3 Most Intriguing Stand Mixer That Will Perfect Your Kitchen Experience


It will interest you to know that a home without a kitchen, is like a body without a heart. The kitchen plays a vital role in every home. It contributes a lot to the existence of home occupant, that’s why it still remains the most often used space at home.

After a stressful day at work, school and any where you can think of. It’s irresistible not to visit the kitchen on getting home, if not for any other thing, at least to grab a glass of chilled water and quench your thirst.

Since most of the replenishing is obtained from the kitchen, it’s then regarded to be the life source of every home. So it’s very  important that proper kitchen organization, with the best utensils to make the kitchen experience more fun.

As good foods are only obtainable with good ingredients, but becomes easily obtainable with  right tools.

The importance of having the right tools for your kitchen activities, can not be over emphasized. As we all know that, your health depends much on what you take in. So being cautious, and picky in preparing your meal is called for.

Spicing up the table with different delicacy seems to be the order of the day, as often we try to mix up the six classes of food in each of our meal, though at times it’s tedious to handle.

But since it’s important, how then do you manage to cope with all that task?

No doubt the need for a food mixer comes in. Food mixer is an important tool needed in every kitchen, to help ease mixing tasks in food preparation.

Though it comes in manual form, but that seems to be more tasking too. All thanks to technology, now most of them are electric- motor driven.

It can also be likened with the functionality of a blender, but the food mixer requires little or no liquid unlike the blender to perform.

Whether an amateur or professional baker, making cakes, bread, pastry, pudding and muffins can be perfectly achieved with a food mixer.

Though it can be difficult to pick the right mixer, from the variety of them in the market. But in this article are three reliable food mixer you can chose from, for better cooking and baking.

1).   KitchenAid pro 500 series stand mixer

prokitchenaid pro 500

kitchenaid pro 500

If you’re a cook or home baker that’s budget conscious, then the kitchenAid classic series stand mixer is definitely for you.

It’s an easy to operate food mixer, perfect for effective stirring, kneading and whisking tasks. The bowl is extremely big enough to hold dough for three loaves of bread, and also easy to wipe after use.

This mixer comes with flat beater, ‘c’ dough hook and wire whip. It’s powered with 325 watt motor, that works perfectly well with different types of attachment hubs like, pasta maker, and lots of others.

This affordable mixer comes in a classic color, that will add some brighter look to your kitchen. Highly space conservative  with dimension of 13.3 x 10.4 x 16.4 inches, weighing 29 pounds.

With an affordable price of $349.99 you can enjoy this food mixer with 1 year warranty.

Here are some customers’ reviews.

kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500

kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500kitchenaid pro 500

kitchenaid pro 500

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2).   KitchenAid  ultra power stand mixer


This is another KitchenAid product, that is designed for best customers’ satisfaction. Despite the vibrant and colorful look of this food mixer, it also equals its fancy look with its functionality.

So for most users,  they believe this is an advance introduction of décor and durability in kitchen appliances. Kitchen aid ultra  power stand mixer is an upgrade of classic series, though with tilt head pattern but crafted for more hefty works.

More like the kitchenAid products, the power hub supports variety of attachments. With a 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl, which is also adjustable to accommodate 3 and 5 quarts bowls.

The 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl will contain batches of more than 7 dozen cookies, and about 6.0 pounds of mashed potatoes.

Moving with maximum of 10 speeds, which you can easily set to your desired speed for better stirring, mixing, beating, creaming, whipping and kneading all your  ingredients.

Its dimension is 14.1 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches, weighing 25.1 pounds at a price of $229.52.

Here are what some customers are saying about this product.

ultra review

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Bosch compact stand mixer


Unlike the Bosch universal mixer, The Bosch compact stand mixer is more portable and convenient for even smaller kitchen spaces.

With an integrated 400 watt electronic motor base, it can handle comfortably more hefty works. This mixer has a 4 quart mixing bowl, that can contain up to 6 pounds of bread dough.

This mixer is designed with several function arm locks, that is divided into three positions to contain blender, food processor, continuous shredder and lots of other necessary accessories.

And with the variety of accessories attached to it, it eliminates the bulky stocking of appliances, since it can handle a lot more versatile works.

You don’t have to worry about thorough mixing, because of the unique planetary gearing that enhances its stirring function. All of the accessories are easy to wash, and clean with durable body materials.

It has a dimension of 11 x 13 x 10.5 inches, which makes it more space conservative. So if you’re worried  about your small kitchen space, then this mixer all needs just a minimal counter space to occupy.

With affordable price of $199.99, you can enjoy the immeasurable benefits  of this mixer. With its extra-ordinary look, coupled with variety of functions and long lasting ability.

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