The Best Kitchen Knife Set Below $500


See The Best Kitchen Knife Set Below $500

Are you concerned about getting a durable kitchen knife set below $500?

As a chef , whose source of livelihood lies in the kitchen. The desire to always provide my customers with the best delicious meal, has been a greater importance to me.

Judging from the high level of competition, satisfying my customer’s hunger is not just my goal, but to also turn them on. And probably get them coming back for more. This should be a goal every cook whether a chef or not, should always try to achieve.

Just like a DJ in a club, he doesn’t just play music just to the hearing of the clubbers, but to get them dancing to the music. That’s how it’s to me.

That’s more reason why am always careful, in selecting from the least to the most important item in my kitchen. Preparing a tasty meal is what I so much desire, but extra fun and easy way of doing it, is my most desire.

In my years as a chef, I’ve always had more issues with my kitchen knives, than any other thing I can think of. In my discussion with other chefs, as well as people that are not chefs. I’ve realized that we all, have the same strong desire for good kitchen knives.

Though at times, we find it difficult to tell the difference from the best, the better, and the good ones.

This is why I’ve taken my time, with my years of experience with kitchen knives. To tell you the best kitchen knife set, you will like to have at an amazing price, lower than $500.


Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener


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The Chicago cutlery fusion 18 piece set is a stylish set of knives, with its durability to help you in your kitchen cuttings. Its strong and classy unique feature, makes it the ideal choice for every kitchen, whether you’re a chef or not.

This product has long lasting features, with unique  appeal. With it, your  kitchen chores is a solved problem. Just with as low as $146.06, you can get this. This item has a shipping weight of 13.8 pounds but it can be shipped free to you. 

The set includes:

  • Three inches parer knife.
  • Five and half inch utility knife.
  • Eight inches slicer.
  • Eight inches serrated bread knife.
  • Seven inches santoku knife.
  • Eight inches french knife.
  • Five inches paring knife .
  • Three and half paring knife.
  • Eight pieces of four and half inches steak knife.
  • Eight inches sharpening steel.

This 18 piece set is forged with high carbon stainless steel blade, that guarantees sharp easy cutting. The blades are easy to maintain and are highly resistant to rust, because of the material is made of.

The incredible handle is made of black soothing poly grip, with a stainless steel plate. This adds an astonishing beauty to these cutlers, and makes it easy and balance to cut with.

This set has all the required knives choice, needed in the kitchen to perform any level of professional chef’s work, with an appealing experience.

The overall look of this cutlery set is magical when displayed on a counter top. The total blend of the stainless steel plates on the knife handle, the black poly grip, and a high quality stained pine wood block. It’s amazing.

It can actually be difficult to find a particular cutlery set, because of the high inflow of lots of new sets by Chicago cutlery, with different style and features to keep up with the seasonal trends. And keep their products on a better side of the competitive edge.

These cutlery sets are highly reliable and have a durable functionality, despite their different colors and appearances. Its quality trademark has made it a household name, that’s why most of the top sellers offer the unique ranges.  

There are lots of benefits you can actually enjoy with this product. But not to waste much of your time, I’ll list a few of them which are:


a).   Easy cutting when it comes to vegetable and meat: With the Eight inches french knife that has a broad blade. The additional broad blade of this knife makes it the best for cutting vegetables and also meats. You don’t need to become an expert chef to prepare the perfect meal.

b).   Precise cutting of bread: You can  serve your family members and guests, with finely sliced bread with the eight inches serrated bread knife without disfiguring it.

With this, you won’t need to worry about compressing the bread unnecessary, because of the serrated edge of this knife. Which makes an easy smooth cut through the bread, to keep your bread in shape and attractive to the eyes.

c).   Available Choices for Steak: With the 8 steak knives available in this block set, you can easily set the table. Both for family members and visitors. All the knives in the Chicago fusion 18-Piece Block Set come with full tangs.Therefore, they are strong and reliable, this block set will last for a very long time.


Here are a few customers’ review on this product, out of up to 212 reviews, with 4.6 star rating out of 5. The only problem identified by users is that you can’t wash it with dishwasher. But with an easy hand wash, is definitely good to go.

You might as well love to consider this another  product of Chicago cutlery.

Chicago Cutlery 19 Piece Knife Block

chi 19

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This is another set you will definitely love. Why?

Because of the extraordinary look of this 19 piece knife cutlery set is fantastic.

Another amazing thing about this set is that with as low as $149.99 you can purchase this cutlery set instead of the normal $169.99 it’s been sold.

You get to save the extra $20 and also enjoy a free shipping if you make the purchase now while offer still last. Delay they say is dangerous.

The stainless steel blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, likewise the handle. The taper edge grind technology used for the blade sharpening makes it sharper, stronger and long lasting to use.

This knife set, though they are made of steel, but are very easy to maintain, clean and even sharpen. In fact, the high carbon stainless steel provides the knife with immunity against stains and rust.

The metallic tang that extended to the edge of the knife, that made up the handle. It also made the knife stronger and comfortable to hold, and makes your cutting more fun and precise.

This set comes with the following:

  • Three inches peeler knife.
  • Four pieces of one-quarter inche parer knife.
  • Six inches boning knife.
  • Five inches utility knife.
  • Eight inches serrated bread knife.
  • Seven inches santoku knife.
  • Eight inches slicer knife.
  • Eight pieces of four and half inches steak knife.

Among all these, it comes with an exclusive in-block sharpener and chopping board, that is finely made of wood to go with.

customer 2

These are but only a few among the 126 customers’ review you can count on. Same as the 18 piece cutlery, is that you can’t wash it with dishwasher. But you can get it the roll, with an easy hand wash. Click Here to See The Best Kitchen Knife Set Below $500