4 Best Kitchen Santoku Knife


When it comes to kitchen knife, Chef knives are the mostly used. But next to it, is the Santoku knife. A Japanese word, which means ‘three uses’.

For those who wish for professional slicing, mincing and dicing in the kitchen, Santoku knives are best at it, with ease and also fast. Experience a professional kitchen cutting, with a well-balanced weight distributed Santoku knife.

With the modern improvement on Santoku knife, its fascinating features makes it worth having in every kitchen. It also comes in an exclusive looks with a thinner, and lighter blades to match up with the coloful handle.

These knives comes in a variety of look, but has only one goal which is providing you with wonderful kitchen experience.

If you’re in search of the best Santoku knife to add to your cutlery collection, then you might as well chose from these four best Santoku knives. They were chosen not on personal assumption, but on customers’ rating.

Wusthof classic ikon Santoku




This is a product of  Wusthof, a cutlery company located in one of the world greatest cutlery country German. No doubt that this company has recorded great success in the cutlery market, because of their knife’s outstanding features and quality.

When it comes to getting your kitchen work properly done, the Wusthof classic ikon Santoku knife is the right choice for you. With its functional and great look, most professional cook will prefer it for most of  their amazing works.

This knife also delivers the  work of both cooks knife, and vegetable cleaver with ease. Slicing, chopping and dicing, can be best attained with this knife. Unlike most other santoku knife, this knife cuts freely and reduces food sticking on the blade.

It has a comfortable handle, that offers high balance and control. With a perfect handle construction, made of contoured shape with triple rivet. Perfectly tempered for sharp, and long edge holding

The features of this knife is inexhaustible, it has a bolster that provides you with counter balance, tangible blade control, and lots of others.

For those who value forged blade and superior quality products, the Wusthof classic ikon is a great knife you can purchase. It’s easy  to maintain and sharpen, and still delivers high quality work. Buy now at $153.08 and save more.

Here are some customers’ review.

santoku review

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Yaxell Gou Santoku Knife


This is a product of Yaxel company, delivered perfectly for every cook’s delight. Yaxel is globally recognized for their great Japanese craftsmanship, which keeps waxing stronger from generation to generation.

This made in Japan Santoku knife, is an example of their great  craftsmanship and quality. It measures 5 inches with razor sharp, strong and long lasting blade.

This knife is made from kiln heating of a very high temperature, after which it’s ice cooled for extra strength. The blade is made with highly resistant 101 layers of soft high carbon stainless steel.

Which guarantees  long edge holding, resistance to corrosion, all aimed at maximizing cook’s satisfaction. Unlike most stainless steel knives, this one is dishwasher safe.

The odorless and long lasting handle is made of FDA black canvas, gotten from resin and linen, which is sure to last for a decade. It’s perfectly riveted with three stainless steel, and has a stainless steel end that offers great stability.

The total length of the knife is 9-1/4 by 1-1/2 by 2/3 inches, with a 5 inches long blade and 4-1/4 inches long handle.

It’s easy to maintain and sharpen, but manufacturers advice  the use of Gousharp Pro knife sharpener, a Japanese water stone, or a diamond steel for better sharpening.

Some customers that bought this knife has this to say…

Yaxel review

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Yoshiro Aoko  Kurouchi Santoku Knife


If you’re looking for a quality Santoku knife, with good looks. This product of  yoshiro will definitely satisfy your desire.

This santoku knife is made with the traditional Japanese crafting method,  with high rust resitant high carbon steel. The blade is made of inner core blue steel, housed on both side with two layers of high carbon that offers long retaining edge.

It records a Rockwell scale of 62 with perfectly blended handle, exhibiting the unique look of Yoshiro cutlery as it’s always designed by master artisans.

As a cook, getting the best out of your cooking lies heavily on your ingredients and best cooking tools.

With Yoshiro santoku knife, the dream of every cook can be actualized. Because it’s perfect for dicing, slicing and chopping of fresh food produce, likewise cutting roasted chicken.

Despite the fancy look it’s also as strong as a rock in its performance, measuring 7 inches.

Though it’s made from rust resistant steel, proper care is advised for long lasting. Always apply  Tsubaki oil and avoid storing wet.

Here are some of the customers’ review based on their satisfaction.

yoshilo review

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star II Santoku Knife


As often believed that expensive items are always superior quality, while inferior ones  are always at a giver away price. In some circumstance it might be applicable, but in this case I believe it’s just a cliche.

Are you looking for an affordable cheap Santoku knife?

Four star II santoku knife, is a product of one of the world leading cutlery companies Zwilling. Though the knife possesses superior features, it is also sold at a cheap price.

It makes chopping, slicing, and dicing of meat, tomatoes, and squash easy and neat.

The 7 inches blade knife is made from a single piece of  stainless steel, which is light to hold with long lasting edge.

It’s also perfectly blended with advanced ergonomic polypropylene handle, fully tanged with added bolster. Which guarantees maximum control, and comfortable grip. The stainless handle end, also adds irresistible look to the knife.

Below are what some customers said about this knife.

Yaxel review


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