4 Easy Tips To Become A Professional Chef


Lack of time has contributed to the the high rate of people eating outside, though to some they just want a nice meal. Often do customers complain about been served a non-tasty meal, likewise the chefs complaining about customers being insatiable.

That’s why I’ve tried to thread the needle, between people that thirst for good meal, and people that wish to offer them. So at the end I decided to create an article, that will help to produce more chefs. And eventually better the customers’ experiences.

Ever dreamt about being a chef?

As the high demand for chefs is on the increase, which was revealed in a recent post by The New york Times. To some this might be a long waited opportunity, to showcase how good they are in the kitchen.

While to others it might be a decision period, either to continue in their line of career or to switch over. However if you’ve been on the sideline, this might be your best opportunity to take the bull by the horn.

Long are gone, the days when chefs are regarded as slaves. Nowadays chefs are been paid well, and is as well a respected profession. Just like every other profession, being successful as a chef requires some qualities.  

Life of a chef is always stressful, because is too demanding. You have to wake up early every day,get dirty and encounter dangers. Despite that, you still have to persevere, to meet up with customers’ need even the hard to please ones.

Being a chef requires high level of principles. You must have a good personality, conservative in nature, confident, and neat. Not forgetting the most important is flair for good meal, trying new ideas and desire for perfection.

Good cook exceeds how good your meal and service is, but also balls down to proper kitchen arrangement.

In one of my recent posts, I discussed  on ‘5 kitchen ideas you need to give a shot’.  Which  I believe will also guide you through, in arranging your kitchen. You can as well check out my kitchen cabinet design ideas, for good cabinet designs.

no bank quote

Just like the above quote, your kitchen defines you most as a chef. The best suitable way to make a good cooking, is by creating a clean and organized work space. This allows easy flow of cooking process, without disruption.

More over as a cook, cleanliness should be your greatest priority. Your kitchen utensils also play a major role in your cooking.Just like a warrior set for battle, his best and closest friend is his weapon.

Always strive for the best kitchen utensils, starting from your cook wares, cooker and the most important is your knife. Selecting the best work tools will not only make your cooking easy, but as well make it faster and fun.

All these items are very important though they might be expensive, but there are still a whole lots of them that are of high quality. When I first told a friend of mine the price I bought my knife set, that she has always admired for its quality.

She never believed it, because to her it was too good to be that cheap. You can actually get  a good knife set at a cheaper price, precisely for less than $500. You can also read my recent post, on how to choose a good kitchen knife.

It’s also very important to know the variety of kitchen knives, and their uses. So that you’ll know, which best suits any of kitchen cuts.

He who fails to plan, is planning to fail.”

                                                                                                                                  -Sir Winston Churchill.


Plan is the soul of every successful business. As a cook, planning should always be a part of you. Always plan your week, and your cooking process as well. It helps you to achieve your aim, with lesser time waste.

Planning makes the going, smooth and easy. It also gives you room for proper adjustment, in case of any unexpected occurance without wasting much time.

To be a good chef, you have to strive to develop your cooking skill. 

Note- a chef must try to attain flawlessness, because there’s no room for mistake. Your customers or may be friends and family, knows nothing like you made a mistake in your cooking. The only conclusion is that you can’t prepare it well.

Your cooking skill, is what makes your cooking different from other chefs. In order to develop your cooking skill, I’ve taken my time to put down few important and easy behaviors you must cultivate. It will nurture you, to being a perfect chef.

Though not 100%, but to a point your cooking will measure up with global standard.

i).   Read good recipes

 Always look for trusted and good recipes, to equip yourself with. Though most claim they have no need for recipe, but the fact still remains they do. A recipe guides you through on already tested, and confirmed food preparation process.


Every great business started from some where, and also got inspired by some thing. The recipe will always open your mind, to cooking ideas. You can easily locate a good recipe online, and always choose those with high ratings or that captivates you.  

Learning from other’s experiment, will make you a better chef. Always seek advise from professional chefs, friends, family and watch food programs on TV.

2).   Try different recipes

Don’t limit yourself to one recipe, but try other recipes as well. It helps you to widen you cooking ideas, because you’ll get to tell what made the difference in each meal.

Try cooking with recipes on other culture’s food, like Chinese food,etc. More especially when you want to make your cooking outstanding, and increase your sales.

3).   Try harder recipes

Having succeeded in mastering few recipes, is advisable to try new tough ones. Though you might not get it right at the first time, but with steady practice you’ll definitely get it right.

You can always try to combine one or two ideas from different recipes, and see how it blends. Try  as much as possible, till you attain what seems perfect. Always ask friends and family, to test and comment on each experiment you conclude.

And remember to write down each step you take, and measurement is very important. Taste as you cook, for perfect spicing. 

4).   Make your own meals

Chef eating his prepared food with cutlery. Black background

cultivate the habit of cooking for yourself, cook most of your meals. In order to get used to your kitchen routine and environment, you need lots of practice.


After series of practice you should be able to observe the following things, that tells how close you’re to becoming a professional chef.

  • You should be able to detect any change when cooking, with your nose, eyes, and ear.
  • You succeed in adding and subtracting new recipes, to produce a wonderful meal.
  • People around you are always anxious to eat your meal, so they’ll always like to come around for dinner.
  • Your speed in preparing a perfect meal is increased, even with few ingredients.
  • People always seek cooking ideas from you, or to assist them in their cooking, may be during a little get together.
  • When you eat food prepared by others, you can tell what’s wrong or right about the meal.