Are you Searching for the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?


Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?

Kitchen knife is one of the essential utensils we can’t do without at home.Though, you might not be a chef. But the daily use of it, has made it a necessity. Just like a car without gasoline won’t move, so is your kitchen without kitchen knife.

Nothing feels good like working with good tools, because it makes your work more easier, faster and above all, interesting.

I once bought a kitchen knife in the market, which initially was sharp and interesting to work with. But it became a thorn in my flesh. When after three weeks of use it started to rust, and  I had to to do my  cutting applying so much pressure on the knife.

It was so disappointing and also a waste of money.

A lady I met in the bus one certain day on my way home, who couldn’t hold the pain in her heart. Complained bitterly how she had to change her new knife just after two months of use. Emphasizing that the old modern she  bought in 1992 is as functional as a new one.

Lots of people in the bus seemed to share the same belief with her, that the new products now are highly of low quality and standard. When compared to the the old fashioned ones, that they’re only all about outstanding look but no quality to boast about.

With no doubt, I for once did also believed in that cliche, but not anymore. My further search for an appealing cutlery for my kitchen that is of high quality, exposed me to lots of new modern cutlers of high quality with amazing looks,

That I feel like displaying them in my sitting room.

  • Are you tired of sharpening your kitchen knife everyday?
  • Are you in search of a kitchen knife that will add color to your kitchen?
  • And are you worried about high price tag?

If yes then you have come to the end of your problem. In this article, I’ll list a couple of best kitchen knives you can choose from. That’s amazingly below $500 and still of high quality and easy to maintain…

1).   Hampton Forge Skandia Forte 13-pc Knife Block Set


Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?

This is a product of Hampton forge ltd, which has over twenty five years has been greatly known for their unique design and quality products. This is a reliable knife set you can get for your home for less than $500. In fact, it’s actually sold for $149.95.

This a set of thirteen pieces which includes:

  • Six steak knife.
  • Chef’s knife.
  • Bread knife.
  • Utility knife.
  • Paring knife.
  • Bird beak knife.

That is housed in a sided magnetic attracting black block that showcases the knives.

These knives are made of rose-gold, stainless blade for easy wash and maintenance, with brown and bolster head that makes it comfortable to hold .

Here are some of the customers’ review.

hampton forge
At an affordable price of $149.95 this set is ready to be used by you, straight from the package. No extra sharpening is needed.

2) J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set


Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?

This set is made up of 18 mixed pieces, that’s good at executing most of your kitchen works.

It comprises of seven basic kitchen knives which includes:

  • Three inches parer.
  • Five inches serrated utility knife.
  • Six inches utility knife.
  • Seven inches hollow edge santoku knife, with it’s broad blade makes cutting of vegetable and meat more easier.
  • Eight inches chef knife.
  • Eight inches bread knife, which can be used to slice bread without pressing it.
  • Five point five inches boning knife, can give you perfect meat cutting.
  • Nine inches sharpening steel.

If you’re looking for a nice set of knives under $500, then you should consider this set. Because it’s reliable and of good quality. In fact, it’s sold for $209.95 with free shipping, if purchase now while the offer still last.

With the full tang, it has enough balance for you to handle and avoid cutting your hand. Likewise the handle that gives you all the comfortable grip you can ever wish for. It’s more fun to use this knives.

The  only disadvantage of this product, is that some said the grip of the paring knife is a little bit big, compared to the small blade. But still at that, the knife still gets the work well done.

With 4.6 star rating this is what some customers that bought this has this to say.
j.a henkels internation

This also comes in 15 pieces.

3).   Wusthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Set with Block

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Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?

This set comprises of 12 pieces of knives which includes:

  • 8 inches bread knife.
  • Four and half inches utility knife.
  • Four and half inches steak knives.
  • Two 3/4 inches paring knife.
  • Three paring knife.
  • Pair of kitchen shears.
  • 9 inches sharpening steel.
  • 13 slot knife box.

This is also  a set of knives unique in its own way. It can handle hefty tasks in the kitchen using the cook’s knife, and also the set of steak to serve your visitors with. With all these you should be ready to handle any cutting chores.

These knives are made of high  carbon stamped stainless which resists rusts and stain and also makes sharpening easier. Also has a synthetic polypropylene handles riveted for strength.

This another set to consider for an affordable price of $199.99. If  ordered for now while  offer still last, instead of the normal price $229.99.

With a 4.2 out of 5 star rating here are some comments by customers.



4).   Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Insignia Steel Knife Set with Block and In-Block Sharpener


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With 20% discount you can equip your kitchen with this amazing set of knives, that is made of high carbon stainless steel blades. This gives you the sharp cut you’ll ever need. Just for at the price of $119.99 instead of $149.99 it’s been sold.

Worried about the 12.7 pound shipping weight? Surprise!!!! It’s free if purchased now while offer still on.

This eighteen piece set comprises:

  • 3 inches parer.
  • eight 4.5 inches steak knife.
  • 3.5 inches parer.
  • 5 inches boning knife.
  • 7 inches slicer.
  • 6.75 santoku knife.
  • 8 inches slicer.
  • 8 inches chef knife.
  • Shears.
  • 17 slot knife block with built in sharpener.

This product is of taper Grind edge technology, that allows easy cutting of vegetable, bread, meat, etc. without shredding the food.

The full carbon steel blades and handle are resistant to rust and stain, but also light compared to the heavy look.The full bolster assures your safety and balance while using it.

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According to the customers’ review, a customer complained of rust after newly purchasing it and using a brand new dishwasher for it. And that’s exactly the problem of this product but if you hand wash it, you will definitely enjoy long time use of it.

5). Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener


Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?

This cutlery is uniformly designed with high carbon steel blade, that is resistant to rust and stain. With a polymer handle safely constructed with Triple compression stainless steel rivets, that is comfortable to grab.

The 18 piece block slot with inbuilt sharpener holds:

  • 3 inch. paring knife.
  • 3.5 inch. Paring knife.
  • 5 inch. Boning knife.
  • 5.5 inch. Utility knife.
  • 8 inch. steak knives.
  • kitchen shears.
  • 7 inch. Serrated bread knife.
  • 7 inch. santoku knife.
  • 8 inch. cook’s knife.

The amazing thing about this knife is the tapered edges that provides extreme sharpness for better cutting experience. The fully extended tang blades gives balance and strength to the knife.

The shipping weight of this product is 13.8 pounds, but you can get it shipped to you  for free if purchased now. Make use of this opportunity to get yourself a set of this knife,  at an affordable price  of $138.99.  

Some customers’ review.


These are few of the comments, by those who purchased this product. For further inquiry click here.

Checkout the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $500?