Are Hestan Grills Good? (everything you should know)

The incredible unique approach to cooking that Hestan grills bring to the market makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for the best grills to use today.

The one-of-a-kind design of the grills shows attention to customers’ needs. So, are Hestan grills good?

The Hestan grills are good because they’re fuel efficient and will help you cook the mildest pork shoulder and brisket. Get the richness of smoke flavor when grilling your meat, especially if you prefer super-smoky barbecue.

If you are looking for a grill that ticks things such as budget, high performance, quality, and versatility. Hestan grills have got everything you will need, so yes, these grills are fantastic.

Read on to find out more about the hestan grills. 

5 things that make Hestan Grills a fantastic choice:

1. Unique style of the grills: 

You will agree with me that the market is saturated with offerings in the grill industry, there is just so much to choose from and in every category. Hestan made a great statement in the market, with its unique style. 

The grills come with a unique and distinctive design look that gets the attention. There are 12 colors to choose from for every product, there is no way you cannot get a color and design that suits your fancy. This is a great move, here. 

Their most popular colors are red and blue, every buyer will surely have a color that suits him or her. Made from stainless steel, these grills will last the years of use, they are futuristic with their designs. 

The V-shape freestanding grill from Hestan ranks as the most sold and popular of the brands here. It is not just popular, when it comes to design, this grill is the most remarkable flagship design of the company. 

The width of these grills measures between 30,36 and 42 in width. They are a perfect choice for your barbeques, and other home needs, including party needs. The handles feature commercial-grade end caps, which adds some drop of quality. 

When it comes to design, Hestan grills take a podium finish for seasoned excellence. 

2. Quality 

If your grills will break down within a year or few years of use, then it is not worth the investment. There is no fun in replacing these grills now and then, it costs money after all. 

One thing you will notice with the Hestan grills is the build quality. On opening the hood you are invited to witness a touch of professional engineering which is noticeable in the designs. 

The spring-assisted hood will stand firmly in any height and position that you require. The hood is safe and will never slam shut, interestingly, the hood of these grills is motion-activated and they work just great. 

It comes with unique lighting, you cannot beat this massive offering. The controls of these grills are illuminated with lights, this way you can grill your favorite Barbeque at night with no worries about the light. 

The grills survived a powerful 500-hour salt spray test, meaning they can stand the worst acid rains and will never rust. They are rust-free and not just the protection against rust, they don’t peel. 

The product sourcing is excellent and the finishing of these grills shows nothing short of the class they come with, they are unique. 

3. High performance 

Of what good is the dazzling looks of the grills, if they are not good for grilling? This is one important area of interest that calls for concern, and Hestan grills are amazing performance-wise. 

The grills come with plenty of substance to match the style and design it carries, and this leaves a huge statement of excellence on the market. Let’s break it down in bits to reveal more about the performance of these grills. 

The bottom layer of these grills comes with stainless steel burners, they are not fixed there for the fun of it alone, these burners burn at 25,000 BTUs each. 

 The productivity rate of the burners affords one of the best output in the market performance-wise. There is a perfect cover for your smoking surface, and you get even heat distribution. 

The controls on these grills are uniquely crafted and make use easy and on the go. You get protection from flare-ups, and the flavor of the cooked meals is excellent, with the even distribution of heat. 

When it comes to cleaning too, Hestan grills does an amazing job. They are simple to clean and come with a flip-up tray that allows you to take off food remnants with relative ease. 

Depending on what you want and the size of your grills, you will have your burners running at 700 Btus to 25,000Btus. Their stainless steel design, grates, and unique burners make for a perfect burner choice, any day.

4. Luxury features: 

We have had a feel of how the grills fare when issues such as quality, design, and performance as the template for accessing what makes for a perfect grill. While this is well sorted out, a pipe into the luxury features of Hestan grills is worth it. 

So let’s pipe in, trust me, you will love this one. 

The grills come with some very impressive and lovely features that will gladden your heart and get you going. Let’s begin with the rotisserie motor system, which is built for storing the rotisserie rod. 

Your rotisserie rod can easily end up in your garage space, and having storage for it is a brilliant effort. The infrared burner is the feature that will get your fancy, and this is for many reasons. 

Located at the top wall of the grill, this burner serves the unique purpose of warning your food and fries.  It comes with a unique tray, a broil zone, and a salamander. You don’t need to worry about anything here! 

This diamond cut steel warming chamber uses a full-weight grate design that is lesser finished and gives you versatility with its three vertical positions. You can try any position of choice to warm your meals. 

There is a porcelain broiling pan that takes cooking to the next level, you don’t have to second guess your options here. The grills are brilliantly packed for each occasion. 

5. Built to last: 

The grills are not only imposing a fabulous architecture, but they are also superbly unique in all ways. The material finishing of these products makes them uniquely packed for long usage and they will always last you.

They place a premium warranty on the burners, grates, and the body parts of the grill. This warranty is seen as a lifetime warranty, the most important take-home here is the confidence the company has in its products. 

A company that backs its products with a warranty, shows it has absolute trust in the product and its ability to stand the test of time. This backing is what Hestan grills throw at you when you purchase their products. 

Where to buy Hestan grills products: 

If your mind’s made up and you are wondering where you can purchase these amazing grills, we have a fine collection of choices you can rely upon for a safe purchase online. 

We will divide this into offline and online buying, so let’s get things started with the online buying options. The first point of call here is Amazon, while Amazon remains the benchmark for online stores, you should show prudence here. 

Ensure you buy from stores with seasoned reviews, you should not be the first customer to try a store. Go for the ones that have been tried and proven to be trusted and this comes with a chain of advantages. 

Here, you wouldn’t have to end up with substandard products that are way below your description, returns and replacement might take time and even forever. So stick with the crowd, buy where others are buying from. 

Websites such as Walmart, eBay, and Target. Offers another impressive line of options you can try.  You can also buy from the companies offline, like in the case of Walmart and Target. 

This is not the case for eBay, individual stores exist, and ensure you take due diligence to avoid buying sub-par products from eBay. Also, most products on eBay have used products so check them out online before buying.

Offline, here you can easily get your Hestan grills from a nearby department, Walmart, or Home Depot store. This way you can examine the product for defects if any, and this saves you the stress of return. 

You can also order directly from the Hestan grills website if it suits you. You will enjoy massive discounts and smooth customer service when you buy from the manufacturer directly. This is a great option to try! 


Hestan grills are a major improvement in the market, they established a unique market presence that speaks greatly of their ambition. And the unique finishing of their products and quality sends a good message. 

If you are wondering, what the company and its products look like and whether or not this is a great buy. This article answers this question in the right frame and gets your mind off your worries. 

There is no doubt here that Hestan grills are a fantastic choice for every home and everyone that is looking for a great product to take home for grilling.