2016 Best Top Rated Kitchen Knife Sets


The benefits of a knife at home is obvious and clear. Working with blunt or low quality knife, is always so stressful and tiresome. But high quality ones will get the job well done. Cutting with blunt knife will not only waste your time, but also shrink your foods. And you can never gt a precise cutting with it, It’s definitely not worth it.

Getting the job properly done, with less effort and time is what you need. That’s why it’s very important you get a quality knife, and save yourself the stress and time. To some it might be difficult to identify it, but in this article are some of the things to look out for when buying a knife.

Most people believe so much that all knives are the same, but they’re not. So to them it’s better to pick up a cheaper one and save more, but they’re still wrong. Because qualities of a good knife is always outstanding, no matter the price. If you’re worried about your pocket size, there are lots of good knives you can actually get for less than $500.

And you get to save yourself a whole lots of money, because you won’t see a reason to replace it. But even if you have to, not any time soon. As the popular saying goes “pay for inferior and buy many times, but pay for superior and buy once.” It’s a choice, you have to make.

Qualities of a high quality knife:

i).   Razor edge blade: This is an obvious quality of a knife, that is well known by all. Blunt knives, as we all know will never get the work properly done like a sharp one. The fun of every kitchen knife, depends highly on how sharp the blade is. Because it makes the work, very much easier for you without stress.

ii).   Life time guarantee: Nothing stays for ever, accidents occur and mistakes are often made. So you should definitely look for  knives, with life time guarantee in case of any damage.

iii).   Nature of the material: Knives are made of several materials, ceramics, plastic, stainless, etc. But stainless knives, more especially high carbon stainless steel is much preferable. Because stainless withstands heat, and very difficult to break while others don’t. Although some will say they prefer knives made of ceramics is just their choice, but not an ideal one . so choose carefully.

iv).   Comfortable to grab: Most people don’t consider this important, to them all that matters is the sharpness of the blade. But the knife handle is also as important as the blade, because it’s the point of contact between you and your knife blade. It’s more like the middle man. So how comfortable you’re with it, will affect the way your blade responds to you.

v).   Long lasting: The most important benefit of a high quality knife, is to serve you for as long as you can imagine. Long lasting knife prevents you from wasting money, all in the name of buying new ones. Even the time you’ll waste, searching for new one.

Here are seven top rated knife sets in 2016, that features all the qualities of a good knife.

1).   Mercer culinary m20000 genesis knife set

mercer 20000

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This is one of the best kitchen knife set, you should have in your kitchen. It’s made of 6 piece knives with razor edge blade, and comfortable grip. A product of mercer that is not only meant to get your kitchen work done, but also has an attractive look.

The knife set features the following knives: 3-1/2 inches paring, 5 inches utility, 8 inches chef’s, 8 inches bread, and 6 inches boning knives

It’s very suitable for any cook wether professional or amateur, because it’s easy to adjust when cutting. 

Customers’ reviews…

mercer cus


2).   Victorinox swiss classic cutlery knife set


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Victorinox brand popularly known for Swiss army knife, is one of the leading knife brands when it comes to quality. The high carbon stainless steel blade of these knives are extra-ordinary, and easy to sharpen. The beautiful handle of this knife set, is made of rosewood. It’s not only appealing to  the eyes, but comfortable to grab and of high quality.

The knife set features: 3.25 inches straight paring, 4.5 inches serrated utility, Six (6) 4.5 inches steak, 5 inches and 8 inches chef’s, 7 inches Santoku, 8 inches bread, 9 inches steel, shears and hardwood block.

Here are customers’ reviews…

victorinox cus

3).   JA Henckels international knife set

ja 2

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This is another kitchen knife brand, that you can boast about. They’ve over the years, maintained high standard in the production of their knives. This set is made of 15 pieces, and each of them is good at what they are designed for. You should also consider this set, because it’s worth having in a kitchen.

Set includes a 3 inches paring knife, a 5 inches santoku knife, a 7 inches santoku knife, an 8 inches chef’s knife, and 8 inches bread knife, six 4.5 inches steak knives, a 5 inches serrated utility knife, a sharpening steel, shears, and a block.

Here are customers’ reviews…

ja cus


4).   Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery knife set



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This knife set is worth the price, the blades are made of high carbon stainless steel. They’re capable of holding their edge, for a longer time. And if sharpening is need, its easy to sharpen.

The ergonomic shaped handle is definitely something to write home about, because it’s comfortable to hold. The knife set featues the following knives: 4 1/2 inches parer, 6 inches utility knife, 7 inches Santoku knife, 8 inches bread knife, 8 inches chef’s knife, 8 inches slicer, 10 inches steel, kitchen shears, 8 inches steak knives, and a knife block.

5).   Cuisinart classic knife set


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This is another knife you should to consider, because of it’s unique quality. The handle and blade are perfect for comfortable and precise cutting. The handles are triple riveted for stronger grip and balance.

set includes a 8 inches chef knife, 8 inches slicing knife, 7 inches santoku knife, 5.5 inches srrated utility knife, 3.5 inces pring knife, 2.75 inches brd’s beak paring knife, 8 inches sharpening steel, Shears, 6x – 4.5 inches steak knives, knife block.

6).   Chicago cutlery 1119644 fusion forged knife  set

chicago 6

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The high quality of this knife brand, is definitely some thing else. They’re always coming up with better ideas every day. This knife is produced by Chicago cutlery,with the blades sharp enough for any type of cutting. They made use of high carbon stainless steel in crafting the knife blade. And the handle is comfortable to hold.

It’s so comfortable and easy to adjust, that feels like part of your palm. 

The knife set consist of 18 pieces, which are 3.75 inches paring knife, 3 inches peeling knife, 5 inches utility knife, sub-set of eight 4.25 inches steak knives, 7.75 inches chef’s knife, 8 inches slicing knife, 7.75 inches bread knife, 5 inches partoku and santoku knives and with 8 inches stainless steel sharpener

7).   Zwilling J.A. Henckels twin signature knife set 

zwilling 7

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This is one of the best kitchen knife set, that has put smile on the face of most customers. With the knife blades perfectly forged with high carbon stainless steel, which is very sharp. Despite the light weight, it’s still something to rely on. The handle is comfortable to grab.

The set comprises of 2.5 inches peeler, 4 inches parer, 4.5 inches utility, 5 inches serrated utility, 6 inches utility, 8 inches chef, 7 inches Santoku hollow edge, 8 inches bread knife, kitchen shears, 9 inches sharpening steel, bamboo storage block and 8 steak knives

Here are some  customers’ reviews…

zwilling cus


These knife sets are good for any kitchen work. They are well crafted, and made with the best material for longer lasting. Here are some other knife sets,  you will also like. Click here to view them on Amazon.