Have You Seen The Best Blender for Smoothies?

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What is the best blender for smoothies?

Before I show you that, you already know that a house isn’t complete without a kitchen. That’s why a space is carved out for it in a flat. Kitchen is often referred to as mitochondria.

Sometimes, it is called the power house. Mitochondria is an organelle that processes and produce energy/power in the body.

There are some areas in our house we may not visit every day. Not kitchen! Kitchen is a must visit daily. Because it is the power house. It is where energy and power is replenished.

I cannot stop talking about kitchen and its equipment. For that which sustains life is a topical issue and reference must be made to it often.

Eating healthy is 100% natural self medication. What goes into our body determines your health condition after.

You should have notice that food will not do its work well until it is balanced. Therefore, the need for blender that I will introduce to you shortly.

It’s not easy to keep your family on raw food and fruits all the time. How do you manage your household when you’re in a rush especially in the morning? Blending here is a good choice to make because it’s faster to prepare.

What of when you’re rushing to keep an appointment? You may not run away from blending. If you don’t need a blender in your house, I wonder how you’re managing. Because I cannot just do without it. Truly, I can’t.

It’s too helpful to overlook. That’s why I want to introduce you to this Best blender of all time. I promise, you will fall for it.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Shop at Amazon)

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This is a super kitchen system that crushes in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes, preparing food is tedious and stressful. Not because it’s not necessary, but because you are tired. When you are exhausted from work, you look for alternative to patch up for the main time.

Preparing whole food takes time. It becomes a task when you’ve children to feed. And you’ve to meet up with  time for other appointments.

Having the right tools will save your soul and lessen the stress on you.

This great Ninja Kitchen system will help you blend your solid ingredients to liquid and smoothies.

Ninja Kitchen system is multipurpose. It can be used at home for many things. Blenders liquify hard foods and fruits into smooth drinkable substance.

The speed of blender’s motor, structure and its control is the difference you will find in blenders. The motor drives the blade that crushes the hard ingredients and fruits.

For your blender to last long and work effectively, its maintenance must be your topmost priority.

The speed control of this system should be selected according to the food to be processed. And the number of minutes to blend the food matters. The cover supposed to be air-tight to avoid spillage during blending.

You’re advised to cut your food into smaller lumps before blending. The quantity to process per time should be small to allow the blade turn initially.

Blenders that are left to crush food for long period of time may spoil because of its speed. Therefore, it should be controlled regularly until the hard food is properly crushed.

You must be informed before buying blender. Else, you’ll be confused on which model to buy and even the one that will be durable for you. Blenders are of various model but Ninja is still on the lead.

I guess you may ask, why will you even break your head over Ninja Kitchen System? Sure, I will guide you to why Ninja is a good choice to make.

A good choice for smoothies: Ninja kitchen system

i.  Ninja has speed: I have used some other blenders before. But when I used Ninja blender, speed is an advantage here. It blends in matter of seconds or minutes depending on the substance to blend.

It is a smooth master, good  for the family. It’s speed power lies in the fact that it has many buttons for speed control. If you hate speed, you’ll like the one of Ninja when you’re on rush.

ii.  Fiber is good for the body: Don’t juice, rather blend for fiber sake. When you juice, the fiber is removed, but blending retains the fiber for body use. This is a plus for kitchen blender.

iii.  Blending is a way of reducing waste. Ninja blends the fiber with its liquid and this reduces the waste from the substance.

iv.  When there is no power to chew: It happens sometimes that you may have no reserved power to chew. Cracking nuts maybe odd for you sometimes. Well, why not resort to Ninja System to do the chewing and cracking for you.

It’s actually a plus and a lesser work for enzymes in your body when you blend your hard foods. The absorption time will be small compared to when the hard food is digested.

So, blending is a way of dumping nutrients into our body faster.

v.  Mix your favorite with your unfavorite: This is a benefit derived in blending. It does happen that you may like taste and flavors of some fruits and hate the other. But your body needs them anyway. You cannot run away from them.

You may detest eating fat but really they are necessary for brain, joint and nerve functionality. So it’s a must eat for you. But you can enjoy what you don’t like through blending. How?

With blending, you mix your favorites fruits. Maybe your favorite in larger proportion mixed with another fruit in a smaller proportion. In that way, your favorite taste dominates the overall test.

Ninja Kitchen System will help you live a healthy balanced diet. You may be stocking yourself with food everyday. But the actual issue is that your diet is not balanced. You’re malnourished in your own house. That’s a big point to consider.

Features of Ninja Kitchen System

Ninja Kitchen System is a 2 horse power, 1500 watts blender with absolute crushing technology. It has 8 bowl cups for processing hard foods and ingredients.

Product description

Ninja MEGA Kitchen System 1500 (BL771), has 8 cups processor bowl, 3 cup bowl in bow Nutri Ninja cups. Ninja is backed up and powered by 2+ HP motors  that drives the blade in crushing per seconds.

Good for frozen blending, food processing, food preparation, and Nutrient and vitamin extraction.

Power of this crushing technology

The power of the blade with its 2+ HP motor crushes through ice  and whole fruits. Splits ice into snow in a matter of seconds.  Converts ingredients and hard foods to sauce and smoothies. This is Ninja Blender for you.

XL 8 cup food processing bowl with bowl in bowl

Mixture of 2 lbs could still be handled and crushed within 30 seconds. The large bowl is structured to accommodate 3 cup bowl during use with a tight seal trim to prevent leakage

What you may worry about Ninja Kitchen System

You must be careful when cleaning the blade or Washing the blender. If you’re not careful, you might get a cut because the blade is very sharp and need to be handled with care. This is what I hate about Ninja: if you’re careful, you could hurt yourself.

This blender will be a good choice for your family any time. Now that you’ve been informed, make a good decision you won’t regret tomorrow.

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