stainless steel blade is made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. This high-tech process gave birth to a hardened ability that has increased to a maximum its toughness, strength, wear resistance, machine-ability, and resistance to corrosion.

ii).   Edges are grounded: with a slightly compound bevel-the cutting edge, which adds to its durability, and lowers the likelihood of any unnecessary turning, it’s more acute angled than traditional European-style knives, and often arrive razor sharp.

iii).    Amazing grip design: some users with smaller hands usually find holding some knives more difficult than some others that have bigger hands. And, so this comes to meet the demands of both.

In addition, the handle is dimpled, to make your grip firm, and as such resist slipping.

iv).   It’s easy to maintain: unlike some knives that have wooden handles, and so require you, to keep them safe from resins, termites, and co. This brand is all steel, therefore washing, and caring for the handle as well as the blade ain’t a big deal.


2).   Henckels professional chef’s knife

i).   It’s use is all-purpose: some chefs/cooks have separate knives, for butterfly, mincing, and more as the case may be. With a scalloped edge, this knife makes sense of the entire kitchen tasks, from chopping, to dicing, and mincing.

henkels kitchen knife

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Be it whatever, it is unequaled in its many use.

ii).   It is lightweight: it weighs 11.4 ounces, and as such it’s very easy to carry around for any outdoor function, and you wouldn’t feel as though you’re carrying a knife. And they can make for good gift packages, and much more.

3).   Ikkaku Donryu chef knife

i).   The blade is stain resistant: some knives usually require you, to care so much as wash, dry, and oil them if they must retain their shine, and remain stain-free. Not this one, you do not require to care much for this one since it’s stain resistant.

ii).   It has a pom handle: polyoxymethylene is known for its over-rated toughness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.


4).   Sakai takayuki AUS-10 knife

Difference in diversity of designs is the new definition of strength, for valued knives.

i).   It’s santoku: known for their 3 major virtues of chopping, dicing, and mincing, their performance can’t be compared to another, coupled with its own style, and grind which are unique to this brand.

This 45 layer folded damascus with an AUS-10 steel weighs 7.2 ounces, which makes it fit for easy flexibility in kitchen tasks, and techniques as well as great outdoors.


5).   Shun premier chef’s knife (Shop at Amazon)

i).   The knife is a kasumi: the process of manufacture requires a traditional knife process in which an extremely hard core of high carbon steel is clad with an exterior jacket of a softer steel.

It offers extra strength, protection, and a misty, beautiful appearance, true to the name “kasumi.”

ii).   It has a hammered tsuchime finish: this “tsuchime” finish makes two processes possible. Gives the knife a look that speaks of this ancient Japanese craft.

And, produces hollow-ground cavities that serves to reduce drag, and non-stickiness of the blade.

iii).   The steel is damascus (suminagashi): “suminagashi” is a beautiful process of Japanese patterning in which a cutting core of vg-10 is clad with 16 layers of damascus steel, and bead-blasted, to reveal an elegant, waved pattern.

This is to protect, and support the extremely hard core steel. And, enable the blade make a way through food easily.


6).  Mcusta zanmai chef’s knife

i).   The steel is extremely strong: this 33-damascus blade with super steel vg-10 core has a rockwell hardness of 60-61 with a 9-12 degree blade angle. This is a display of extra hardness, toughness, and flexibility.


7).   Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife

Let’s see a few qualities that make this knife brand unique:

i).   It’s a cryodur ice-hardened blade: this vg-10 super steel with a 65 layer stunning flower damascus pattern is made up of a cold-work-tool-steel, which has certain advantages over others.

Some of which are: very good wear resistance, high pressure resistance,

and excellent toughness, like no other.

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ii).   Has a black linen micarta handle: this super steel of 60 Rockwell hardness is laced with a micarta handle. This handle is known for its ability to withstand heat, and pressure of whatever capacity. Unlike others where you may be worried if the handle would melt.

In addition, this handle is user-friendly made to fit your grip perfectly, and as such does not slip off your wet hands.


8).   Sane tatsu-Japanese pro chef knife

Amazing knife, with amazing features:

i).   It’s santoku: this fine yanagiba steel with a hardness of HRC 60 is of a forged vg-10 stainless steel, plus a 33 layer damascus steel, and yet a santoku. Santoku is not just popular, but named after their three virtues upon which they stand taller than others.

They’re the unique processes of chopping, dicing, and mincing.

ii).   The handle is mahogany: made to a non-slip, user-friendly finish, mahogany has a legacy like no other. Among other things, it’s very stable in strength, suited for your kitchen environment, and has a strong, beautiful quilt-pattern.

9).   Messermeister mu micarta knife

Simplicity can’t be underestimated, for the effectiveness of a knife.

i).   A balanced knife: this Japanese santoku knife has an overall thinner spine, and taper-ground (forged from a single steel piece), which makes for its extra precision when in use. The spine continues parallel to the relatively flat cutting edge.

These properties is responsible for giving this knife an edge that’s steady, balanced, and as such versatile in its use, and purpose.

ii).   It is lightweight: it weighs 10.4 ounces which makes moving it around very easy. Be it whatever outdoor, occasion or function-camping, picnics, trips etc.

In addition, it comes with a gift wrapping, for that special occasion/someone- anniversaries, birthdays, father’s/mother’s day, wedding, etc.

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